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Travel Insurance for Indonesia

From fantastical sites like the marine temple of Pura Tanah Lot, to the dazzling beauty of the Coral Triangle, the wonders of Indonesia are as bountiful as they are varied. Explore all this country has to offer in full peace of mind, knowing that our travel insurance has you covered.

Holiday Extras Travel insurance to Indonesia

Holiday Extras worldwide policies, provide cover for the intrepid traveller venturing further afield. All our policies come with robust cover for medical emergencies, the loss or theft of personal possessions, cancellation cover and many more benefits. For the jet-setter, it may be worth taking out the annual multi-trip travel insurance, which provides cover for an unlimited number of trips during the year.

How do I book my policy?

  • Booking a travel insurance policy for Indonesia is a quick and easy process.
  • Head over to the booking engine in the top of the page. Most likely, you'll see the details regarding your destination already filled out. For Indonesia, you'll need to select 'worldwide' cover.
  • Select whether you want cover for just the single trip, or for multiple trips throughout the year by choosing either the 'single trip' or 'annual trip' option.
  • Fill out when you plan to leave and return for your holiday, and how many travellers will be covered on the policy, before hitting the 'Search' button.
  • After answering the question regarding medical conditions, choose the cover level that best suits your needs and then head over to the check-out. After placing your payment, your policy details will be emailed to you.

Staying safe in Indonesia

Drugs - Being located smack bang in the middle of the 'Golden Triangle', Indonesia is a hotbed for narcotics production, so anti-drugs laws are especially severe. Trafficking group 1 drugs like marijuana carries astronomically high fines, with the death penalty even being imposed in some cases. Possession of even therapeutically useful drugs like codeine can carry sentences of up to ten years if the amount exceeds 5 grams. It's important to note that most insurers will not provide emergency medical cover for drug-related incidents, so for this reason, it's best not to get involved with drugs while you are away.

Alcohol Poisoning -The advice when drinking in Indonesia is to stick to the licensed and reputable bars and resorts. Unsavoury vendors have no problem bulking up their stock with such poisonous chemicals as methanol, which can cause permanent blindness and even death.

Crime -Indonesia is largely a safe country to visit, and using caution and common sense is usually enough to keep you out of trouble. Bag-snatching and pick-pocketing occasionally occur, but this can be avoided by simply refraining from flashing your expensive items and keeping your valuables with you at all times. Should your personal money or possessions be stolen, there's no need to let this ruin your trip, as our travel insurance policies cover for loss of personal money up to £500 and loss of personal possessions up to £2,000 (with enhanced gadget cover). If you want to protect your gadgets and other expensive tech items, we recommend taking out the gadget cover add-on with your insurance policy.

Scams - In popular tourist areas like Bali, you may come across scams in the form of smooth-talking guides working on a commission basis, short-changing money-changers, beggars, touts and hawkers. Again, simply using common sense and trusting your instincts will serve you well in most situations.

Pollution - This is a factor that can pose a health hazard depending on when you choose to travel to Indonesia. Deforestation methods used to clear land for palm oil plantations create high volumes of harmful smoke that gathers over urban areas. The risk of increased haze and air pollution in built up areas is greater during the dry season, which runs from April to October in Indonesia, so it's advised to avoid travelling to the country during these periods.

Local customs

Acceptable Dress

Being the largest Muslim country in the world, modesty in dress and grooming is highly valued in Indonesia. Short skirts, sleeveless and revealing tops should be avoided. Nudity of any kind is not permitted in public places, so yes, that means no skinny-dipping or topless sun-bathing unfortunately.

When visiting temples - Shoulders, legs and arms should be covered up and women should also cover their heads. According to Muslim tradition, women who are menstruating are not allowed to visit a temple.


There are a number of customs that are considered part of basic etiquette in Indonesia. Try your best to follow them and you should have no problem getting on with the locals.

Keep calm - Indonesians value a calm demeanour. Getting in a flap when your train is delayed or you can't find a public toilet won't be viewed kindly.

Never shake with the left hand - Using the left hand to eat or shake hands is considered taboo, largely because it is used as an alternative to toilet paper. This one might be a little tricky for the naturally left-handed...

Pointing - Much like in western society, is considered impolite to point at someone with the finger. If you need to point for some reason, then use your thumb.

Holiness of the head - According to Indonesian tradition, the head is where the spirit resides and is therefore considered to be holy. For this reason, you should never touch anyone's head, especially those of children.

Places to visit in Indonesia

Bali -Famous for its forested volcanic landscapes, dazzling coral reefs and paradisean beaches, Bali is a popular destination for travellers craving the full experience of Indonesia.

Mount Bromo - At 2,329 metres tall, mount Bromo is the most well known peak in the Tengger Massif.

Kommodo National Park -With a total area of 1,733 square kilometers, the park was founded in 1980 to protect the Komodo Dragon. The park was declared a UNESCO world heritage site in 1991.

Tanah Lot - This iconic temple located on a rock formation off the coast of Bali is popular with both tourists and pilgrims. Visit at sunset, for some fantastic photo opportunities.

Raja Ampat - These jungle covered islands are well known for their rich marine life. Be sure to check out the ancient rock paintings in the caves of Misool Island.

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