Medical Travel Insurance

Welcome back to holidays! Holiday Extras offers comprehensive, tailored medical cover for your trip. ALL medical conditions considered.

Finding suitable travel insurance with a medical condition isn't necessarily the hard part. It's finding a provider that won't compromise on comprehensive cover and a tailored policy for your needs. At Holiday Extras, we cover the majority of pre-existing medical conditions, and all medical conditions will be considered.

With over 99% of common conditions covered, we are proud that our specialist medical cover meets the requirements for inclusion on the Money Advice Service (MAS) travel insurance directory.

Book on or offline - We have over 30 trained insurance specialists available by phone or on livechat via our Insurance Support Page waiting to answer any questions you may have. They'll also be able to talk you through the entire booking process.

If you have an further enquiries or concerns regarding travel returning on May 17th the Holiday Extras' Hassle-free Holiday Hub, is your one-stop shop for all-things travel related.

Holiday Extras' enhanced Covid cover:

While travel restrictions are slowly lifting, we understand that this is still an unpredictable time. As such, peace of mind is of the utmost importance.
That's why our enhanced Covid policy has you covered for the following:

  • Cancellation if you or anyone insured on your policy contracts COVID-19 prior to travelling and receives a positive test within 14 days prior to the travel start date.
  • Up to £10,000,000 if you require emergency medical treatment abroad.
  • Repatriation.
  • Cover for additional travel and accommodation costs if you are discharged from hospital but medically unable to return home immediately.
  • Costs for one other person to stay with you, or to travel to you from the UK and accompany you home.
  • Travel costs to or from a hospital relating to your admission, discharge or attendance for outpatient treatment.
  • Travel costs to and from appointments, or for the collection of medication prescribed for you by the hospital and the cost of additional food and drink.
  • Cover for additional accommodation and/or return transportation if you are denied boarding your return flight due to having or being suspected of having COVID-19 (Platinum policies only).
  • Cover for curtailment if you're unable to go on your trip/denied boarding due to a positive COVID test (Gold & Platinum, Cruise Gold & Medical policies only).

How to book medical travel insurance

After you have filled in your travel details in the booking form at the top of this page, we will ask you a brief series of questions to determine whether your insurance will be with medical conditions or not.

These questions will include:

  • Has your (or anyone travelling with you) doctor altered your regular prescribed medication in the last 3 months?
  • In the last 2 years have you (or anyone travelling with you) been treated for any medical condition which has been deemed or referred to as a serious or re-occurring medical condition?
  • In the last 2 years have you (or anyone travelling with you) been asked to take regular prescribed medication, or referred to a specialist or consultant at a hospital for tests, diagnosis or treatment?
  • Are you (or anyone travelling with you) waiting for any tests, treatment or a non-routine hospital appointment?

If you answer yes to any of the above questions, this will indicate that somebody on the policy has a medical condition that will need to be declared. Yourself or someone within your policy will then need to undertake the screening process which is specifically designed for customers with a pre-existing medical condition.

This discreet and confidential screening process has been designed to ensure you get cover that's tailored to your requirements - giving you peace of mind when travelling. If you will be travelling with medication check out our page full of helpful tips and advice. If you're travelling with diabetes we also have handy information for that too.

What is a pre-existing medical condition for travel insurance?

A precise definition of a 'pre-existing medical condition' can vary. A helpful explanation of a pre-existing medical condition is that it's any illness, sickness, disease, injury, or other physical or mental ailment or condition that, with acceptable medical certainty, existed at the time of your application for travel insurance or during a specific number of years prior to the date of your application. You are okay to travel with a medical condition as long as you are fit to travel and undertake your planned journey and it this has been declared when you are buying insurance.

When purchasing medical travel insurance, a 'pre-existing medical condition' will usually refer to any kind of medical condition (or symptoms) for which medical advice, diagnosis or treatment has been given or recommended by someone of the medical practitioner at any time prior to the point of departure for your chosen trip. You would not qualify for cover if you've been advised not to travel if you had consulted your doctor. You should always refer to the policy wording for the exact definition.

Why choose Holiday Extras?

14 Day Guarantee
  • - Over 30 years experience selling travel insurance.
  • - Voted best insurance provider 12 years running.
  • - Tailored policies to suit your personal requirements.
  • - Policies with no excess available.
  • - UK-based, 24/7 livechat.
  • - All medical conditions considered.

Compare Holiday Extras' medical travel insurance policy cover levels

Our travel insurance is available in both single-trip or annual multi-trip, at bronze, silver, gold and platinum levels.

Baggage cover
Cancellation cover
Medical cover
£5 million
£10 million
£10 million
£10 million
Excess charge
Lost passport
End supplier failure
Personal money
Wedding cover
Gadget cover

What could be considered a pre-existing condition?

Various conditions could be considered a pre-existing medical condition and would need to be declared on your medical travel insurance. These include:

Making a claim

In the event that you need to make a claim, our claims process couldn't be simpler. Simply head over to our Insurance Support Page for all claims and policy amendments.

Frequently asked questions

Visit our FAQs page for more information or to find out everything you need to know about your travel insurance policy, visit our terms and conditions page.

Policy Wording

We're proud partners Travel Insurance Facilities (TIF) as of April 1st 2019. For more information on our policies and exactly what's included in your cover, please consult our policy wording page.

What is the Money Advice Service (MAS) travel insurance directory?

The MAS directory will help you find a travel insurance provider if you have a serious medical condition.

The directory can't provide quotes itself - but it can direct you to specialist firms that can. All firms, such as Holiday Extras Cover Ltd are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and have been through a rigorous selection process to prove their specialism. Holiday Extras Cover are proud to be featured in the directory.

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Holiday Extras Cover Ltd is underwritten by Travel Insurance Facilities plc which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Registered address: 2nd Floor, 1 Tower View, Kings Hill, West Malling, Kent, ME19 4UY. Company number 03220410.