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Protect your trip to Rome with a comprehensive and reliable travel insurance policy from only *

Rome, la città eterna, in the heart of Italy, is one of the most visited and best-recognised cities in the world. Rome is perhaps the melting-pot of culture and history, which has stood the test of time for millennia. Walking through the city transports you through the ages; from the ancient remnants of the Forum, the Pantheon and the Colosseum, to Vatican City - all the way up to the modern city of Rome which is a bastion of cosmopolitan Europe. Before you jet off and commence your tour of this incredible city it's advisable that you book comprehensive European travel insurance to cover your trip to Rome as a security precaution. This will protect your holiday against unforeseeable circumstances which are insurable, including holiday cancellation and curtailment, lost baggage, missed departures and medical treatment.

Do you need travel insurance for Rome?

Mamma mia! Due to Brexit and the UK's decision to leave the EU, we have now entered a transition period and throughout 2020 you will still have access to the EHIC (European Health Insurance Card). There are limitations to medical treatment abroad with an EHIC card though, therefore you still need comprehensive and reliable Rome travel insurance policy behind you as a safety net in case something wrong should happen along the way. Should the situation arise where you might need to make a claim, sorting out the best policy could be imperative.

Tailored around the overall cost of your holiday and any medical conditions you might have, having travel insurance in your back pocket could end up saving you a small fortune should something happen to you while travelling. It's advisable that you take out sufficient travel insurance before travelling to Rome, to cover unforeseen circumstances that could negatively impact your holiday and are insurable. Depending on the level of cover you choose, with a Holiday Extras policy, we could insure your holiday with cover for potential risks which include the following:

  • Cancellation, delayed departure or missed connection
  • Lost, stolen, or damaged possessions
  • Emergency medical treatment
  • Delayed checked-in baggage
  • Natural disaster

Picking the best Rome holiday insurance policy for you

Before your holiday it could be beneficial to (metaphorically) wrap up your holiday plans in cotton wool with a solid and reliable insurance policy. Finding the best holiday insurance for you will help ensure you have a relaxing time away without the worry of unforeseen costs, so you have more time to focus on sight-seeing. At Holiday Extras, we provide four levels of comprehensive cover on either a Single Trip and Annual Multi-Trip basis. Our Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum cover range from basic to a higher, premium level of cover. If you are looking for cheap travel insurance for Rome then you could take out a cheaper policy that provides essential cover at a lower premium.

With our Platinum cover policyholders are entitled to complimentary Gadget cover for their tech and even Wedding cover (should this be required). A few things you should know about Holiday Extras travel insurance:

  • - We provide up to ¬£10 million in medical cover
  • - We have been voted best insurance provider for over 10 years running
  • - Holiday Extras has a UK-Based contact centre and 24/7 helpline
  • - We have over 25 years experience selling Travel Insurance
  • - We provide policies with no excess available
  • - There is no maximum age limit on Single Trip policies**

Compare travel insurance for Rome

Compare our Rome travel insurance cover below and let us help you choose the cover that's right for you, and suitable for your next holiday to one of the world's most romantic cities. For a brief look at what we have to offer you, have a little look at the table below to get an idea of what you can expect from our policies:

Baggage cover
Cancellation cover
Medical cover
£5 million
£10 million
£10 million
£10 million
Excess charge
Lost passport
Personal money
Wedding cover
Gadget cover

Do you need a Single Trip or Annual Multi-Trip policy?

If this is your one big splash-out of the year, then a Single Trip policy might be the right thing for you. However, one of the most tempting things about booking a holiday to Italy is the flight time. At under 3 hours flying from the UK, it's a lot quicker than many train services to places within the UK!

Depending on the frequency of your travel plans — in Italy or in Europe as a whole — you might want to consider taking out an Annual Multi-Trip policy that covers your jet-setter lifestyle! Covering more than one holiday could result in cash savings, meaning cheaper travel insurance for your holiday to Rome!

Below is another table giving you a few details on each policy and a taste of what we can offer:

Single Trip Policies
Annual Multi-Trip Policies
Your trip can last up to 365 days but must start and end in the UK to be entirely valid Maximum trip duration varies depending on the policy: 22 days for Bronze, 31 days for Silver and Gold, 45 days for Platinum
Must be purchased before leaving the UK, i.e. before passing through security at the airport. Groups can benefit from an annual policy that does not require them to travel together, nor live together — that's just for family policies!
Anyone any age can travel — even under 18s can travel alone Under 18s must travel with an adult and you cannot travel on the policy if you are older than 79 years at the date of booking**
With prices starting from just * With prices starting from just ***

Please note - Adults can travel independently on a family travel insurance policy but under 18s cannot.

Rome travel insurance with cover for pre-existing medical conditions

If you, or another person travelling on your policy, have a pre-existing medical condition then you can book a holiday insurance for your next trip to Rome, with your medical conditions covered. At Holiday Extras we consider all medical conditions and offer cover for the majority of pre-existing conditions.

If you currently have a medical condition, or have previously had one, then you will need to declare your condition(s) online during our 24/7 online screening process.

How to book your travel insurance cover online

To book online simply click below and bear in mind the following:

    Location: Where are you going?

    Dates: When will you be going, and how long for?

    Money: The total cost of your holiday, including travel

    Health: Any pre-existing medical conditions?

For more information on your policy wording feel free to take a look at our Policy Documents page for all the relevant information regarding your policy.

Rome Cityscape

At a glance: Rome

  • How long does it take to fly from the UK to Rome? It's pretty quick duration wise, at approximately 2 hours 30 minutes from London.
  • What is the time zone in Rome? Rome time is Central European Standard Time (CET) at 1 hour ahead.
  • Which airlines fly to Rome from the UK? There are many airlines that fly to Rome, including cheap flights through British Airways, Alitalia, Ryanair, easyJet, Jet2 and Norwegian.
  • What is the currency in Rome? The currency in Italy and Rome is the Euro.
  • What language do they speak in Rome? Italian, so take an Italian phrase book and enjoy conversing with the locals.
  • What is the emergency number in Rome? The national emergency numbers are 118 - ambulance, 115 - fire and 112, 113 - police.
  • What plug sockets are used in Rome? In Rome there are two pin power plugs and sockets, so you will need to take a European plug adapter with you.

Transport in Rome

Metro: The Metro in Rome has three lines which cross the city diagonally. It is not very expensive and stops near many of the city's top attractions.

Bus: If you want to get around the city using public transport then buses are a great form of transport, these are also great because of the limitations of the Metro in Rome.

Tram: Rome has a total of six tram lines, but they do not reach the centre of Rome and are, therefore, not as useful for tourists.

Trains: Rome has three urban railway lines called Ferrovie Urbane, which complement the city's subway and have the same fares and even use the same tickets, helping you save some euros! You can purchase tickets including the BIT ticket which allow unlimited one-way transfers between the metro, buses, trams and urban trains. There is also the BIG ticket which allows unlimited public transportation from one day.

Taxis: Travelling by taxi is another option, but this can be much more expensive so make sure you find out the official rates and taxi company numbers.

Rome Architecture

Top tourist attractions in Rome

  1. The Colosseum - Standing for nearly two millennia, the Colosseum is arguably Italy's most iconic landmark and the most recognisable amphitheatre in the world. Built between 70-72 A.D. to entertain the Roman citizens and the Emperor himself, it used to be the stage for the gladiatorial games, drama, re-enactments and public executions. The games began to wane during the rise of Christianity where human death as a sport was considered non-religious.
  2. The Trevi Fountain - Situated in the Trevi district of Rome, Italy's most iconic and most visited fountain has foundations that stretch way back to ancient times. Yet it was not until the early eighteenth century that Rome was gifted the fountain we know to this day; the Pope commissioned a new fountain to be built, and Nicola Salvi was its designer. An old tradition when visiting the fountain is to throw a coin over your shoulder into the water, where it is said if you wish you will return to Rome one day. Not many know this, but every night a colossal €3,000 is collected from the fountain and donated to Caritas, a charity dedicated to aiding the poor and homeless of Rome.
  3. Vatican City - As the seat of the Roman Catholic Church and the residence to the Pope, Vatican City is potentially one of the biggest tourist attractions in the world with up-to 20,000 visitors a day in summer. Despite its rather meagre population of approximately 1,000 citizens Vatican City has been classed its own country, autonomous from Italy, since 1922 – it's capital city being *drumroll please*... Vatican City! Some of the most visited delights in this bastion of Catholicism is St. Peter's Square, St. Peter's Basilica, the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican Museums. Vatican City was allegedly founded on the burial site of St. Peter himself, apostle of Jesus.
  4. The Pantheon - One of the most beautiful ancient temples in the world, and perhaps one of Rome's best maintained examples of ancient architecture. The Pantheon's name comes from the Greek, "pan"(all) "theos" (god), and was originally a temple for the Roman gods, before becoming a church in 609 A.D., and the Pantheon was stripped of all its Pagan iconography.

Just a head's up, Rome in August is incredibly busy and popular with tourists. With scorching temperatures reaching the 30s, things might be a tad cramped and a little bit sweaty. Another pointer is that due to most attractions, like the Vatican, being closed to tourists on a Sunday, Monday tends to be when people go out and visit. So maybe steer clear of popular places on Mondays if you want to avoid sigh-inducing queues.

Holiday Extras Travel Guide to Rome

Check out our travel guide to Rome covering all the essentials you need to know to make the most of your trip, including transport and getting about, as well as what to do once you're in Rome - in just under 10 minutes!

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