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Morocco's exotic, exciting atmosphere makes it a fantastic worldwide destination, and with Holiday Extras' travel insurance, you can dive in head first without the risk. If your tour operator runs into problems or your flights are cancelled our policies could help to reimburse you, and you can enjoy the plethora of new experiences with the secure comfort of medical cover for declared pre-existing conditions, and unforeseen medical expenses.

Why Holiday Extras makes sense for Morocco travel insurance

You can choose from four cover levels to suit your trip:

  • Bronze cover offers up to £500 of baggage insurance, £1000 of cancellation cover per person and £5 million towards medical costs.
  • Silver provides up to £10 million for medical cover, £1,500 for baggage and £2,500 per person for cancellation insurance.
  • Gold gives medical cover up to £10 million, baggage cover up to £2,000 and cancellation cover up to £5,000 per person.
  • Platinum cover raises your medical protection up to £10 million, baggage cover to £2,000, cancellation cover to £5,000 per person and £350 for passport and documents.

If you need to make multiple trips to Morocco our annual travel insurance policy, which offers the same protection as a single trip policy, could save you time and money over the course of the year.

Things to remember when visiting Morocco

Entry - As long as you have six months remaining on your passport from the date of entry, you can enter Morocco without a visa for 90 days (if you are a British citizen).

Navigating Morocco - Visit an official tourist office to hire a guide. Unofficial guides may overcharge, or lead you to locations in order to earn commission.

Tipping - Tipping and bartering are part of the Moroccan lifestyle. Tipping between five and ten per cent for restaurant bills is appropriate, and the majority of other services can warrant a small payment.

Can you drink in Morrocco?

Morocco is a moderate Islamic country meaning that while the majority Muslim population are dry, alcohol is available and it is not an offense for a non-muslim to consume alcoholic drinks in the country. Most large chain hotels will have a bar and allow you to drink alchool in your room, while if you are staying in a traditional Riad, then the alcohol policies will vary.

Some Riads will allow to drink on the roof terrace, others will allow drinking only in your room, and still others may not allow alcohol on the premises at all. The availability of alcohol will depend on where you are in the country. In most cities, you will find bars and supermarkets selling alcohol, but the further south from Agadir you venture, the harder it can become to find alcohol.

Do you need any vaccinations to go to Morocco?

While there are no compulsory vaccinations required to enter the country, there is still the risk of certain diseases. It's advised to make sure you're vaccinated against Poliomyelitis and Tetanus as well as Typhoid and Hepatitis A, which are diseases that can be found in water and food. If you're planning to venture out of the cities and into rural Morocco, then you'll need to get vaccinated against rabies and Hepatitis B.

What is the national drink of Morocco?

'Whisky berebere' the tongue in cheek name for mint tea is pretty much the drink that represents the nation. Served at almost every occasion throughout the day, since the 19th century, the drinking of mint tea has become an integral part of the culture. You can't leave Morocco without trying this special brew.

What do you wear in Morocco?

As a moderate Muslim country, you will need to respect the dress code when visiting Morocco. Both men and women are expected to dress modestly, and not excessively expose the shoulders, chest or thighs. Moroccan values emphasis modesty and so displaying flashy jewellery, tech and branded clothing will not go down too well.

How to save money when travelling in Morocco

Exchange your money beforehand, don't leave it to the last minute at the airport. Airport currency exchange bureaus add markups to the original exchange rate, sometimes as much as 10% extra.

Haggle! - Sometimes, hawkers and taxi drivers will greatly inflate the price of things when they understand you are a foreign visitor. To get around this, find out what the usual price is for a taxi or other services by asking at the hotel reception desk or doing some research online. When negotiating a price, saying something to suggest you've been to the country before or that you've been staying here for a couple of months already will greatly help. Souk markets are a great place to get unique souvenirs and Moroccan goods, but the initial prices are often quite high. Again, you'll need to haggle. Usually, the aim is to get the price down to at least 50% of the initial price. Another sneaky bartering technique is to pretend that you are leaving the next day and don't have many dirhams left on you.

Car hire - It's best to sort this out once you are in the country, as in Morocco, you can bring the price down on car rentals significantly.

Don't use roaming data! - No one wants to rack up a mammoth phone bill whilst on holiday. Fortunately, Morocco is well connected and most hotels offer free complimentary wifi. There are also many internet cafes dotted around so if you need wifi out and about, this shouldn't be a problem.

Top attractions in Morocco

  • Get lost in Marrakesh, one of the least predictable cities around. Plunge into a souk if you think your bargaining skills are up to the task.
  • Visit Fès, an ancient imperial city and the religious and cultural centre of Morocco.
  • Dance the night away in the vibrant clubs of Tangier.
  • A former pirate's lair, Casablanca is an excellent choice of destination for the trendy and alternative. Beneath the striking colonial architecture you can find unique art deco attractions.
  • Sink into a traditional Hammam - a public steam bath offering consummate relaxation.

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