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Planning a trip away with a group of friends? Get everyone insured at the same time with group travel insurance.

Why book group travel insurance?

When travelling as a group it's important that everyone is covered by a travel insurance policy, and protected from unforeseen events to the same high standard. Booking group travel insurance with Holiday Extras is quick and convenient, and you'll be able to choose from four cover levels to obtain the most suitable cover for you.

Group members over the age of 18 who are registered at the same address may also travel separately, providing real flexibility. Extra cover levels for things like winter sports and gadgets and tech are also available should you need them. Choose our group travel insurance to begin your trip the right way - with the reassurance of a cost-effective and straightforward policy.

How does group travel insurance work?

Group travel insurance works in much the same way as a regular single trip policy, the key difference being that multiple travellers are covered under the same policy. All travellers named on the policy are entitled to the same levels of cover available on single trip policies, including emergency medical, cancellation and baggage cover. It's important to note that for group travel insurance to be valid, all travellers named on the policy need to be travelling together on the same trip.

Is group travel insurance worth it?

Here are a few reasons why you might want to consider taking out a group travel insurance policy for you and your travel buddies:

  • Being on the same policy can make claiming together a lot easier if something happens during the trip that affects everyone
  • You could potentially save money taking out a group travel insurance policy rather each traveller separately taking out a travel insurance policy.
  • If one member of the travel group falls ill, in some instances it may be possible for the whole group to cancel the trip. This could be more difficult if everyone is travelling on separate policies.

Can you travel separately on group travel insurance?

You may be wondering whether it's possible for people named on a group travel insurance policy to travel independently of the group. The answer largely depends on the type of group travel insurance you have booked.

On a group travel insurance policy booked for a single trip, it's necessary for all travellers named on the policy to travel together for cover to be valid.

If you've booked an annual group travel insurance policy however, it's possible for members of the group to travel on independent trips throughout the year. The only caveat to this however, is that members of such a group would need to be related in order to receive cover for independent travel.

Booking your group holiday insurance policy

For those who travel more frequently, it may be worth taking out an annual travel insurance which provides comprehensive cover for an unlimited number of trips throughout the year. You'll be pleased to know that annual travel insurance is also available for groups, providing the same level of protection. Groups on an annual policy or single trip who live at the same address can also travel separately (provided the traveller is over 18 years of age).

Additional cover

Policies can be supplemented with extra cover for additional sports cover or winter sports like skiing and snowboarding, to ensure that groups pay only for the cover that they need - if you need advice, just contact our UK-based call centre

100+ sports and activities cover included with every policy

Group travel tips

  • Prepare an itinerary - Every member of your group will have distinct interests, so ensure that you research the area you are visiting and account for everyone's tastes. If your group includes children, try not to pack too much in!
  • Plan your budget - Ensure that everyone in your group with spending power is aware of a rough budgeting plan, so that everyone is comfortable with the costs of the trip.
  • Don't feel the need to do everything together - No group itinerary is perfect. If certain group members want to go for a hike, and others would prefer to relax on the beach, then separate.
  • Be open about medical issues - If you have a pre-existing medical condition then be sure to explain it to your group, who will then be able to help you if you require medical aid.

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