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Travel Insurance for Switzerland

Whether it's an action-packed adventure in the Alps or a convivial culture tour of Zurich, Lausanne or Bern, a holiday to Switzerland is sure to leave you with fond memories. Here's how our comprehensive travel insurance policies can help you enjoy your holiday with full peace of mind.

Compare Switzerland travel insurance cover levels

Ski travel insurance for Switzerland

Planning to hit the slopes when during your trip to Switzerland? Our policies offer the option for additional winter sports cover, with insurance for snowboarding, skiing off-piste, ski equipment, and piste closure to name a few benefits. Check out our Ski insurance page for more details.

Pre-existing medical conditions

Getting travel insurance that's fairly priced and provides sufficient cover can be a challenge when you have pre-existing medical conditions. Here at Holiday Extras, we believe that every traveller should be able to benefit from comprehensive insurance at a fair rate, and we offer cover for the majority of pre-existing conditions. If you have a medical conditions, just complete the brief online screening process to receive a quote tailored to your needs.

Getting around in Zurich

Zurich is a very walkable city and in fact, the city's tourism board have even stated that going by foot is the best way to get around. However, if you prefer to take it easy, the city is well connected with many efficient, affordable public transport options.

Top tips

  • There's a bus or tram stop every 300m in Zurich, so you're never too far away from an easy transport option
  • Remember the golden rule: validate that ticket! Before getting on any form of public transport, you need to validate your ticket at one of the validating machines. Failing to do so can land you with a hefty 100 franc fine. Remember, you also need to validate your Zurich card the first time you use it!
  • Never take a taxi- they are ridiculously expensive and you're better off getting an Uber. Uber is widely available in the city and there's even a 'green' option which allows you to order only hybrid or electric vehicles.


Swiss food is so much more than just cheese and chocolate.

Swiss bratwurst sausage - perfect beer food, a sausage made from veal and beef, traditionally served with a hunk of fresh bread and a pot of mustard.

Swiss Macaroons - creamier and sweeter than the french macaroons!

Geschnetzeltes - veal stripes served in a sauce of white wine, cream and demi glace, with a potato rosti topped with creme fraiche. A classic Zurich dish.

Zaupf - traditionally eaten on a Sunday, bread made the traditional way, but with milk and eggs added to the mixture, giving it a creamy flavour, only costs about CHf.1.50!

Paying for things

Remember, Switzerland is not part of the European Union! It uses it's own currency, the Swiss franc which you'll see marked as CHF. Sometimes hotels will accept both Francs and Euros. You'll find that most shops will take card, but it's always wise to carry some francs on you for that quaint little cafe tucked away in a back street or for the street vendors.

Things to do, places to visit

Jungfrau - One of the main summits of the Bernese Alps, Jungfrau is a popular destination for hiking, skiing and paragliding.

Chateau de Chillon - Located on the banks of Lake Geneva, this 4th century river side Bastion is full of nooks and crannies to explore, from ancient halls-draped in 14th century paintings, to subterranean vaults and weapons rooms. The idyllic setting in the Swiss Riveria makes it an ideal day trip destination.

Zurich - The world famous centre for banking and finance, and with a rich pre-medieval history, it would be a crime not to plan for some time in this charming and highly underrated city. Take a stroll down the boulevard by Lake Zurich, or take a guided tour for the cities landmarks like the twin-towered Grossmunster cathedral and the Zurich Opera House.


Switzerland is a unique country in that it has 3 official languages. The most widely spoken language is Swiss German, followed by French and Italian. Don't let the trio of languages scare you though, as the languages you will encounter will largely depend on which part of the country you visit, with each area or 'Canton' having it's own specified official language or language.

As an English speaker you shouldn't have any worries as English is somewhat of a lingua franca between all the Cantons in Switzerland.

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