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Travel Insurance with High Blood Pressure

It is estimated that in the UK, over a quarter of adults have some form of high blood pressure. At Holiday Extras, we want to ensure that high blood pressure doesn't get in the way of you enjoying your holiday to it's fullest. That's why, we have tailored medical travel insurance policies to ensured you're covered on your trip.

Booking your policy

Making your booking is quick and easy whether you choose to do so online or over the phone. You can either fill in the form above to receive an instant quote, or place a free call to speak to one of our friendly call centre team.

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How do I declare my high blood pressure?

Once you have put your details into the form at the top of the page, you'll be sent through to our medical screening process. You'll then be asked a series of questions regarding your pre-existing medical conditions. Answer honestly, as this will not only help us to provide you with the most suitable travel insurance policy for your individual needs, but it's essential information we'll need should you need to make a claim. Rest assured, your personal information will be treated with the utmost care and confidentiality.

Some questions you may be asked in your medical screening include:

  • How many medicines does your doctor advise you to take for high blood pressure?
  • Has your dose been increased or have you been prescribed a new tablet in the last 6 months?
  • Have you ever been a smoker?
  • Have you been advised to take medication to lower your cholesterol?
  • Has a blood test EVER at any time shown your cholesterol level to be raised?
  • Have you been advised to take medication for high blood pressure?

Can you fly with high blood pressure?

In most cases, air travel does not present any immediate risks to the passenger travelling with high-blood pressure. With that being said, stress and other conditions surrounding flying can often have a detrimental effect on blood pressure, so it's wise to seek advice from your doctor before the journey if your blood pressure is particularly unstable.

For most travellers with high blood pressure, taking some simple steps can ensure that you don't experience any issues related to your condition during the journey.

  • Keep off the caffeine - caffeine has the proven capacity to raise blood pressure, taking effect as quickly as up to 20 minutes after having taken it into your system.
  • Keep moving - It's recommended to get up and move around the cabin every hour or so when it is safe and convenient to do so. By periodically moving your body throughout the journey, you greatly reduce the risk of developing deep vein thrombosis and other conditions related to blood clots.
  • If you're flying long haul, wear compression socks - If you have reason to believe you're at an elevated risk of deep vein thrombosis, compression socks can help. Read the label carefully and make sure they're fitted correctly, as ill-fitted compression socks can in fact increase rather than reduce the risk of DVT.

Travelling with high blood pressure

Make an appointment with your doctor

Booking some time in with your doctor to discuss your holiday is a great idea, as not only will they be able to give you advice and precautions to take, they can also provide you with a note confirming your condition and any medication you are taking.

Do your own independent research

There's an abundance of online information regarding travelling with high blood pressure. Some great examples include the NHS and Blood Pressure UK.

Be mindful of activities that may aggravate your condition

Activities that involve high-altitude or deep water can affect your blood pressure so make sure you speak to a doctor before deciding if you want to take part.

Travel vaccinations

Speak to your doctor or nurse at least two months before departure to see if there are any specific vaccinations you may need, or if they will interfere with any medication you are currently taking.

Learn a few key phrases

In case of an unexpected medical emergency, it's wise to learn a few key phrases relating to your medical condition. This way, if you're in a non-English speaking country, you'll be able to communicate effectively. Hopefully, this won't be needed, but knowing a few key phrases will help give you peace of mind in the event of an emergency.

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