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Travel Insurance for Parkinson's disease

A medical condition like Parkinson's disease can make travel seem rather daunting and stressful - when it really shouldn't be! Whether you're visiting that city you've always wanted to see, or catching up with old friends, you'll want the peace of mind that comes with a reliable travel insurance policy.

How to declare your condition:

Our medical screening process is specifically designed for people with pre-existing medical conditions, taking into account the sensitivity of your condition and administered under complete discretion. We determine your premium rate through online medical screening.

How will Parkinson's affect my insurance premium?

Your insurance premium will be based upon a few straightforward and simple questions. Broadly speaking, the less advanced and more stable your condition is, the less it will affect the cost of your insurance premium but this of course will vary from person to person.

To give you an accurate and fair price for your policy, our team of insurance experts take into account a number of factors before giving you a quote:

  • Level of risk - Our insurers assess the severity of your condition, doing so based on the answers you provide during your screening.
  • Age - The likelihood of having to make a claim increases generally tends to increase according to the age of the traveller, so this is taken into account when we draw up your policy.
  • Destination - With some locations, the only suitable healthcare facilities available are privately run, and so cost more. In this case, you may find that the price of your policy is slightly higher to reflect this.

If you have any uncertainties about travelling we would always suggest speaking to your doctor about the manageability of your condition to see if they can give any advice or how much medication to bring with you. Giving the most information about your condition is imperative in order for us to provide you with the most suitable policy for your pre-existing medical condition.

Advice for travelling with Parkinson's disease:

There are a few things we'd suggest you consider before booking your accommodation to make sure all aspects are compatible with and comfortable for your condition. If stairs are normally an issue for you, you might want to consider whether you'll require a lift in the hotel or maybe a ground-floor room? If you need wheelchair access, maybe while browsing accommodation note if they're disability-friendly and whether the bathrooms are fitted with grab-bars and seats?


Parkinson's UK has a very thorough and helpful guide to travelling abroad with Parkinson's disease. They suggest to keep your medication in your hand luggage, in its original packaging and in a clear see-through bag to be extra safe when going through security. If you have needles or syringes as part of your medication we would advise you ask your doctor for a note explaining their necessity to your condition, since airport security is rather vigilant. Another thing you might want to consider is will you need to alter your medication routine slightly if you're travelling across different time zones.


If you are concerned about the language barrier being a hindrance to letting people know you have Parkinson's disease, you might want to check out the European Parkinson's Disease Association website. If you need to translate the basics of your condition while abroad, they offer a really helpful online translation tool which will allow you to communicate the situation of your condition effectively.

Our top tips for travelling with Parkinson's:

  • Make sure you let your airport, train station or port that you have Parkinson's in advance. You never know, you might be able to board earlier, or at least have some assistance or a wheelchair if mobility is an issue.
  • Again, we'd suggest you keep all of your medication in an easily accessible bag in your hand luggage for easy identification at security.
  • Make sure you have your medical card or bracelet readily available should you need to explain your condition to a member of staff.
  • Try wearing a backpack so you're hands-free, making balance easier
  • If you're flying, book a direct flight and request an aisle seat if at all possible to make life that bit easier.

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