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Children travelling with medication

Children require medication for a variety of reasons, from an ear infection to a serious life-long illness. But that doesn't mean it should put you off enjoying a holiday together.

Can you bring a child's medication on to a flight?

You can bring medicine onto a flight. For anything over the 100ml limit, you will need the appropriate documentation from your GP or other medical professionals. You'll also need to give yourself plenty of extra time, in case airport security staff want to screen your medication or medical apparatuses. Double check any regulations regarding your destination as certain medications may be illegal where you're going.

Pre-existing medical conditions

If your child has any pre-existing medical conditions, be sure to declare them when taking out your travel insurance.

How do I prepare my child to fly?

There are a variety of ways you can prepare your child to fly when they have medication:

  • Give them a dose (if it is safe) before boarding
  • Accommodate the different air pressure or temperature change when getting them comfortable
  • Make use of pre-boarding

Things to include in a travel medicine kit for your child when travelling

It's best to be prepared when travelling as a family; packing medicine and first aid kits is always a good idea. This will help take care of any minor cuts and injuries you may pick up while you're having fun on holiday. Of course, sometimes the worst happens and a trip to the local hospital is required, so it's important to explore the option of family travel insurance to make sure you're fully protected before jetting off.

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