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Travel Insurance Italy

Before you go on holiday to the beautiful (translation: bella) country of Italy, it is important to take out a comprehensive travel insurance policy to protect you against the unexpected. If you are looking for a trusted insurance provider that offers flexible cover tailored around your holiday plans, then you've come to the right place. Holiday Extras has been voted best insurance provider 15 years in a row by the Globe Travel Awards.

Despite the numerous options circulated online, finding the best travel insurance for you is easier than you think. Here at Holiday Extras, we want to remove the hassle associated with organising your holiday. After you've booked your flights and hotel, securing the money you invested should be next on your list, leaving you free to soak up the sunshine on the Amalfi coast, or relax in the lusciously green hills of northern Italy.

Compare travel insurance cover levels

When you book travel insurance online with Holiday Extras you have the freedom and flexibility of three different cover levels to choose from. As award-winning providers of travel insurance we offer a range of cover options, from essential to premium.

Check out our table below to see what type of cover you want for your holiday to Italy:

Do I need travel insurance for Italy?

When the flight time to Italy is only a mere two hours from the UK, you may wonder whether it's worth taking out travel insurance for a European country so close to home. However, if something unexpected, or out of your control happens, travelling uninsured can be a costly mistake. There are a host of reasons why taking out reliable travel insurance to Italy should be on your 'to-do-list' before leaving the borders of the UK.

Medical cover for Italy

Most insurers will agree that medical cover is one of the main reasons holidaymakers take out travel insurance. The cost of healthcare abroad varies from country to country, and while it's most travellers' worst nightmare, sometimes medical emergencies happen while on holiday. The Association of British Insurers (ABI) state that the average medical claim now supasses £1,300, which would be an incredibly expensive add-on to your holiday if you travel uninsured.

If you are travelling and have a pre-existing medical condition then securing a travel insurance policy is an important measure to take to protect you against the unexpected. Should you fall ill while on holiday and you haven't declared a medical condition, you could render your policy invalid. With a Holiday Extras travel insurance policy in place you can relax knowing you can be insured for the majority of pre-existing medical conditions, and that all conditions are considered.

Italy Travel Insurance

Lost and delayed luggage

Unfortunately, even with modern luggage tracking technology, it's still entirely possible for luggage to get lost or delayed in transit. If this happens, what can you do? Well, for those savvy travellers who knew to book travel insurance in advance, help is but a phone call away. A decent travel insurance policy with lost and delayed baggage cover will offer you monetary remuneration for the lost contents of your luggage, or for the duration spent without your stuff, so you won't be left out of pocket should your baggage be lost somehow. To find out more information on what you can expect from our policies in this regard, check out our lost luggage travel insurance page.

Protect your gadgets in Italy

While not an essential part of a travel insurance policy, adding gadget cover is always a good idea if you plan to bring tech with you. Getting gadget travel insurance for Italy, is particularly advised given the common problems with thieves and pick-pockets operating in major tourist areas in Italy. While gadget cover can't replace any lost photos or memories stored on a phone or camera, it will save you the monetary burden.

Interrailing through Italy?

Owing to the extensive railway network in Italy, the country is a popular interrailing destination. If you plan to visit Italy during your interrail tour, this presents a whole new set of considerations when choosing a travel insurance policy. Check out our interrail travel insurance page for more information on how to choose the best insurance policy for an interrail holiday.


Italy: at a glance

  • What is the currency in Italy? Euro (€)
  • How long is the flight time to Italy? Just over 2 hours
  • What language do they speak in Italy? Italian
  • How many hours ahead is Italy than the UK? 1 hour ahead
  • What is the capital of Italy? Rome
  • What are the best islands to visit in Italy? Sardina, Sicily and Capri

Italy travel tips

Italian food is more than just pizza and pasta!

Yes, believe it or not, Italian's do in fact live off more than just plates of tagliatelle and Margaritas, enjoying a rich and varied cuisine. There are a host of meat and seafood dishes with seasonal and regional variations to try. Find out what the local specialities are, and be sure to try them.

For instance, in Florence you might want to try the 'Bistecca Fiorentina', a rare steak made from the loin cut of a Tuscan breed of cattle. If you're visiting Milan, be sure to try the Ossobuco, a rich and hearty dish of veal shanks braised with vegetables in a white-wine broth, traditionally served with risotto alla milanese. In regions close to the Adriatic sea, you'll find many traditional Italian seafood dishes like Coze alla Zafferano, a dish of mussels served with saffron.

When to eat

When it comes to food and eating, remember that in Italy, everything is much slower. If you're eating out, whether it's lunch or dinner, make sure to give yourself plenty of time. Most of the shops, restaurants and even petrol stations close from 1-4pm, so bear this in mind when planning your day and when to have lunch. Perhaps the most unusually for tourists from the UK is how late the Italians have their evening meal, sometimes as late as 10pm. Most restaurants won't even open again till 7pm.

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