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Age 18-24 years Holiday Insurance | Holiday Extras
At Holiday Extras we offer great deals on cover for ages 18-24 on both single trip and annual travel insurance policies.

Why book holiday insurance with Holiday Extras?
With 27 years' experience of selling travel add-ons, Holiday Extras is accustomed to providing great value holiday insurance to travellers.

ABTA bonding
ABTA, The Travel Association, formed in 1950 by 22 leading travel companies to maintain standards of trading practice for the benefit of the travel industry

How Far In Advance Can Travel Insurance Be Booked?
Travel Insurance is essential for any trip, the risk just isn't worth it. But how long in advance should you book? We answer a reader's question

Adventure Travel Insurance | by Holiday Extras
At Holiday Extras, we aim to equip every adrenaline junkie with an adventure holiday insurance policy and the best price to match.

Annual Cruise Travel Insurance | Tailored To Suit You
Our annual cruise policies are great if you're planning more than one trip this year! Cover for missed port departures, changes to cruising schedule and more!

Annual Travel Insurance | Holiday Extras
Get annual travel insurance and enjoy comprehensive cover for an unlimited number of trips in the UK, Europe and worldwide within a 12 month period.

ATOL Bonding | Holiday Extras
The Air Travel Organier's Licensing (ATOL) is managed by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) - the UK's specialist aviation regulator.

Brexit and Travel | How could Brexit affect your travel?
Filling you in on how Brexit and travel will work over the coming months - enjoy hassle-free information to Brexit-proof your holiday!

Bronze Level Travel Insurance | by Holiday Extras
Our Bronze package is our best value single trip travel insurance policy, having you covered for all the essentials.

8 Tips to Waltzing Through Airport Security | by Holiday Extras
No one enjoys airport security; but it's an inevitable part of the process. Follow these tips in order to get to the plane stress-free.

Are Pilotless planes the future of air travel?
Pilotless airplanes could be in the air by the year 2025. However, what do travellers and pilots think about relinquishing control to a computer..?

Top Cyber Security Tips for Business Travellers | Holiday Extras
Here are some useful tips for any business traveller desiring to securely protect their personal and business-related data while on the go.

Business Travel Accommodation: Hotels vs. B&Bs
With the increasing prices of flights, companies are looking for other areas in which they can save on business travel expenses.

How does in-flight WiFi work? | by Holiday Extras
Wondering how you can stay connected to the internet when more than 35,000 feet in the air? Find out how with our insider scoop for business travellerss

How much VAT can you claim from a business trip?
Claiming back VAT on business trips can be a tricky affair. We explain the rules surrounding claiming back VAT on business trips

How to deal with jet lag | by Holiday Extras
Jet lag is a sleep disorder that can affect people who travel across different times zones. Here are the best ways to overcome jet-lag...

How will Brexit affect UK Business travellers? | Guide
Business travellers with questions on Brexit - scroll no further! Check our comprehensive guide to navigating the Brexit labyrinth, briefcases at the ready!

Booking a Flight after Brexit | Award-Winning Provider
Worrried about how your next flight to Europe may be affected by Brexit? Check out our essential guide for a less-hassle and more plain-sailing experience!

Brexit and Passports | Holiday Extras | Top Guide
Itís important that you're aware of changes to existing EU passports after the Brexit deadline! Find out now to ensure less-hassle more-holiday!

Will there be duty-free after Brexit? | Brexit Tips and Advice
Currently there is no Duty-Free shopping on trips between the UK and countries in the EU, and the UK Government - will there be duty-free post-Brexit?

What will happen to roaming charges after Brexit? | Advice
Will there be additional roaming charges applied after Brexit? Find out more today with Holiday less-hassle guide to data usage!

Will I need a visa to visit the EU after Brexit? | Advice
It's very likely you'll need a visa once we finally exit the European Union. There are pre-emptive rules in place. Check out our comprehensive help guide!

Will my GHIC card be valid after Brexit? | Holiday Extras
Wondering if in a post-Brexit world your GHIC will be a valid option?

How to keep track of business travel expenses | by Holiday Extras
Hereís how to get round common obstacles when your expense report is due

Nomad Travel Insurance | by Holiday Extras
Reliable travel insurance is a must for digital nomads. Holiday extras' insurance policies, cover for medical, missed flights, lost possessions and much more.

Staying healthy during business travel | by Holiday Extras
If you're a frequent business traveller, check out our suggestions on how to stay healthy and active during your trip.

Top 10 destinations for business travellers | by Holiday Extras
When it comes to business traveling, not all cities are equal. This review will seek to establish the top 10 global travel destinations.

Bleisure travel in 2019 - a rising trend | by Holiday Extras
What is "Bleisure" travel? Who are the people driving this new trend and how can employers make the most of the bleisure travel movement..?

What are the benefits of camping | Award-Winning Provider
If you've pitched the idea of camping to your children and the idea hasn't gone down quite as well as you'd planned, it might be time to tell them about...

Can you camp anywhere in the UK? | Award-Winning Provider
If you prefer to camp outside of a campsite, or are a bit of a survivalist camper, the great outdoors can be exactly what you're looking for...

Keeping kids occupied on a camping trip | Holiday Extras
Running, exploring and making friends with other kids are all common when bringing the kids on holiday to a campsite. Keeping them entertained for a week...

What different types of camping are there? | Holiday Extras
For those of us who just can't get enough of the great outdoors, camping trips are the ideal break away. Hunting down the best camping sites...

What food should I bring for camping? | Award-Winning Provider
One of the biggest things that stumps people when they go camping is what food to bring. Finding a balance between foods that wonít perish and go bland is...

What is glamping? | Holiday Extras
For those who like the idea of camping, but not so much the practicality, then glamping is a happy compromise. It's perfect for people who want to enjoy...

Can your Child Travel Alone on a Ferry | Safety Tips and Advice
Let us answer these questions and more so that you can have peace of mind.

Car Hire Excess Insurance | Award-winning Travel Insurance
No one wants to foot a huge bill for damages to a rental car. Here's how our car hire excess insurance policies can protect you should the need arise.

Car Hire Excess Insurance Europe | Award-winning Cover
Our car hire excess insurance policies for Europe can protect you against exorbitant excess charges. At Holiday Extras, we've got you covered.

Car Hire Excess Insurance Worldwide | Award-winning Cover
Our global car hire excess insurance policies can protect you against excess charges, so you can hit the road happy.

Car Hire Excess Insurance Japan | Award-winning excess cover
Don't get caught short by excess charges on your Japanese adventure. Hit the road with confidence, safe in the knowledge we've got you covered.

When is The Best Time to Take a Gap Year? Student Travel Advice
Not sure when to take a gap year? We lay out the pros and cons of students taking a pre-university break, during your studies or a post university gap year.

What The Law Says About Career Breaks, Sabbaticals | Your Rights
Legal advice on career break & sabbatical policies from employment law specialist Twenty Twenty Law. Your contract of employment & your rights as an employee.

Carnival UK | Trusted, flexible UK cruise cover
Protect your cruise holiday with a fast, flexible and trustworthy cruise travel insurance policy.

Cheap Travel Insurance | Award Winning Cheap Holiday Cover
Cheap single trip and annual trip travel insurance policies. All children are insured for free when accompanied by a full paying adult.

Cheap Travel Insurance Europe | Holiday Extras
Comprehensive and cheap European travel insurance available at Holiday Extras' that allows you to travel the globe - this includes medical and baggage cover.

Cheap Travel Insurance Worldwide | Great Comprehensive Cover
Comprehensive and cheap worldwide travel insurance available at Holiday Extras' that allows you to travel the globe - including baggage and medical cover.

Travel Insurance for Children | Holiday Extras | Award Winning
Whether children are travelling alone, with family or on a school trip, we have top quality and great value travel insurance to cover any under 18s.

Travel Insurance for Children with Medical Conditions | Book Now
Children travelling with medical conditions can make a trip stressful, but it doesn't need to be! At Holiday Extras we offer the best value holiday insurance!

Can a Child Travel Alone in a Taxi? | Safety Tips and Advice
Can an unaccompanied child travel alone in a taxi? What age can you travel in a taxi alone? Check out our handy guide to children travelling alone in a taxi.

Can a child travel alone on a ferry? | Advice for Every Parent
How old does does your child have to be to travel alone on a ferry? Are they safe to travel alone? Hereís our helpful Q and A...

Can a Child Travel Alone on a Train? | Top Tips and Advice
Unsure of what age a child can legally travel alone on a train? At Holiday Extras, we're here to help answer some of your questions with some helpful advice

Car Journeys With Your Children | Survival Tips For Every Parent
Check out our survival guide on keeping the kids occupied for your next long car journey...

Child Travelling Alone | Holiday Extras | Essential Guide
Here is an essential guide of handy tips and advice for any parent who will soon be letting their child travel alone.

Child Travelling with Medication | Essential Travel Guide
Travelling with your child and their medication can be a concern so we have set up a helpful guide, which includes child sedatives for flying.

Flying with a Baby | The Ultimate Travel Guide for A Parent
Check out our top stress-free air travel tips on flying with the little ones!

Flying with a Toddler | Tips for Travelling on a Plane
If you're travelling abroad with your toddler on an aeroplane, then check out our helpful guide to make your journey together as enjoyable a possible.

How to deal with a jet lagged child | Helpful advice for parents
Jet lag with kids doesn't have to be a nightmare that spoils your holiday. Read our helpful tips nohow to cope with a jet lagged child.

How to keep your child safe on holiday | Holiday Extras
Keep the kids safe on your next trip abroad. From sunscreen to travel insurance - check out our helpful guide!

Top Children's Holiday Activities | Exciting Family Fun
Hereís a quick guide to some fantastic ideas for your next family holiday abroad with the kids...

Top Destinations for Teenagers Travelling Abroad This Year
If you're a teen looking to explore the globe before heading off to uni, then check out our fantastic guide of top destinations for trips abroad this year!

Top Tips for Boating with Babies and Toddlers | Essential Guide
Top tips for all the family if you are going boating with a baby or a toddler - including how to baby-proof your boat and the importance of safety gear

Top Tips for Travelling by Train with your Children | Advice
Are you travelling with your child on a train and wondering what's the best way of keeping them occupied? Check out our helpful guide!

Top Tips for Travelling through an Airport with your Child
Check out our top tips for getting through the airport with the kids, minus the hassle...

Top Tips on Flying with your Children | Essential Parents Guide
Are you taking your children on a flight and getting a bit apprehensive? Take at look at our essential guide to making your trip a pleasant one!

Travelling with a Baby Checklist | Essential Guide for Parents
Here's an essential packing checklist to help you have a fun and travel safely with your baby!

Travelling with a Child who has Chickenpox | Helpful Advice
Providing you with all the advice for travelling with chickenpox. From airline medical guidelines, to keeping your child comfortable.

Travelling with a child with a different surname | Top tips
A handy guide if your children don't share your surname, or perhaps they are travelling with their grandparents.

Travelling with a Disabled Child | Essential Guide
If you are travelling with a disabled child check out our helpful guide for families, including making your trip easier and the essential plans you will need.

Travelling with Children on a Ferry | Award-Winning Provider
A how-to for surviving a ferry journey with kids! We have some helpful tips for keeping them occupied and what you need to prepare for before your trip!

Under 18s Travel Consent Form | Essential Guide
Is your child travelling on a school trip, with one parent, or with other family members? Then read our essential guide with tips about travel consent forms

Under 18s Travel Money Card | Holiday Extras | Essentials
Your essential guide to everything you need to know about an under 18's travel card before your trip abroad, or perhaps you are looking to organise one for...

What destinations should I avoid with my baby? | Travel insurance
If you're concerned where is safe to travel with your baby, then we have some helpful tips on which countries you should avoid with your little one.

Holiday Extras Travel Insurance Claims
Presenting your go-to guide on how exactly you should make a claim on your travel insurance policy.

Coach Travel Insurance | Award-Winning Provider | Book Today!
Book coach travel insurance online today and enjoy cover for your next adventure! Policy includes cover for 100+ sports or add-on winter sports cover!

Coach Trips to London | Holiday Extras' Guide
London always has bustling roads and crowds, so it can be easier to take a coach trip to London and enjoy the journey. Check out our guide!

Coach Trips to Paris | Holiday Extras' Guide
Paris is the perfect city for every traveller and is home to a wide range of activities! See our guide on taking a coach trip to Paris!

Great Ways to Pass the Time on a Long Coach Journey
At Holiday Extras, we have set up this guide to help you to keep entertained during the long journeys - you might even end up wishing the trip was longer!

Ideal Family Coach Holidays | Top Guide for the Family
Coach trips can make exciting and fun holidays for all the family, allowing you to explore different cities and enjoy lots of activities. See our guide today.

Scottish Coach Tours | Holiday Extras' Guide
Coach journeys can can make it easy for you to see the best sights, towns and landscapes of Scotland. Check out our guide to Scottish coach tours.

Sleeping on a Coach Journey | Top Tips and Advice
Sleep is essential for a long and comfortable coach journey, so weíve outlined a few simple ways to help you try and get some much-needed sleep.

Top Tips for a Comfortable Coach Journey | Holiday Extras
Whether you struggle to keep your family entertained, or just wish the journey could be shorter, here are some top tips to help you have a comfortable trip.

Weekend Coach Trips and Coach Holidays | Guide
If you want a break from work and school, coach trips can be a great way to get away without having to travel long distances. Read our helpful guide today!

Cruise Travel Insurance | Covid Cover included as standard
You needn't stay on dry land to get comprehensive cover! Buy cruise travel insurance from an Award-Winning Provider, with Enhanced Covid Cover as standard.

How to Pack for a Cruise Holiday | Top Travel Guide
Heading to the Caribbean or the Nordics and wondering how to pack for a cruise holiday? Donít panic follow our handy guide to making the most of your trip!

What are the best Caribbean cruise lines? | Holiday Extras
You can be spoilt for choice when picking your perfect cruise liners, from family-friendly activity cruises to adults-only cruises that are perfect for...

What is the best cruise line for adults? | Award-Winning Provider
Looking for inspiration for your next cruise holiday? Here are some suggestions on some of the best-rated adult-only cruises out there...

Which is the best month for cruising? | Award-Winning Provider
When planning a cruise, the month you choose to travel on can greatly affect your experience and the activities that you choose to do...

What are the cheapest cruises? | Holiday Extras
You may think that's it's not possible to enjoy a cruise on a budget, but that's simply not true! Here are our top recommendations for budget cruising...

Cruise Ship FAQs? | Award-Winning Provider
Here we endeavour to answer all your most frequently asked questions on cruise travel and holidays...

Dealing with Seasickness on a Cruise | Helpful Guide
Ways to deal with mal de mer - helpful strategies so that seasickness doesn't ruin your cruise and what should be the experience of a lifetime!

Do I need a visa for cruise travel? | Award-Winning Provider
Visa requirements can be complicated for cruises, especially if you're not familiar with visa applications or your cruise's route...

How do I pay for things onboard? | Cruise Travel Info
It can be difficult to understand questions about payment on board, especially visiting countries with different currencies. Read our helpful tips and advice.

How To Save Money On A Cruise | Top Tips And Advice!
Cruise trips are great ways to relax, unwind and enjoy a change of scenery. Expenses however can add up - here are our top tips to saving money!

What is the most luxurious cruise line? | Award-Winning Provider
Cruise ships can be some of the most lavish ways to spend a holiday, with luxury facilities and expensive suites ready for a special treat...

How To Stay Safe On A Cruise | Holiday Extras Advice
Check out our top tips on how you can stay safe during your cruise and get the most out of your time onboard!

Travelling on a Cruise with Dietary Requirements | Holiday Extras
Don't let dietary requirements limit whether or not you should go on a cruise. Here's how to get the most out of your trip and with a dietary requirement...

Using Your Phone on a Cruise | Comprehensive Guide
Cruises can be notoriously difficult to use your phone on, so we have compiled some information to help you with knowing what to expect when on a cruise!

Do I need vaccinations for a cruise holiday? | Holiday Extras
Knowing the right vaccinations to have before your cruise is vital because visiting a number of ports can leave you vulnerable to infection!

What travel documentation do I need for cruise holiday?
Before going on your cruise, there are a few extra documents that youíll need to ensure that your visit goes smoothly. Find out more today!

Travel Insurance Cuba | Holiday Extras
When you need affordable holiday insurance, come to Holiday Extras for comprehensive single or annual travel policies at competitive prices.

Do I need Holiday Insurance? | Holiday Extras | Award Winning
No matter how tempting the lure of saving on the cost of insurance is, itís never wiseÖhereís why you need proper travel insurance

European Travel Insurance | Award-Winning Provider
Travel to Europe and take a cost-effective and stress-free holiday insurance policy from Holiday Extras to complete your trip - with great protection levels.

European Health Insurance Card | EHIC
Alongside the best travel insurance policy, remember you are entitled to a FREE EHIC card, valid for free medical treatment in any EU country.

Travel Insurance Amsterdam | Single and Annual Cover Available
Get comprehensive travel insurance for your trip to Amsterdam, including medical, lost luggage, cancellation cover and a 24/7 helpline - book today!

Travel Insurance Austria | Award-Winning Provider
If you're travelling to Austria, you're probably searching for the best travel insurance for your trip - book with Holiday Extras today!

Travel Insurance Barcelona | Trusted Insurance Provider
Book Travel insurance for Barcelona with Holiday Extras and enjoy sandy beaches, Spanish nightlife and an amazing Catalonian culture with protection!

Brexit and Travel | Holiday Extras | Award Winning
In this article, we're going to take a look at what we know at the moment regarding possible and likely outcomes of Brexit on British travel and tourism

Travel Insurance Budapest | Award-Winning Provider
If you're travelling to Budapest, Hungary's capital, you're probably searching for the best travel insurance for your trip - book with Holiday Extras today!

Travel Insurance for the Canary Islands | Comprehensive Cover
Book great value cover for your trip to the Canary Islands with Holiday Extras! Travel insurance includes cover for medical costs, luggage and cancellation!

Travel Insurance Croatia | Comprehensive Croatia travel cover
Secure comprehensive Croatia travel insurance and enjoy all the jewel of the Adriatic has to offer with peace of mind you're covered.

Travel Insurance Cyprus | by Holiday Extras
Looking for travel insurance to Cyprus but not sure what to get? Check out our guide to choosing the right travel insurance for Cyprus and North Cyprus.

Travel Insurance Czech Republic | Book Online Today
Wondering how to get the best travel insurance to Czech Republic? Book online with Holiday Extras today for great value travel insurance!

Denmark Travel Insurance | Holiday Extras | Award Winning
Planning a trip to Denmark? Get cheap and reliable insurance including medical cover and cancellation cover with access to our 24/7 helpline!

Travel Insurance Dublin | Single and Annual Policies Available
Grab an affordable and comprehensive travel insurance package for Dublin with Holiday Extras - including cancellation cover, baggage cover and medical cover!

Travel Insurance Finland | Award-Winning Provider | Book Today!
Book your travel insurance for Finland online today and cover your baggage, medical expenses and a risk of cancellation!

Travel Insurance France | Holiday Extras
Wondering how to get the best travel insurance to France? Here's how to find the most reliable travel insurance for your trip to France!

Travel Insurance Germany | Holiday Extras
Here's the latest info on why you'll need travel insurance for Germany, and how you can get the best options, suited to your needs.

Travel Insurance Greece | Cheap, trusted cover for your trip
Start your Greek adventure with the peace of mind a travel insurance Greece policy affords. With policies tailored to your needs, we've got you covered.

Hungary Travel Insurance | Holiday Extras | Award Winning
Before you venture off to enjoy the thermal baths or marvel at St.Stephens Basilica, here's how you can insure your holiday with comprehensive travel cover.

Travel Insurance Ibiza | Holiday Extras
We have comprehensive travel insurance to cover your journey. Benefit from up to £10 million emergency medical cover!

Travel Insurance Iceland | by Holiday Extras
Looking for Travel insurance for Iceland? All our policies come with automatic cover for over 100 sports activities.

Travel Insurance Ireland | Award-Winning Provider
Choose an affordable travel insurance policy for your trip to Ireland. Each policy is packed full of cancellation, baggage and medical cover! Book today!

Travel Insurance Italy | Flexible cover from a trusted provider
Going on holiday to Italy? Our flexible travel insurance policies can provide you against cancellation and offer up to £10 million of medical cover.

Travel Insurance Lanzarote | Award-Winning Provider
Book travel insurance for Lanzarote with Holiday Extras today and cover your journey, cover lost luggage, cancellation and medical expenses. Book today!

Travel Insurance Lapland
For a true experience of a winter wonderland, visit Lapland this year and get the best and cheapest travel insurance!

Travel Insurance Majorca | Great Comprehensive Cover
Our policies include cover for lost luggage, medical costs and cancellation cover. Just type your details into our booking engine online today!

Netherlands Travel Insurance | Holiday Extras | Award Winning
Planning a trip to the Netherlands? Benefit from up to £10 million for emergency medical cover, and £5000 for cancellation.

Norway Travel Insurance | Award-Winning Provider
If you're planning a trip to the land of the midnight sun, taking proper travel insurance is a wise move to ensure peace of mind and an enjoyable trip.

Travel Insurance Paris | Protect your holiday
Safeguard your trip to Paris with a flexible travel insurance policy that covers your city break against cancellation, medical costs and baggage cover.

Travel Insurance Prague | Award-Winning Provider
If you are travelling to Prague this year and need to get travel insurance sorted, then book great comprehensive cover easily and securely online today!

Travel Insurance Romania | Award-Winning Provider
If you want to explore Romania, the southeastern European country, then you'll want great travel insurance to accompany you on your journey. Book today!

Travel Insurance Rome | Accolade-Winning Insurance Provider
When in Rome, do as the Romans do! Protect your Roman holiday with one of our reliable and comprehensive travel insurance policies for Rome!

Russia Travel Insurance | Book online
Ensure that you're protected when you venture into the beautiful and mysterious depths of Russia with a Holiday Extras holiday insurance policy!

Travel Insurance for Spain | Flexible holiday insurance for Spain
Going on holiday to Spain? It's important you find the best travel insurance policy for your needs with cover for medical care, cancellation and lost luggage.

Switzerland Travel Insurance | Holiday Extras | Award Winning
Get top range cover for your next trip to Switzerland with up to £10 million medical, £5000 for cancellation, 24/7 helpline and much more.

Travel Insurance for Tenerife | Award-Winning Provider
Whether you're lounging in Los Gigantes or trekking up Mount Teide, you'll want reliable travel insurance for Tenerife. Here's a handy guide!

Best time to visit Tunisia | What is the best time of year?
Tunisia is a beautiful country in the North of Africa. When is it the best time to travel there? When's it hottest/cheapest? Let us answer!

History of Tunisia | Award-Winning Insurance Provider's Guide
Tunisia is a country rich in natural beauty and spoilt with history. Read more with our Holiday Extras' guide to the history of Tunisia!

Is it safe to travel to Tunisia? | Holiday Extras' Guide
Areas of Tunisia are perfectly safe to visit, whereas there are still active areas of conflict that you absolutely must stay away from. Read our guide!

Staying Fit and Healthy in Tunisia | Top Tips and Advice!
Whenever travelling to Tunisia, its wise to look up what you need to do to stay fit and healthy. Check out our helpful guide to prepare for your journey!

Top things to see and do in Tunisia | Holiday Extras' Guide
With the backdrop of the Mediterranean sea and the Sahara desert, and ancient cities like Carthage, youíre spoilt for choice on what you can see and do!

Tunisian Cuisine | Holiday Extras Guide
Tunisia is the perfect destination for the adventurous traveller, but no trip is complete without expanding your taste buds to Tunisian Cuisine!

Travel Insurance Turkey | Trusted Turkey Holiday Cover
Take a look at our guide for choosing suitable Turkey travel insurance, giving you current travel advice, helpful hints and great value.

Extreme Sports Travel Insurance | Hazardous Activity Cover
If you're an adrenaline junkie taking part in an extreme sport you will need a specialist sports travel insurance policy to cover your high-risk adventures!

Family Travel Insurance | Single and annual cover
Cover the whole family with just one family travel insurance policy, receive up to £10 million in medical cover and get access to our 24/7 helpline.

Cheap UK Family Holidays | Staycations
Instead of flying abroad, "staycations", or UK holidays, are becoming a popular and cheaper holiday alternative for families on a budget.

Best Family Holiday Destinations in Europe | Holiday Extras
Whether you're looking for a luxurious, sunny beach holiday, or perhaps a more budget-friendly option of camping, we can help you plan your European break.

Camping Holidays | Family trips in UK and Europe
Don't fancy flying or going on a beach holiday? Take the family on a camping holiday amidst the beautiful wildlife of the UK, or further afield in Europe.

Children Travelling with Grandparents | Family travel insurance
Take out a trusted family travel insurance policy for children travelling with grandparents, with cover for medical emergencies, baggage and cancellation.

Do all families need the same vaccination? | by Holiday Extras
Vaccinations are important when travelling abroad is advised for the prevention of disease and infections. However, when travelling abroad with family...

Lapland Holidays | Winter Family Holidays
Make the most of your family holiday to Lapland: from visiting Santa, to seeing the Northern Lights. Here are our top festive tips for your trip!

Tips for first family trip abroad | by Holiday Extras
Your first family holiday can be overwhelming, but these top 10 tips can ensure you have the perfect family holiday...

Top Family Adventure Holidays | by Holiday Extras
Adventure holidays are perfect for active families, giving you the opportunity to work as a team and fit in some family bonding time...

Visiting family abroad travel insurance | Award-Winning Provider
Whether visiting friends living abroad, or travelling back home for a family reunion, get insured with cover for medical, cancellation and lost baggage

Family Wildlife Safari holidays | by Holiday Extras
The Masai Mara in Kenya is part of the Great Migration when 2 million wildebeest cross the Great Plains from June to October. This migration also attracts...

Family Adventure Holidays | Winter Sports for the Family
Les Deux Alpes has fantastic views of Mont Blanc and it is one of the most likely resorts to receive snow during skiing season, with...

FCDO Travel Insurance | Cover for all locations
Protect your trip even for locations on the FCDO advisory list. Wherever you are going, in these unpredictable times, it pays to be covered.

Festival Travel Insurance | Holiday Extras
Ever wondered if travel insurance covers music festivals? Get cover for cancellation and more, so all you have to worry about is dancing into the early hours.

Travel Insurance with Gadget Cover | Holiday Extras
Book travel insurance with gadget cover and protect your Laptop, camera, iPad and iPhone from theft, loss and accidental damage while on holiday.

Apple Watch Travel Insurance | Comprehensive cover for your tech
If you're one of those tech-savvy people with a swanky apple watch, you'll want to make sure your new device is insured properly before going away on holiday.

Camera Travel Insurance | comprehensive insurance for your tech
Whether you're a seasoned expert or an avid amateur, you'll want to keep your camera and gear safe whilst on Holiday; get covered with Holiday Extras.

Huawei Mate 10 Pro Insurance | Comprehensive cover for your tech
Get comprehensive cover for you Mate 10 Pro with up to £3000 for accidental damage, £1000 for unauthorised usage.

Huawei P20 Insurance | Comprehensive cover for your tech
Insure you huawei P20 against accidental damage, loss and theft with Holiday Extras gadget travel insurance

Huawei P20 Lite Insurance | Comprehensive cover for your tech
Here's how you can best insurance your P20 Lite with cover for accidental damage, loss, theft and unauthorised usage.

Huawei P20 Pro Insurance | Comprehensive cover for your tech
The Huawei P20 Pro boasts one of the best cameras on the smartphone market; keep your device safe when on holiday with comprehensive gadget travel insurance

IP Rating explained | comprehensive insurance for your tech
Check out our guide to IP ratings, and understand just how dust and water resistant your phone really is...

iPhone 6 Travel Insurance | Comprehensive cover for your tech
Take out comprehensive travel insurance for your iPhone 6 today with cover for accidental damage, theft and loss.

iPhone 6s Travel Insurance | Cheap insurance for your gadgets!
Take out reliable travel insurance for your iPhone 6s today with cover for accidental damage, theft and loss

iPhone 7 Travel Insurance | Comprehensive insurance for your tech
Looking to keep your iPhone 7 safe on your next holiday? Take out comprehensive travel insurance today with cover for accidental damage, theft and loss.

iPhone 8 Travel Insurance | Comprehensive cover for your device
Get comprehensive travel insurance for your iPhone 8 and 8 Plus today with cover for accidental damage, theft and loss.

Macbook Air Travel Insurance | Comprehensive Macbook cover
If you've invested in a Macbook Air this year, here's how you can get comprehensive cover for your device without breaking the bank.

Samsung Note 8 Travel Insurance | Holiday Extras Gadget cover
Travel with peace of mind knowing that your Note 8 is covered for loss, theft, unauthorised usage and accidental damage.

Samsung S8 Travel Insurance | Cheap insurance for your phone
Take out comprehensive gadget cover to insure your Galaxy S8 on holiday, with cover for loss, theft, unauthorised usage and accidental damage and more...

Samsung Galaxy S9 Travel Insurance | Holiday Extras Gadget cover
Insure your fabulous S9 with our equally fabulous gadget cover offering up to £3000 for accidental damage and £1000 for unauthorised usage.

Gap Year Travel Insurance | by Holiday Extras
Get the best travel insurance for your gap year, with both single trip and annual travel insurance policies available.

Gold Cover Holiday Insurance | with Holiday Extras
Enjoy top-level holiday insurance on your next trip with Holiday Extras Gold level policies...

Group Travel Insurance | Award Winning Travel Insurance
Groups can travel together or individually with Holiday Extras' group holiday insurance. We'll provide the best level of cover, whatever your plans.

Hiking Travel Insurance | Award Winning Provider
Get comprehensive cover for your hiking holiday at a reasonable price. We've got you covered for every eventuality, with medical emergency cover.

Holiday Cancellation Insurance | Protect your holiday
Sometimes cancellation is unavoidable. Even if you miss out on your holiday, having travel cancellation insurance means your money is still protected.

Interrail Travel Insurance | Holiday Extras
Interrailing is an awesome, fresh way to see Europe. Before you go, make sure you've got the right interrail travel insurance. Follow our tips and advice!

Best Interrail Routes | Best Routes on a Budget
Whether youíre planning a gap year or revisiting your youth, here are some of the best interrailing routes in Europe and let the adventure begin!

How does interrailing work? | Award-winning Provider
Going interrailing can be the trip of a lifetime. However, there is a large amount of planning and organisation that precedes any trip around Europe.

How to meet cool people when interrailing | Holiday Extras
Interrailing is an awesome way to see Europe but can be lonely if you donít have someone to share it with, so take the time to make some friends!

How to Pick a Good Hostel | Holiday Extras Guide
With the many options out there, it can be difficult to pick a good hostel. Let us help you find the right hostel to truly enjoy your stay!

How to save money on an interrail trip? | Holiday Extras
Interrailing is one of the most cost-effective ways to travel around Europe for an extended period of time. These tips will help you to stick to your budget!

Keeping Your Things Safe When Interrailing
Interrailing is an enjoyable way to see Europe and travel. However, there are precautions you can take to ensure that your safe luggage on your trip!

Staying Safe Whilst Interrailing | Holiday Extras Guide
When going on any trip for a prolonged period of time, you may wonder about safety but with the right precautions, you can have a relaxing trip!

Top Interrail Destinations 2019 | Award-Winning Provider
Whether you want to go down the well-travelled routes or try something different, youíll be able to find the right destination for you on this list.

What interrail pass should I buy? | Award-winning Provider
Luckily, weíve narrowed the best options down for getting the best interrail pass, so that you can get the most out of your interrailing experience.

What to pack for an Interrail Trip | Essential items to take
Interrailing is a brilliant way of seeing Europe. Follow our tips and advice on what the essentails are that you need to pack and take on your journey!

Long Stay Travel Insurance | by Holiday Extras
With our long stay holiday insurance you don’t need to worry about big trips, planned months in advance.

Lost Luggage Insurance | by Holiday Extras
Lost luggage insurance can really help if ever your baggage is lost at the airport. Get the right cover today and ensure your baggage is protected.

Lost Passport Abroad | Travel Insurance
Lost your passport abroad? Help is at hand! Here's our guide to getting emergency travel documents and claiming with insurance.

Travel Insurance with Medical Conditions | Covid cover available
Medical conditions shouldn't stop you from going on holiday. We cover the majority of pre-existing medical conditions, with COVID cover included as standard.

Travel Insurance Allergies | Medical Cover with Holiday Extras
At Holiday Extras we work with insurance experts to provide financial cover for customers with pre-existing conditions including severe allergies.

Travel Insurance for Angina | Holiday Extras
As a sufferer of angina, getting travel insurance isn't always easy. Holiday Extras insurance team are dedicated to providing specialised cover hassle free!

Are Mental Health Conditions Classed as a Pre-Existing Condition?
Physical and mental health conditions both need to be listed as pre-existing conditions when you are applying for travel insurance as they may both need...

Travel Insurance for Arthritis | Holiday Extras | Great Value
At Holiday Extras we will provide affordable holiday insurance for customers with pre-existing conditions including arthritis.

Travel Insurance for Asthma | Compare asthma cover
Holiday Extras insurance offers cheap & reliable cover for asthmatics. Check out our policies & get a quote only today, by answering a few simple questions!

Brain Tumour Travel Insurance | Award-Winning Cover
With the right travel insurance policy, travelling the world with a brain tumour is entirely possible. Get your quote online today- less hassle, more holiday!

Breast Cancer Travel Insurance | Trusted, tailored policies
Holiday Extras team are here to help in booking your breast cancer travel insurance. We provide specialised cover, tailored to your specific needs.

Broken Bones Travel Insurance | Holiday Extras
Make sure that your broken bone is the only thing that stays broken on your holiday... and not your bank account with an extortionate travel insurance policy!

Travel Insurance with Cancer | Tailored, trusted cancer cover
Holiday Extras offers tailored policies for those with cancer, giving protection and peace of mind while on holiday.

COPD Travel Insurance | Book now for a tailored policy
Suffers of chronic obstruction pulmonary disease can take out travel insurance with Holiday Extras for peace of mind while travelling.

Travel Insurance Crohn's | Compare Crohn's Travel Cover
Getting travel insurance when you have Crohn's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis or any other kind of infammatory bowel conditions needn't be a hassle...

Travel Insurance for Deafness | with Holiday Extras
Holiday Extras provide comprehensive travel insurance for a wide range of conditions including travellers with deafness or who are hard of hearing...

Deep Vein Thrombosis When Travelling | Top Tips and Advice
If you are about to jet off and are concerned about traveling with deep vein thrombosis then check out our tips; which include how to prevent DVT on a flight.

Dementia Travel Insurance | Tailored policies for your needs
Holiday Extras insurance team offer comprehensive, tailored dementia travel insurance, giving you peace of mind while you're travelling

Travel Insurance for Depression | Holiday Extras
Looking for travel insurance as a sufferer of anxiety or depression? Holiday Extras' specialist insurance team provide quality, affordable cover.

Travel Insurance for Diabetics | Diabetes cover compared
Removing all the trouble of finding quality travel insurance for diabetics, Holiday Extras provides trusted, affordable holiday insurance. Book online today.

Disability Travel Insurance | Holiday Extras | Book Today
It's easy to get a quote if you are trying to find cover for your travels. Our travel insurance for disabled holiday-makers is affordable and easy.

Do you have to declare medical conditions for travel insurance?
Learn what medical conditions need declaring and why, learn the risks of not declaring a pre-existing condition and how this could spoil your trip!

DVT Travel Insurance | Award-Winning Provider
Travel insurance for Deep Vein Thrombosis doesn't need to cost the earth. Get reliable comprehensive cover for your DVT today with Holiday Extras

Epilepsy Travel Insurance | Award-Winning Cover for Epilepsy
Our medical travel insurance can cover you if you have epilepsy. Get a quick online quote for Epilepsy holiday insurance or give us a call.

Fibromyalgia Travel Insurance | Award-Winning Insurance Provider
If you suffer with fibromyalgia and are travelling abroad soon and looking for the right travel insurance, then book online today with Holiday Extras!

Travel Insurance with Gallstones | Award-Winning Provider
Having gallstones shouldn't hold you back from travelling and enjoying a well earn't holiday. Take your free medical screening for medical travel insurance!

Guide to Flying with Back Pain | Holiday Extras | Helpful Advice
Back pain is extremely common and can cause great discomfort when travelling. Check out our helpful tips to get the most out of your holiday...

Travel Insurance for Heart Conditions | Holiday Extras
Providing cheap and reliable holiday insurance for travellers suffering with a heart condition. There's no compromising your cover, just great deals!

Travel Insurance with High Blood Pressure | Holiday Extras
We make finding a holiday insurance policy with high blood pressure quick, easy and affordable. Available on both single trip and annual travel policies

Travel Insurance for High Cholesterol | Holiday Extras
Living with high cholesterol? Don't let it stop you from jetting off into the sun. Get reliable travel insurance to protect you with Holiday Extras

HIV Travel Insurance | Trusted HIV Travel Cover Made Easy
We understand it's important to find a HIV travel insurance policy that covers all eventualities - that's why our experts are on-hand to help!

Travel Insurance for Kidney Transplant | Holiday Extras
Helping provide the best, most reliable and affordable travel insurance for patients recovering from a kidney transplant.

Lung Cancer Travel Insurance | Comprehensive medical cover
At Holiday Extras we work with insurance experts to provide excellent cover for customers with pre-existing medical conditions; including lung cancer.

Lupus Travel Insurance | Holiday Extras | Great Value Cover
Get lupus travel insurance that is tailored specifically to meet your needs and situation. Book your policy today with our Kent-based insurance team.

MS Travel Insurance | Trusted travel insurance for ms sufferers
Holiday Extras' insurance team specialise in providing bespoke policies tailored to your medical needs. All medical conditions will be considered.

Myeloma Travel Insurance | Holiday Extras | Book Today!
Book great value travel insurance today and declare your pre-existing medical condition to make sure you're fully covered for the journey!

Pancreatic Cancer Travel Insurance | Comprehensive medical cover
Getting suitable travel insurance for pancreatic cancer isn't always easy. Holiday Extras provide comprehensive cover for a wide range of medical conditions.

Travel Insurance for Parkinson's | Holiday Extras
Our travel insurance for patients with Parkinson's disease is designed to financially safeguard your holiday with the best and most affordable cover levels.

Prostate Cancer Travel Insurance | Tailored cancer policies
Getting travel insurance for prostate cancer doesn't have to be complicated. Get comprehensive cover with Holiday Extras' trusted medical screening process.

Medical Travel Insurance for Seniors | Holiday Extras
At Holiday Extras', our holiday insurance policies can be tailored to suit senior citizens with medical conditions - incl. increased medical cover!

Stroke Travel Insurance | Holiday Extras | Great Value Cover
Looking for stroke travel insurance that covers the necessities without costing the earth? Our specialist Insurance team can help you today!

Travel Insurance for Child with Cystic Fibrosis
If your child has cystic fibrosis, it can be hard finding the right travel insurance. Holiday Extras provide reliable cover without the huge premium...

Travel Insurance for Children with Heart Conditions
If your child has a heart condition it can be difficult finding reliable travel insurance. Holiday Extras provide reliable cover for a range of conditions...

Travelling with Arthritis | Pain-Free Travel Tips and Advice
Check out our helpful guide on how you can have an easier and more comfortable trip when travelling with arthritis...

Travelling with Diabetes | Things to consider before travelling
If you have Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes you can venture all over the world - diabetes does not need to hold you back - enjoy less hassle and more holiday!

Travelling with Medication | Tips and advice from Holiday Extras
Are you planning on travelling abroad and need to take medication with you? Check out this handy guide of what you need to know before you travel...

What is classed as a Pre-Existing Medical Condition?
If you have a pre-existing medical condition and are not sure if you need to declare this on your policy or not then check out our helpful guide.

What Medical Conditions Can Stop Me From Flying? | Holiday Extras
Check our Holiday Extras guide to medical conditions that potentially could stop you from flying towards your next destination, and how best to deal with them

Travel Insurance Missed Flight | Holiday Extras
Ever missed a flight? Here's how the missed flight insurance section of your travel insurance cover can help you. Get Missed flight insurance today!

How to avoid missing your flight | Holiday Extras
Sometimes, missing flights is not your fault. Unforeseen events like car breakdowns and sudden illnesses can cause delays on your part...

What to expect when going through security | Holiday Extras
For those that aren't frequent flyers, passing through security can be a major concern. There are a number of things that can put people off security...

Off-Piste Ski Insurance | Holiday Extras
What is classed as off-piste skiing and how can you be sure you are covered for skiing off-piste under your travel insurance policy?

Over 50's Travel Insurance | by Holiday Extras
Latitude travel insurance offers affordable cover for the over 50s. It's easy to book and provides the protection you need for peace of mind abroad.

Travel Insurance Over 65 | by Holiday Extras
Our holiday insurance for over 65s provides comprehensive cover without huge premiums. Policies include single trip and annual travel insurance

Travel Insurance Over 70 | Award-winning over 70 cover
With our over 70s travel insurance, you'll receive great value cover suited to your needs. What's more, there's no age-related premium.

Travel Insurance for Over 75 | Trusted Cover for Seniors
Compare levels of affordable travel insurance for those over 75. Whatever your plans, you can find the most suitable policy at the lowest possible price.

Travel Insurance Over 80 | by Holiday Extras
Our travel insurance experts, Latitude, specialise in holiday insurance cover for customers over 80 years old, with extra medical cover and 24/7 helpline.

Travel Insurance Over 85 | Holiday Extras | Award Winning
85 years of age and looking for travel insurance without the huge age-related premium? Check out how our comprehensive travel insurance policies can help...

Travel Insurance Over 90 | Holiday Extras | Award Winning
Getting comprehensive travel insurance that's affordable can be a real challenge when you're over 90 years old. Here's how you can find suitable cover...

Paragliding Insurance | by Holiday Extras
Thinking about paragliding on your next holiday? Protect yourself and your gear with travel insurance, 100+ sports and activities, including paragliding.

Personal Accident Insurance | Travel Insurance
Personal accident insurance protects you if you have a serious accident on holiday that results in an injury, disability or your death.

Policy Documents | Award-Winning Provider 12 years Running
Familiarise yourself with the full details of your travel insurance policy with all the fine print, terms and conditions in our policy booklets.

Travel Insurance Excess | What is a policy excess?
What is a policy excess and what effect does it have on making a travel insurance claim? Let us explain exactly what this means online for you today!

Travel Insurance Pregnancy | Holiday Extras
Trying to find travel insurance that covers pregnancy really shouldn't be a worry. With Holiday Extras, you can buy reliable pregnancy travel insurance today

What should I wear on holiday while pregnant? | Holiday Extras
Deciding what to wear can be difficult at the best of times, and it can be even more difficult to know what the best options are when pregnant...

Do you need extra travel insurance when pregnant?
One of the first things that you should arrange when you're thinking of travelling whilst pregnant is your travel insurance...

Is travel safe during pregnancy | Holiday Extras
While not officially classed as a pre-existing medical condition, there should be some precautions taken into account if travelling while pregnant.

Travelling to hot countries when pregnant | Holiday Extras
Travelling to a hot country whilst you're expecting can be a lovely break before the stresses of childbirth. Whether you just want to relax by the pool...

Policy Renewal FAQs | by Holiday Extras
Looking to extend your annual travel insurance, but don't know how to renew your policy? Here's how it's done...

Repatriation Insurance | Travel Insurance with Repatriation Cover
Repatriation insurance in a travel insurance policy is essential. Find out what repatriation travel insurance is, how repatriation costs are worked out etc.

Travel Insurance Reviews | Why Holiday Extras travel insurance?
Find out what our customers are saying about Holiday Extras' travel insurance. As an eight-time winning travel insurance provider with a

How to prepare for a desert safari | Holiday Extras
If youíve seen amazing pictures or videos of sand dunes and safaris in countries like the UAE, then you may well be considering taking a desert safari...

Best safari holiday destinations | Holiday Extras
Aside from Kenya, many people go to Tanzania for their first safari. It has a variety of famous parks to its name: Lake Manyara, Tarangire and Ngorongoro...

What to pack on a safari holiday | Holiday Extras
If you've never been on a safari, it can be hard to know what to pack apart from clothing that's suitable for hot, humid weather...

Adventure holidays for over-50s | by Holiday Extras
For some, a holiday means a chance to laze on the beach and take in as much sun as possible. For others, however, it's an opportunity to get some exercise...

Best holiday destinations for Over 80s | Holiday Extras
If you're travelling abroad and happen to by over the age of 80, or if you're sending a loved one on the trip of a lifetime, it's best to avoid tiring...

Best holidays for single over 60s | Holiday Extras
If you're navigating the world as a single person in your 60s, then it's a great time to use your freedom to explore. If you're not quite in the mood...

How long can a UK pensioner stay overseas? | by Holiday Extras
You may be considering to make the move and retire abroad Ė perhaps somewhere a little sunnier. However, before you do so, it's vital that you check...

Tips for travelling alone later in life | Holiday Extras
If you're travelling alone for the first time in later life, then you may have a few reservations and anxieties. However, if you need to put your own mind...

Top tips for flying elderly parents | Holiday Extras
Flying with elderly parents or relatives can be a stressful procedure, especially if they have any medical problems you need to pay attention to...

Silver Travel Insurance | Award-Winning Provider
Our Silver level policies offer comprehensive cover at a fair price, meaning you can travel with full peace of mind, knowing we have your back.

Single Parent Travel Insurance | Holiday Extras
Looking to get the family covered for a great price? With Holiday Extras, children receive FREE cover with a paying adult. Book online today!

Single Trip Travel Insurance | Get an instant quote
Our single trip holiday insurance policies are cheap and easy to book through Holiday Extras. With the option of adding annual travel insurance

Travel Insurance Single Trip or Annual Trip
If you're unsure whether to buy a Single Trip or an Annual Multi-Trip policy then we'll help you make that choice with a comprehensive comparison!

Ski Insurance | Comprehensive skiing holiday insurance
Holiday Extras ski holiday insurance provides slope-seekers of all abilities with comprehensive cover, so you can don the skis with complete peace of mind.

Backcountry Skiing | by Holiday Extras
For more experienced skiers, ski resorts might not seem to be as thrilling as the ski slopes of the unbridled wilderness. However, off-piste skiing can...

How to keep safe when skiing | by Holiday Extras
Skiing can be dangerous if you don't follow the rules, watch the weather, listen to professionals or wear the right equipment and clothing...

Skiing in the UK | by Holiday Extras
Although there may be large portions of England that arenít exactly known for their snow-topped mountainous regions, there are still plenty of dry-slopes...

Travelling with Ski equipment | by Holiday Extras
Find out how to travel with your ski equipment and choosing the right travel insurance for your trip in the mountains!

What to wear when skiing | by Holiday Extras
Take a look at our how-to guide of what to pack for your skiing trip!

Surfing for beginners | Award-winning Provider
Find out the best tips and locations for surfing if you're a bit of a novice. Take out a Holiday Extras travel insurance policy to cover your surfing trip!

Top destinations for surfers | Award-winning Provider
If you're a regular surfer and are looking to devote an entire holiday to your favourite sport, then it can be hard to know where to start first...

Sports Travel Insurance | Extra activities cover available
Choose from over 100+ activities that we offer as standard in our sports travel insurance, or select extra cover for extreme sports and winter sports!

5 Sports for keeping Healthy and Fit | Holiday Extras Guide
Maintaining a regular exercise schedule is important if you're going to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle...

Cycling Travel Insurance | Specialist Sports Insurance
Whether you're heading off on a competitive cycle or mountain biking, make sure you go the extra mile and get specialist cycling travel insurance.

A Guide to Short Cycling Breaks | Europe & Worldwide
Cycling trips can make great weekend breaks around the UK and abroad, whether you want a quick visit to the coast or elsewhere. Read our guide!

Cycling Holiday Trips | Europe and Worldwide
Going on a cycling holiday can be the best way to visit towns and natural attractions that are off the beaten track. Check out our guide.

Going on an e-biking holiday | Let the adventure begin!
E-bikes can allow people an easier ride when they cycle, you can travel longer distances at ease. Read our helpful guide to e-biking holidays!

Top Tips and Advice for Cycling Abroad | Holiday Extras
Cycling abroad can make for the perfect day trip or holiday but can take some pre-planning, from your route to what you should pack. Read our guide.

Extreme Sports for Over 50s | Award-winning Provider
Extreme sports aren't just for the young. Plenty of over 50s participate in extreme sports every year, and there are often trips and guides to help...

Extreme Sports safety | Award-winning Provider
Although you may be excited about the thrills and danger of extreme sports, you should also take precautions to keep yourself safe during extreme sports...

What is classed as an extreme sport? | Award-winning Provider
While you might be interested in taking a trip jam-packed with extreme sports, it can be hard to distinguish what is classed as an extreme sport...

Football Travel Insurance | Award Winning | Holiday Extras
If you're planning to play some footie on your next holiday, our travel insurance policies cover over 100 different sports, including football. Book today!

Golf Travel Insurance | Award Winning | Holiday Extras
Find the best cover for your golf holiday; Holiday Extras can upgrade your holiday insurance policy to include your golfing equipment.

Health benefits of Hiking | Award-Winning Provider
Hiking is a popular holiday activity for those wanting to experience a new country at its best, see new sites and explore the local wildlife...

Getting the right hiking gear | Award-Winning Provider
If you've never been on a hiking trip before, knowing what gear to take can be daunting. There are lots of questions to think about beforehand...

Top Hiking Holidays abroad | Award-Winning Provider
f you plan to go on a hike, you might be interested in hiking holidays abroad, where you can take in the views and cultural experiences of a new country...

The difference between trekking and hiking | Holiday Extras
Trekking and walking are both strenuous activities that let you see the best landscapes and nature that a country has to offer...

Kayaking Travel Insurance | Award-Winning Provider
Take out one of our award winning travel insurance packages online today, including up to grade 2 river kayaking cover! Pick the package best fits your needs!

Motorcycle Travel Insurance | Specialist cover
Going on a motorbike tour for your holiday? Take out specialist motorcycle travel insurance to cover your next adventure.

Top Tips and Advice for Motorcycle Touring | Holiday Extras
You could come closer to iconic landscapes than you would be able to on a coach or by train, check out our advice for motorcycle touring!

Mountain Biking Travel Insurance | Award-Winning Provider
Book today to receive great comprehensive cover for your mountain biking escape. This includes up to £2,000 in lost baggage cover. Book online today!

Safari Travel Insurance | Holiday Extras | Award Winning
Looking for safari travel insurance? Holiday Extras provide comprehensive cover for safari holidays at no extra cost.

Scuba Diving Travel Insurance | Holiday Extras
Choose to dive fully covered up to 30 metres with Holiday Extras scuba diving travel insurance, a policy tailored to suit the sports you love!

Snowboarding Travel Insurance | Trusted snowboard holiday cover
Protect yourself and your gear with our snowboard insurance on single and annual trip policies. Includes off-piste cover.

Choosing the right snowboarding gear | Award-Winning Provider
If you and your family or friends are planning on a holiday to a ski resort, and you've decided that snowboarding is your choice...

To ski or to snowboard? | Award-Winning Provider
It seems as if people tend to settle into two camps, and while everyone will have a preference, you don't have to choose one or the other...

Travelling with snowboarding equipment | Award-Winning Provider
Unlike a beach holiday where you have to pack, at most, a pair of trunks or bikini with an extra towel, winter sports holidays are a much bulkier excursion.

Surf Travel Insurance | Award-Winning Surf insurance provider
Get cover for your surfing holiday with one of our flexible travel insurance policies and add-ons.

Trekking Travel Insurance | Award Winning | Holiday Extras
Planning a trek soon? Here's how our top rated travel insurance policies for trekking can bring added peace of mind to your trip.

Windsurfing Travel Insurance | Award-Winning Cover Holiday Extras
Windsurfers - get windsurfing travel insurance cover for your exciting windsurfing holiday online today with our award-winning insurance provider today!

Student Travel Insurance | Holiday Extras
Whether you're taking a gap year break before your studies, or maybe you've chosen to study abroad, find the right travel insurance policy for you.

Best holiday destinations for under 25s | Award-winning Provider
For the younger generation who are looking to travel on their own or with friends, before or after university, there are many alluring travel destinations...

What are the best party destinations | by Holiday Extras
If your holiday is catered around the idea of partying and getting as much clubbing experience under your belt as possible, then youíll want to pick a city...

Cheapest places to go abroad on holiday | Award-winning Provider
If you're a student looking to go on an affordable holiday abroad, there are plenty of countries that don't come with the price tag of a luxury getaway...

Travelling the world for 1 year | Award-winning Provider
Taking a year around the globe can be an opportunity to experience new challenges and to learn about yourself...

Travel Vaccinations | What travel vaccinations do I need?
Do you need vaccinations before you travel? When should you have vaccinations before your trip? Do you have to pay for vaccinations? See our guide!

BCG Tuberculosis Vaccine | Learn Before You Travel
If you are travelling to an area where you are working closely with infected individuals, then read our helpful guide to learn more!

Cholera Vaccine for Travel | Helpful information Before Your Trip
Cholera is a very dangerous disease so vaccinating yourself before you travel is extremely important. Check out our guide to help you understand.

Hepatitis A Vaccine for travel | Important Information
If you are travelling abroad and are unsure if you need to have a Hepatitis A vaccine then read our useful information; including when to have it.

Hepatitis B Travel Vaccine | Information Before You Travel
If you are travelling to Asia, Africa or India then read our information on the Hepatitis B vaccine for travel - including what, when and how.

Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine for Travel | Information
All the information you need on the Japanese Encephalitis and tick-borne Encephalitis vaccination for travel; including the costs of the vaccination.

Meningitis Vaccine for Travel | Advice Before You Travel
If you are travelling to an area where you are at high risk of catching meningitis then it's extremely important that you have a vaccine to protect you.

Polio Tetanus and Diphtheria Vaccine | Important Information
If you are travelling abroad this year and concerned you may need a combined booster vaccination then read our helpful guide to learn more.

Rabies Vaccine for Travel | Important Advice
You should consider getting vaccinated against rabies when travelling to a country where rabies is common. Please check out our guide.

Typhoid Travel Vaccine | Helpful Information For Travellers
If you are travelling and wondering if you need to have a typhoid vaccination, then read our useful information, answering your questions.

Yellow Fever Vaccine for Travel | Holiday Extras Advice
It is important that if you are visiting an area where yellow fever is found, or a country requiring a certificate to prove that you've been vaccinated.

UK Travel Insurance | Award-Winning Provider
At Holiday Extras, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive cover at great value. Our travel insurance for UK residents gives you the protection you need!

Under 16s Travel Insurance | By Holiday Extras
Travel insurance for under 16s is cheap and reliable. From just £7.54, children can travel on their own with comprehensive protection.

Under 18s Travel Insurance | By Holiday Extras
With Holiday Extras, find a reliable holiday insurance policy for Under 18s, either travelling alone or with an adult.

Accessing travel money abroad as a teen traveller
Before you go gallivanting off on your summer tour of Europe or south-east Asia, you'll need to know a few tips on accessing your travel money while abroad.

Can you fly alone under 18 years of age? | Holiday Extras Cover
Ever wondered what the minimal age to fly alone is? Check out our comprehensive guide to the rules and regulations surrounding under 18 travel.

Staying Safe as an under-18 travelling alone | by Holiday Extras
With hotel security issues and terrorist attacks having become a major concern around the world, it's important to be safe while traveling...

Top 5 Destinations for Solo Under-18 Travellers
The annual exodus of post-GSCE teenagers to different parts of the country or region is a rite of passage. Here are the top 5 destinations!

Saving For Your Trip as an Under-18 traveller | by Holiday Extras
As an under-18 traveller saving for that dream trip can seem challenging. Follow these money saving tips and turn that dream into a reality!

Using your electrics abroad | by Holiday Extras
Keeping all your gadgets charged during a trip is a must in today's tech driven world. Here's all you need to know on converters, adapters and voltages...

Volunteer Travel Insurance | by Holiday Extras
Volunteering abroad makes for a rewarding experience. Enjoy reliable holiday insurance from Holiday Extras, with stress-free one including cancellation cover.

Water Sports Travel Insurance | by Holiday Extras
Our holiday insurance is jam packed with cover for 100+ sports including sailing, surfing and water-skiing. Perfect for both single trips and annual travel.

Wedding Travel Insurance | Award-Winning Cover
Jetting abroad to tie the knot? Make sure you are benefiting from the additional cover of our wedding travel insurance policy.

Weekend Travel Insurance | by Holiday Extras
Remember to book holiday insurance for a weekend away. Choose from the best single trip and annual travel insurance policies with Holiday Extras.

What Happens If You Miss Your Flight? | by Holiday Extras
What happens when you miss your flight? What happens if you miss your connecting flight? Can you claim if your flight delayed? Read on to find out more.

Winter Sports Travel Insurance | Trusted winter sports cover
An additional winter sports insurance package for both our single trip and annual travel insurance policies. Take to the slopes in confidence.

Advice When Buying a Ski Helmet | Helmet Technology & Design
Get tips and advice from the buyer at Ellis Brigham about everything you need to know before you buy a winter sports helmet. Helmet design, fit and technology.

Ski & Snowboard Protective Gear | Safety on the Slopes
Wrist guards, back protectors, knee guards and helmets are important safety gear for beginners or expert skiers and snowboarders when hitting the slopes.

Mobile Phones On The Slopes | Technology While Skiing Or Snowboarding
Do mobiles have a place on the ski slopes? Distracting or lifesaving? We list the benefits and the correct etiquette of using mobiles while skiing.

Working Holiday Travel Insurance | Holiday Extras
Planning a working holiday? Whether its manual or non-manual work you plan to take, make sure you have the right working holiday insurance.

Worldwide Travel Insurance | Trusted, flexible global cover
See the world with the best travel insurance policy for you. Either stay in the UK, hop over to Europe, or travel to the far corners of the globe.

Travel Insurance Africa | Book award winning cover today
Explore the African continent with peace of mind by getting reliable travel insurance for Africa.

Travel Insurance Australia | Visit Australia
Give yourself that added peace of mind during your trip Down Under with a trusted and flexible travel insurance policy via Holiday Extras.

B1 Visa | Visitor Visa | Tips and information
Are you travelling to the USA on a business trip and would like to learn more about a B1 visa? At Holiday Extras' we have a guide to help you out!

B2 Visa | What you need to know before you travel!
If you are planning a trip to North America, you may need to apply for a B2 visa - please read our tips and advice to know more!

Travel Insurance Bali | Get an instant quote with Holiday Extras
Secure your Bali travel insurance for peace of mind and security while you travel. Here's how to choose the best travel insurance for you.

Travelling in Bali | Book Online Today | Competitive Prices
Explore the Indonesian island of Bali known for it's beautiful mountains and iconic beaches with the right travel insurance for your journey!

Bali Weather | The best time of the year to travel to Bali!
Your guide to the best time of the year to visit Bali, including the hottest months of the year and what months are the wet and dry seasons in Bali!

Bali Holiday Packages | Award-Winning Provider
Although you might think that Bali is cheaper when you are backpacking and staying in hostels, the cheapest and safest option for many families and small...

Is it safe to visit Bali? | Award-Winning Provider
Although many travellers visit Bali each year, many tourists worry about the safety of Indonesia and Bali. This guide will help you to determine whether...

Best place to visit in Bali | Award-Winning Provider
Bali is the island paradise of most peoples' dreams. Nestled in the heart of the Philippines Bali is a great place for water sports and has a vast array of...

Surfing in Bali | The information you need before you travel!
When is the best surfing season in Bali? Where it's best to surf and some tips for beginners, this and more! Check out our helpful guide online today!

Volcanoes in Bali | Learn all about Bali's Volcanoes today
How many volcanoes are in Bali? What is the name of the active volcano in Bali? When was the last time Bali's volcano erupted? Let us answer your questions!

Wildlife in Bali | What wildlife could you encounter on a trip?
If you are interested in the Bali's wildlife and what you may encounter on your journey - then check out our guide of wildlife tours and dangerous creatures!

Biometric Passport | What you need to know about your e-Passport
Check out this Holiday Extras' guide on everything you need to know about your biometric passport and why it's necessary.

Travel Insurance Brazil | Great Comprehensive Cover
Book comprehensive holiday insurance online today with Holiday Extras - cover your baggage, medical care and risk of cancellation during your trip today!

Travel Insurance Canada | Get a travel insurance quote today
Prepare for your holiday to Canada and travel with confidence with a travel insurance policy that protects you against theft, cancellation and medical cover.

Cape Verde Travel Insurance | Flexible, trusted holiday cover
Remember to book Cape Verde travel insurance before your holiday, which covers you against cancellation, lost baggage, delays, medical care and much more.

Travel Insurance Caribbean | Low-cost, Caribbean cover
Holidays Extras provide high quality, comprehensive travel insurance to the Caribbean at a reasonable price. Get your free quote today.

Caribbean Travel Vaccines | Top Advice and Information
What vaccinations do you need for the Caribbean? Is there malaria in the Caribbean? Let Holiday Extras answer this and more!

Guide to the Best Caribbean Islands to Visit
With over 7,000 islands in the Caribbean, from Cuba to Barbados, to Jamaica and beyond, check out our guide to choosing the best Island to visit!

Is the Caribbean fun for young people?
Check out our fun guide of travel activities that are ideal for young people - including the best nightlife to explore once you're there!

Staying Safe in the Caribbean | Top Tips and Advice
Holiday extras has your guide to staying safe in the Caribbean, so you can enjoy peace of mind on your travels - including places to avoid and safety advice!

What is there to see and do in the Caribbean?
Check out Holiday Extras Guide to the top things to see and do in the Caribbean! This includes meeting the wildlife, hunting waterfalls and the nightlife!

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When is the best time to go to the Caribbean?
When travelling, you need to find that sweet spot where you have great weather at the best prices. Help us make the most out of your trip to the Caribbean!

Which is the cheapest Caribbean island?
What is the best time to find a cheap Caribbean holiday? Which islands are the cheapest to visit? We answer these questions and more - check out our guide!

Travel Insurance China | Flexible cover with Holiday Extras
Travelling to China? Don't forget to book your travel insurance policy before you go to cover you against theft, loss, trip cancellation and medical care.

Colombia Travel Insurance | by Holiday Extras
Our flexible policies cover cancellation, baggage and medical costs for your trip to the greenery of Colombia; single and annual travel insurance available.

Travel Insurance Costa Rica | Award-Winning Provider
Planning a trip to Costa Rica? Here's how our insurance policies can help you enjoy your trip with peace of mind and cover. Book today!

Travel Insurance Dubai | Comprehensive Dubai cover
Experience the Dubai lifestyle with peace of mind by booking Holiday Extras' Dubai travel insurance. Single and multi-trip policies available.

Dubai Dress Code | Top tips and advice before you travel
What is the dress code in Dubai? Can you wear shorts? Is there a dress code for women? We give you advice and help you know what to pack!

Laws to be aware of when travelling to Dubai | Online Guide
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Safety tips for travelling to Dubai | Online Guide
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Travel Insurance Ecuador | Award-Winning Provider
Get comprehensive travel insurance for your next trip to Ecuador, with full cover for medical emergencies, cancellation, baggage and delayed flights.

Travel Insurance Egypt | Tailor your policy to your holiday
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ESTA | All the information you need today | Click to learn more
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Travel Insurance Georgia | Great Value Travel Insurance
If you're planning exciting trip to Georgia, along with getting a visa sorted you will also need travel insurance. Book with Holiday Extras online today!

Travel Insurance Hong Kong | Holiday Extras
Going on holiday to Hong Kong? Make sure that you book the best travel insurance policy for you, with protection against cancellation, medical cover and more.

Travel Insurance for India | Flexible worldwide insurance
Enjoy your holiday to India and have peace of mind by booking travel insurance to protect you against illness, cancellation, lost baggage and delays.

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Take out award-winning travel insurance to Indonesia with Holiday Extras. All policies come with comprehensive medical, cancellation and baggage cover.

Travel Insurance Japan | Get a travel insurance quote online
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Travel tips if youíre travelling to Japan for the first time
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Visiting Japan in Winter | Holiday Extras | Guide
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Explore Kenya's attractions and wildlife with confidence and great value that only Holiday Extras holiday insurance can provide.

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Travel Insurance Mexico | Trusted Mexico Holiday Insurance
Get cost-effective protection for your trip to Mexico when you book a Holiday Extras policy. Flexible cover and great rates help create a perfect holiday.

Family holidays in Mexico | Top guide for all the family!
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Visiting Mexico in Summer | See the fun that awaits you!
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Visiting Mexico in Winter | What can you expect?
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What to eat in Mexico | Holiday Extras Guide
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Morocco Travel Insurance | Great Value | Book Today
Take a trip to Morocco, the beautiful hub of North Africa, and benefit from high level of protection offered by a Holiday Extras insurance policy.

Morocco Dress Code | What to Pack and What to Wear
If you are taking a trip to Morocco, the hub of North Africa, and wondering about the dress code and what would be appropriate clothing - check out our guide!

Safety Tips for Travelling to Morocco | Is it Safe to Travel?
Check out our handy guide of safety information to prepare you for your trip to Morocco, including whether it's safe for women, laws and where to avoid!

Vaccinations for Morocco | What Vaccinations Do You Need?
Your complete guide to the vaccinations you need if you're travelling to Morocco, including how much these vaccinations will cost you! Read our help guide!

Top 5 things to see and do in Morocco | Great Value | Book Today!
Take a trip to Morocco, the beautiful hub of North Africa, and benefit from the high level of protection offered by a Holiday Extras insurance policy.

Travel Insurance Nepal | Great Value | Book Online
Find out how travel insurance for Nepal can save you time and money in the long run, and check out our handy travel guide of things to see and do.

New Orleans Travel Insurance | by Holiday Extras
Get the best holiday insurance policy to make sure you are covered for trip overseas.

Travel Insurance New York | Award Winning Holiday Extras
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Travelling to New Zealand? Before you head off, make sure you have the best travel insurance for your personal needs with Holiday Extras.

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Discover worldwide travel insurance at a cheap price. Our comprehensive policies leave you to enjoy your trip to Pakistan with peace of mind!

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Travel Insurance Philippines | Holiday Extras
Get comprehensive travel insurance for the Philippines with cover for medical emergencies, baggage, personal possessions, cancellations and much more.

Travel Insurance Singapore | by Holiday Extras
Can't decide on the best travel insurance to Singapore? Check out our comparison of top travel insurance policies to Singapore.

Travel Insurance South Africa | by Holiday Extras
Explore South Africa in full peace of mind, with travel insurance that covers for emergency medical, baggage, cancellations and much more...

Travel Insurance Sri Lanka | Award-Winning Provider
Explore the beautiful island nation that sits south of the Indian Ocean with peace of mind that you have reliable travel insurance to protect you on your trip

Travel Insurance Tanzania | Book Online Today!
Check out our handy travel guide of things to see and do, and find out how travel insurance for Tanzania could save you time and money after your trip.

Travel Insurance Thailand | Award winning Thailand cover
Book Holiday Extras travel insurance for Thailand and get the most from your trip with the confidence provided by an affordable travel insurance policy.

Backpacking Guide to Thailand | Top Tips and Etiquette Advice
If you want to find out some of the need-to-know information before you go, this guide will help you to make the right decisions before your next adventure!

Bangkok travel insurance | Holiday Extras
Get top rated travel insurance for your trip to Bangkok, with full cover for medical emergencies, cancellation, baggage and delayed flights.

Best time to travel to Thailand | Award-Winning Provider
Want to know when the best time is to visit Thailand? This will depend on which area you choose to visit, as the climate tends to differ with each region...

Best Tours, Excursions and Activities in Thailand | Top Tips
Thailand is a backpackers paradise and there are a multitude of tours and excursions available. Enjoy this helpful guide of enjoyable activities online today!

Is it cheap in Thailand? | Award-Winning Provider
Although the islands are more expensive, generally you will only need around 30 pounds a day or under, including food...

Places of Interest in Thailand | Best Places to Visit!
Check out the best places of interest in Thailand; including The Grand Palace, Wat Arun, Sunday Walking Market, Khao Yai National Park and Ayutthaya!

Thailand Solo Traveller Tips | Is it safe to travel alone?
If you are planning a trip to Thailand on your own then check out our handy guide to solo travel today and be prepared for the journey! Top tips to read!

Travel Insurance for Tunisia | Cover for your Tunisia trip
Holiday Extras provides comprehensive holiday insurance for Tunisia. A reliable policy that encourages you to explore the country with assurance.

Best places to visit in Turkey| Award-Winning Provider
Looking for inspiration for your trip to Turkey? Here are our recommendation for the top sights and things to do in Turkey...

Best time to travel to Turkey | Award-Winning Provider
Summer months in Turkey are extremely hot with highs of 35 degrees. If you are looking for a relaxing beach holiday, this is the perfect time to soak up...

Is it safe to travel in Turkey? | Award-Winning Provider
Despite the negative media attention, Turkey remains a popular destination. Here are some tips to help you stay safe on your trip...

Travel Advice for Turkey| Award-Winning Provider
Looking for tips and advice on your trip to Turkey? This guide offers some tips to plan your holiday with ease, getting you to the beach in no time...

Travel Insurance Uganda | Great Value | Book Online
Check out our handy travel guide of things to see and do, and find out how travel insurance for Uganda can save you time and money in the long run.

Travel Insurance USA | Award-winning US Travel Insurance
Get low-cost USA travel insurance to ensure you're protected during your trip. Medical and non-medical policies available.

Travel Insurance Vietnam | Trusted cover for your Vietnam trip
With Holiday Extras travel insurance for Vietnam, you can explore all this beautiful country has to offer with peace of mind against unforeseen circumstances.

Vietnam Travel Guide | Less Hassle, More Holiday!
Enjoy our travel guide to Vietnam, including the top places to explore like unspoilt landscapes and white-sand beaches. Plan before you travel!

Visa Waiver Program | A guide for everything you need to know
Are you planning a trip to the USA and want to learn more about the VWP? Hereís a guide on all you need to know about the Visa Waiver Program

What kind of holiday insurance to buy when travelling with a baby | Holiday Extras
Travelling with a baby and not sure what to do about travel insurance? Holiday Extras advises you on the best kind of holiday insurance for your family

Travelling with a baby | Holiday Insurance | Holiday Extras
Take a look through all the best insurance packages that we recommend for families. Make sure that your whole family is covered - especially the little one!

Annual Cover Whilst Travelling with a Baby | Holiday Extras
Book your holiday insurance policy with Holiday Extras if you're a regular traveller and like to take the whole family along - including the babies!

Why you should book holiday insurance | Holiday Extras
We give you some indisputable reasons for booking your family travel insurance through Holiday Extras, our policies are great for travellers with babies.

Why you should book holiday insurance
We give you some indisputable reasons for booking your family travel insurance through Holiday Extras. Our policies are great for travellers with babies.

Windsurfing holiday insurance | Holiday Extras's holiday insurance is a fast and efficient way to secure complete cover for you and your party before heading away on holiday