Travel Insurance for Pregnancy

Expectant mothers are often presented with a unique set of considerations when it comes to purchasing travel insurance while pregnant.

You might be wondering if you need to declare your pregnancy when booking travel insurance. If you haven't had any complications with your current pregnancy, or a previous one, you will not need to screen it as a medical condition.

Unlike other insurers who offer specialist pregnancy travel insurance, with Holiday Extras all of our policies include emergency medical expenses for pregnancy and childbirth from week 0 to week 28 whilst you're away.

Is pregnancy classed as a medical condition for travel insurance?

If you are experiencing complications with your current pregnancy, or have done with previous pregnancy, you will need to declare this when booking your policy. If you have a pre-existing medical condition that has a greater risk of causing medical complications with your pregnancy, then you will need to declare it and screen your condition(s).

For the later stages of pregnancies (week 29 to week 40), we do not offer cover for claims relating to normal pregnancy and normal childbirth or cancellation.

Medical expenses and cancellation cover is provided in the later stages should the following complications arise:

  • Toxaemia
  • Gestational hypertension
  • Eptopic pregnancy
  • Post-partum haemorrage
  • Pre-eclampsia
  • Molar pregnancy, or hydatidiform mole
  • Retained placenta membrane
  • Placental abruption
  • Hyperemesis gravidarum
  • Placenta praevia
  • Stillbirth
  • Miscarriage
  • Emergency Caesarean
  • A termination needed for medical reasons
  • Premature birth more than 12 weeks (or 16 weeks if you know you're having more than one baby) before the expected delivery date.

Compare pregnancy travel insurance levels of cover

All our travel insurance policies come in either single trip or annual travel insurance and with 4 cover levels to choose from: either Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum.

Policy cover level table:

Baggage cover
Cancellation cover
Medical cover
£5 million
£10 million
£10 million
£10 million
Excess charge
Lost passport
Personal money
Wedding cover
Gadget cover

Travel insurance and pregnancy: the do's and dont's

  • If you're travelling by plane, do be sure to check what your airline carrier specifies as the accepted time to travel for pregnant women. The standard will vary depending on the airline as many airlines have differing pregnancy acceptance levels. It's always best to check well in advance of booking, as you could end up being refused to board the aircraft. If this happens, we do not cover denial of boarding by your carrier, therefore rendering your insurance invalid.
  • Don't forget to visit your doctor beforehand and notify them of your travel plans. They'll be able to advise how best to travel in your condition, and also whether it's wise to travel at all.
  • Remember to return 8 weeks prior to your due date no matter how long you plan to travel for

How to book

To book online, or to get a quote, simply click below and consider the following information:

  • - Region: UK, Europe or Worldwide?
  • - Date: When will you be going?
  • - Money: The total cost of the holiday including travel?
  • - Health: Any pre-existing medical conditions?

For full information regarding the ins-and-outs of your travel insurance policy, take a look at our policy documents.

Before you book, be sure to read up on all of our levels of cover. To do so, visit our travel insurance page.

Do you have a pre-existing medical condition?

If you have a medical condition and looking to find an affordable policy then be sure to have a read of our pre-existing conditions pages:

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