Top Destinations for Teenagers Travelling Abroad This Year

Teenagers want freedom; they want to see the world with their friends, exploring what is on offer, all without their parents. While this may cause most parents to panic, it should not be a cause for alarm. Instead, it should make you proud! You cannot stop your teenager from travelling.

Rather, you should help them plan their holiday. There are many safe destinations, plus, if your child wishes to make a difference in the world volunteering projects are a good option.

Great holiday destinations for families with teenagers

Where your teenager might want to go depends on their personality. If they are cultural, then heading to Poland or Germany may be of more interest to them than Ibiza. However, if your teen is after an action-packed holiday, then somewhere like California may be more their cup of tea.

Great destinations to consider are:



    Sri Lanka

    Costa Rica





All of the above offer a teenager-friendly dose of adventure. Plus, if you are travelling from the UK, European countries are much closer than the US or Africa. This can keep a parent's mind from wandering.

Ideas for volunteering projects abroad for teenagers

If your teen wants to help, why not suggest an activity that lets your teenagers volunteer abroad? This is something that will keep them busy and allow them to make a difference in the world. They can help in the communities of Thailand, Cambodia, or even Vietnam among countless other places. Safety is a concern for many parents when their teens wander off into the world. To have peace of mind and to make sure your child is safe no matter where they are, you may want to consider investing in children's travel insurance.

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