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Booking interrail travel insurance with Holiday Extras couldn't be easier!

  • Make a 'search' on the booking engine and enter 'Europe' into the 'Country you're travelling to' box.
  • Fill in the traveller details
  • Choose from either our Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum cover options along with any add-ons you may want.
  • Declare any pre-existing medical conditions
  • You're good to go!
Interrailing in Europe

What Travel Insurance do I need for Interrailing?

With all the options out there, deciding on what sort of travel insurance to take out for your interrailing trip can be confusing, to say the least. Keep in mind a few simple things when choosing a policy, and it shouldn't be too difficult finding a suitable policy for your needs.

European or Worldwide?

While it may seem like a no brainer that interrailing around Europe would require 'European travel insurance', you'd be surprised what some insurers class as 'Europe'. For this reason it's always advised to check exactly what countries are covered under a European Travel Insurance policy and note whether any of your destination are covered. Outer-lying countries like Turkey and Bulgaria are sometimes not included in European travel insurance policies, and then there's countries like Russia that are so huge, they span two continents!

Holiday Extras European travel insurance covers all European destinations west of the Ural mountains. This basically means, all countries legally recognised as being part of Europe. When getting a quote with Holiday Extras for European travel insurance, be sure to select 'Yes' if you are travelling to either Spain, Cyprus, Malta, Turkey or Greece, before you hit the 'search' button.

Levels of cover for interrail travel insurance

Baggage cover
Cancellation cover
Medical cover
£5 million
£10 million
£10 million
£10 million
Excess charge
Lost passport
Personal money
Wedding cover
Gadget cover

To decide on the level of cover you want to take out with your interrailing travel insurance, you should consider what sort of activities you will be doing, whether you will be bringing any valuable possessions or specialist equipment and what sort of transport you will be using.

Interrail travel insurance for high risk activities

You may be planning some exciting, albeit hazardous activities during your holiday. In this case, it's important to arrange for any additional cover you may need. Our Silver, Gold and Platinum level policies cover an extensive range of sports and activities, so you may very well find that you are already covered for your planned activities.

Personal possessions

As an interrailler, you should be travelling as lightly as possible, so it may not be likely you'll be needing extensive cover for personal possessions. It's a good idea to roughly calculate the total value of those expensive items that are difficult to replace, before buying a policy. If you do decide to bring any gadgets, we recommend adding gadget cover to your travel insurance policy through the business add-on.

Pre-existing medical conditions

If you have a pre-existing medical condition, don't let this hold you back from applying for travel insurance with us. When booking your travel insurance for interrailing, it's important that you declare any medical conditions you have, and we'll do our best to tailor a policy to accommodate your needs.

Using a plane?

You might be using a plane at some point in your journey, and in this case, make sure your policy covers for missed departures, flight delays and lost baggage as a minimum.

Single Trip vs. Annual Multi-Trip

Depending on the length of your sojourns, you can pick between a Single trip and annual multi-trip policy if you think you'll visit multiple places throughout the year.

Single Trip Policies
Annual Multi-Trip Policies
Your trip can last up to 365 days but must start and end in the UK to be entirely valid Maximum trip duration varies depending on the policy: 22 days for Bronze, 31 days for Silver and Gold, 45 days for Platinum
Must be purchased before leaving the UK, i.e. before passing through security at the airport. Groups can benefit from an annual policy that does not require them to travel together, nor live together — that's just for family policies!
Anyone any age can travel — even under 18s can travel alone Under 18s must travel with an adult and you cannot travel on the policy if you are older than 79 years at the date of booking
With prices starting from just * With prices starting from just **

Interrailing Tips and Advice

Where can I go interrailing?

Currently, the interrail pass allows you to use train services in up to 31 different countries within Europe, including popular destinations like France, Spain, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and Luxembourg . If you're planning a whirl-wind trip around several European destinations, then the 'Global interrail pass' could be a good option. The price for a global interrail pass will vary depending on your age and how long you intend to travel.

Alternatively, if you plan on exploring just one or two countries in Europe by rail, then purchasing a 'One country pass' can be a good option.

Does Interrail include the UK?

Currently, the UK is included in the list of countries covered by the interrail pass, however it's important to bear in mind that the interrail pass is not designed for use in your home country. This means that if you're a UK citizen, you will not be able to use the interrail pass on UK trains in the same manner as you would on european trains. Having said this, you can use the global interrail pass within your home country on the outbound and inbound journeys.

Are night trains included in interrail?

You can usually take night trains and sleeper trains on an interrail ticket, but in most cases you'll need to make a reservation and pay an additional supplement which will vary depending on the country.

Get 24 hour Personal Assistance

In the Eurozone? Get a Euro cash card

Using cash and credit cards abroad can be potentially quite expensive. However, for those travelling in the eurozone, purchasing a euro cash card like the Fairfx travel money card, can be a cheap and effective way to pay for things. Often, if you purchase over a certain amount, companies will give you an extra currency for free.

Interrail pass loss and theft

For a small charge, most interrail ticket providers will cover for the loss or theft of your pass during your journey. Adding pass loss and theft cover usually means that the interrail company will refund all train tickets purchased after the loss of your pass, up to the remaining value of your pass. So long as you can provide a valid police report obtained within the 24 hours of having lost the pass, along with the original hard copies of the train tickets, you should be able to get your money back.

Seat Reservations

Keep in mind that in many places, trains will require you to have a pre-booked reservation. These can be surprisingly expensive, so make sure you factor into your budget enough cash for the occasional reservation. Even if it isn't a compulsory requirement, it's always a good idea to make a reservation if possible, as trains can often be heavily overcrowded. You don't want to find yourself squashed uncomfortably in the aisle, or camped outside the toilet for 4 hours with no air-conditioning.

If you decide to take a night train, you should almost always make a reservation if you wish to get any sleep at all. The last thing you'll want on a long haul journey is to be hassled about the carriage looking for unreserved seats, every time a new passenger gets on.


While it may seem spontaneous and romantic to book your accommodation as you go, the appeal of this way of doing things will soon vanish if you fail to give yourself enough time. With such booking sites as airBnB for instance, the owner of the property can easily refuse you without having to give a reason. You may want to consider booking accommodation at least two or three days in advance each time. This way, you'll save yourself potential stress.

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