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Skin Cancer Travel Insurance

Holiday Extras offers tailored, personalised medical travel insurance, to ensure you get the best travel insurace policy for your own personal needs. Not only are we medical insurance specialists, we insure the majority of medical conditions, and ALL medical conditions will be considered. This includes all forms of cancer, including skin cancer.

Do I need to declare my Skin cancer?

It's essential you're completely honest and transparent regarding your skin cancer, and any other pre-existing medical conditions you have or have had. Failure to do so could drastically affect any claims you need to make, and render your claims void. Your personal information will be handled with complete trust and confidentiality.

How do I declare my condition?

To declare your skin cancer as a pre-existing medical condition, enter your travel details in the search bar at the top of this page. You'll then be taken through to our quick and simples medical screening process. Answer the questions and honestly and comprehensively as possible, as this will help us generate the best travel insurance policy for you.

Here are a few examples of the questions you may be asked:

  • Are you currently having or awaiting any cancer treatment?
  • When was your last cancer treatement?
  • Have you ever refused any cancer treatments offered to you?
  • How many unplanned hospital admissions have you had within the last 2 years?
  • Are you taking any medication for your skin cancer?
  • Are you taking strong painkillers every day in regards to this or any other condition?

Why choose Holiday Extras for your skin cancer travel insurance?

  • - Over 40 years experience selling travel insurance.
  • - Voted best insurance provider 15 years running.
  • - Tailored policies to best suit your personal needs.
  • - UK-based contact centre and 24/7 helpline.

Skin cancer travel insurance cover levels:

Our travel insurance with cancer cover is available in both single-trip or annual multi-trip, at bronze, silver, and gold levels.

Travelling with skin cancer

The following are some tips the prepare for, and get the most out of your holiday:

Plan accordingly

Ensure you book an appointment with your cancer specialist at least one month before your trip. This ensures you have plenty of time to action any advice they mat have, and ensure you get an appointment in good time.

Do your research

Officially regulated websites, such as NHS and Cancer Research UK are brimming with up-to-date information, and we high recommend reading up on your condition, as well as the general travel tips they provide.

Pack enough medication for your whole trip

It's always recommended that you carry enough medication for the entire duration of your trip. It's also recommended to carry a little extra, as this will eliminate any potential issues securing medication abroad. Depending on your destination, medication can be difficult and sometimes impossible to obtain. Having your medication close to hand is also a good idea, as will help speed you through customs.

Carry a doctors note, as well as your medication in its original packaging

This will make your medication much easier to identify, should you need to secure more on your trip

Arrange Airline special assistance

Get in contact with the airline as soon as possible to notify them of any special arrangements you might need on your flight. This includes extra space, special meals, or proximity to the facilities.

Translate important medical documents

If you're travelling to a country where English is not widely spoken, it's recommended to carry translations of any documents that relate to your skin cancer.

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