The Holiday Extras Mobile App

Re-making holiday-making! The Holiday Extras mobile app comes packed with personality and money-saving extras - all your bookings automagically organised into trips!

Super-powered by our incredible HEHA! engine, the Holiday Extras app is the result of countless hours of customer research, in our quest to deliver less hassle, more holiday. This is not your standard, boring travel app!


Price: Free

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How it's re-making holiday-making...

Enter a few trip details and the Holiday Extras app returns everything you need to transform your holiday into the smoothest, most hassle-free, joyous trip you've ever had!

Intelligent travel recommendations based on your trip details, destination, flight and who's travelling.

The best deals on Airport parking, hotels, insurance, transfers and more - in your palm!

'Watch' products of interest and get notified if they drop in price.

Easy management of all your holiday extras in one place.

Full, paperless check-ins to help breeze through the airport.

Change how you do holidays
with the Holiday Extras app

Power up your trips with Holiday Extras and HEHA!

It's fast. Mega fast. And quick to install, taking up the space of roughly two photos on your mobile.

One tap login and one click buying is enabled for all 7m customers with a Holiday Extras account. If you don't have an account, you'll get an invite to sign up when you book.

Access to all your bookings in one place regardless of how they were made, via contact centre, web or app.

Matthew Pack

Group Chief Executive Officer

"I'm really proud of this one. We're on a mission to reinvent holiday making and this is very much the start of doing things differently. I can't wait to see the response from our 600k users. How many apps explode with confetti when you make a booking! It's fun but also very very practical with every booking you've ever made a couple of taps away, even when you're offline."

Matthew Pack - CEO - Photo

A bit more about the HEHA! power-house

HEHA! is the powerful tech behind the scenes that drives the Holiday Extras App - It is the Holiday Extras Holiday Assistant! It enables us to use our years of experience to find you all the trip extras you need. We'll help you find airport parking, airport hotels, pre-flight lounges, travel insurance, transfers and hire cars; all tailored by your departure and arrival airports, terminals, times, destination, historical preferences and more. Simply enter your key trip details and HEHA! does the heavy-lifting:

There's plenty more on top of that too! HEHA! is perfect for anyone that wants to keep things nice and simple; and thanks to the clever machine-learning, HEHA! will improve it's recommendations each time you book or compare something! HEHA! is your personal holiday assistant and travel expert. It's no surprise that HEHA! has the highest user-rating in our list of 40 Best Travel Apps - our ultimate guide on the apps that will help you get the most out of your holiday without all the stress often involved.