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Less Hassle, More Holiday with HEHA!

There's a new feature in the Holiday Extras App: HEHA! - the Holiday Extras Holiday Assistant.

This is the Holiday Extras way; we're committed to using our years of experience (all 40 of them!) to make sure your trip goes as smoothly as possible. We take the hassle of finding a parking space, booking an airport hotel, a pre-flight lounge - anything we can do to help get you to your destination, ready to hit the beach, the pool or the slopes and enjoy your well-deserved time away. HEHA! can recommend everything you need from just one simple search and will keep all your trip details in one place.

Find HEHA! in the Holiday Extras App

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Enter your key trip details and HEHA! will do the rest!

  • Tailored recommendations, perfect for your flight and your holiday destination
  • Airport parking, hotels, lounges, airport transfers, travel insurance and more - all in one place
  • 'Watch' items of interest - still comparing? save it for later
  • Saving you money on your bookings - HEHA! finds you the best deals
  • Notifications when 'watched' items drop in price
  • Shaving time off your travel - help avoiding traffic and waits at the airport
  • The best travel tips, advice and recommendations for your trip
  • Cut out the hassle, maximise your trip and make it as enjoyable as it should be!

Create your trip → Get recommendations perfect for your holiday!

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Compare everything and book in one place → Then store all your trips here.

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What does it do?

By telling HEHA! a handful of details about your flight and destination, it will filter out all the irrelevant products and services that would otherwise make comparing that bit more of a hassle. For example, HEHA! will know which terminal you fly from and so will ignore those only serving the other terminals. It will also return pricing for the most appropriate timings, taking into account when you arrive at the airport and when your flight departs. You can still see and edit these details but HEHA! is making it all that little bit quicker and easier.

HEHA! also stores everything as a trip so you can schedule and view everything according to your holiday or business trip rather than simply an inbox of booking confirmations or notes. Click on your next trip and see exactly everything you have already booked or are keeping an eye on, plus all the services that are available to add to your trip. All together in one simple view. In your hand. HEHA! is remaking your holiday-making.

Who is this for?

HEHA! is for you if you like to keep things simple and don't want added worry or exercises in memory when planning and sorting your holiday. You want a clever booking system which knows the best deals for your trip, without you having to re-enter the same details again and again. You want your trip reservations all together in your hand. HEHA! is for you.

Whether you're adventuring solo, a regular flyer on business, or herding the family together for a holiday, HEHA! is the easiest and fastest way to book and organise your holiday extras and it will save you money while you're at it. Give it a try. It's no surprise that HEHA! has made it on to our list of 40 Best Travel Apps - our ultimate guide on the apps that will help you get the most out of your holiday without all the stress often involved.

Machine learning

Machine Learning

The more you use the HEHA! feature, the better it gets at recommending products that you'll actually need and want, saving you even more time when your next trip comes around! Like that good friend that actually remembers what you tell them, it will reference which services you booked or compared before and push these higher up your list of recommendations next time. HEHA! is like having you're very own personal trip advisor, travel expert and admin assistant all rolled into one. And all just a tap away!