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Cape Verde Travel Insurance

While it might not seem as exciting as other aspects of holiday preparation, booking the best travel insurance policy for your specific needs is an incredibly important safety precaution to take.

Situated off the coast of Africa with sunshine and warm temperatures guaranteed all year round, Cape Verde is imbued with a fascinating mix of west African and Portuguese culture. It is also a rarity in that has been largely unspoilt by the tourism industry, making it a cheap winter sun destination in comparison with firm favourites like the Caribbean or Mexico. Although holidays to Cape Verde tend to be more reasonably priced, it is still important to protect the money you have invested in your trip: from airport parking, flights, airport transfers and any pre-booked activities or excursions.

With the right travel insurance policy in place you are safeguarding your Cape Verde holiday against insurable, unforeseeable incidents beyond your control like cancellation, repatriation, if you lose your luggage or need emergency medical care. With its fantastic beaches, delicious Afro-Caribbean cuisine and plenty of exciting water sports and adventure activities to partake in, Cape Verde has all the ingredients for a very special holiday.

Boa Vista, Cape Verde

Compare travel insurance for Cape Verde

Things to do in Cape Verde

There's more to the beach than getting a sun tan and if chilling on the beach has its time limits for you, then you might want to inject a little more adrenaline into your holiday to Cape Verde. From sailing and kayaking, to wind surfing and surfing, you can really reap the benefits of Cape Verde's windy climate in the Atlantic Ocean – perfect for water sports.

Medical insurance

No one wants to be ill on their holiday, but it doesn't hurt to be prepared with adequate medical cover. Unfortunately, sometimes the worst does happen and the vast majority of claims on travel insurance policies are for medical care. Without the NHS or travel insurance, you could face incredibly high medical bills if you need emergency treatment abroad.

Cape Verde vaccinations

There are currently no mandatory vaccinations required to enter Cape Verde, although health authorities have classed the country as having a moderate risk of Zika virus transmission, and reports of a low risk of malaria in the capital city, Praia (Santiago Island). We would always emplore that you check that you're up to date with your vaccinations and to consult your GP four to six weeks in advance of your trip for health advice.

Santo Antão

At a glance: Cape Verde

  • how long is the flight to Cape Verde? Fastest one-stop flight is 6 hours, but it can take up to 9 hours for indirect flights.
  • What are the Cape Verde islands called? Sal, Boa Vista, Santiago, Fogo, São Vincente, Santa Luzia, Maio, Santo Antão, Brava and São Nicolau.
  • Cape Verde time difference: The UK is 1 hour ahead of the UK.
  • What is the currency in Cape Verde? Cape Verde's national currency is the Cape Verdean escudo (CVE).
  • What language do they speak in Cape Verde? The main language spoken in Cape Verde is Cape Verdean creole, which is a Portuguese-based creole language.
  • What is the emergency number in Cape Verde? In the event of an emergency, ring 132 for the police or 131 for the fire brigade.
  • What is the best time to visit Cape Verde? The weather between November and June is the most consistent and warm, with temperatures usually in the mid-high twenties and early thirties.

Natural disasters


While hurricanes rarely form over Cape Verde, during its rainy season between August to October, hurricanes can form over the waters surrounding the Cape Verde islands. For more advice check out the website of Foreign Office.

Sand storms

Between December and February there are heightened chances of sand storms occuring which can sometimes disrupt air travel, depending on the severity of the storm.

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