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Travel Insurance for Under 18s

Arranging travel insurance is an important step in ensuring that any trip runs smoothly and safely. For younger travellers journeying independently, getting a high level of protection at a great cost is even more important. With Holiday Extras Under 18s travel insurance, you can count on substantial protection every step of the way. The variety of trip types is vast, so when you book you'll be able to choose a policy that is tailored towards your own plans — whether single trip or annual multi-trip, including additional cover for those with declared medical conditions.

Can you travel by yourself if you are under 18?

Most airlines will consider travellers between the ages of 5-12 years old as "unaccompanied minors" and sometimes requires a small fee for mandatory supervision of the child, as well as a letter of consent from the parent or responsible adult. More information on this can be found on our dedicated travel insurance consent form page. Above the age of 12 this is usually unnecessary, unless the parent specifically requests the service. At 17 years of age, it's possible to travel as independently as an adult traveller. We always advise you to double check with the airline you're flying with. For comprehensive information, check out our Can you fly alone under 18 years of age? page.

How do i book my under 18's travel insurance?

To book online, or simply just to get a quote with your specific travel plans in mind, simply click below and bear in mind the following bits of information:

  • - Location: Where abouts are you going?
  • - Dates: When will you be going, and how long for?
  • - Money: The total cost of your holiday (including travel)
  • - Health: Any pre-existing medical conditions?

Compare Under 18's Travel Insurance cover levels

Below is a brief overview on some of the cover levels associated with our Bronze, Silver and Gold travel insurance. For a more in-depth overview of what each policy level offers, be sure to check out our policy documents page.

Tips for travellers under 18

  • Check the law - Laws and customs for people travelling under the age 18 without their parents differ between countries, so be sure to do your research in advance. You'll also have to check the policy of your airline, as many require under 18s to check in with an adult.
  • Make copies of all important documents - Having both physical and digital copies of all necessary travel documents from your passport to your contacts list can prevent stress and save time and money if you lose anything.
  • Budget well in advance - By researching the currency and general costs of the country you visit, you'll be able to estimate how much you are likely to spend. You can then ensure that you have extra funds available in case any problems occur.

  • How to save money for travel as a student

    As a young person, it's unlikely that you'll have a huge amount of cash coming in each month. Unless you have savings or have had some help funding your trip, you're going to need to be a bit smart about saving your cash. Here are some top tips for getting together enough funds for that trip of a lifetime.

    Get the right mindset

    If you want to realise your saving goals and make your trip happen, then you'll need to have the right attitude. Saving up to travel will mean having to go without some things in the present. Before you splurge on those expensive trainers or a new bag, think about how you could use that same money for something awesome on your trip. Try visualising how you'll use your money in the future; perhaps to get into a famous gallery in Europe, or to taste some incredible street food in Asia? This can really help you stay motivated to save.

    Cut out unnecessary expenses

    As a young person under 18, you're most likely to be living at home with your parents with minimal outgoings. Realise that you're in a unique situation to do some serious saving. Take a look at how you typically spend your money over the course of a month. Where does most of your pay-check go? Could you maybe cut down on the takeaway pizza or the weekly cinema trips? Are there some subscription music or TV streaming services, you could temporarily cancel to save a few pounds each month? Changing your spending habits in small ways will really boost your ability to save money, and reach your goals faster.

    Prospect for extra work

    After cutting down your spending, it's worth looking into easy ways to increase your income and super-charge your saving efforts. Of course, being under 18 means you have school or college to think about, so picking up an extra shift at the part-time job might not be a sensible option. However if you're smart there could be opportunities for making some extra dough all around you. Could you baby-sit for a relative? Walk the neighbours' dogs? Picking up easy jobs like these here and there could mean an extra tenner or two in the kitty, with very little effort spent.

    Make your money go further

    Unless you truly have your heart set on a particular destination, it's worth considering countries where your home currency is particularly powerful. Places in Asia like Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand may be expensive to get to at first, but once you're there you'll find that food and accommodation prices are incredibly cheap. What's more, these are some of the most beautiful and vibrant cultures in the world. It's a win-win, right?

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