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Super savings on Stansted airport parking vs turn-up & park prices. From only £30.00 £10.57 per day

Finding the cheapest Stansted Airport parking isn't always easy. Holiday Extras have years' of experience of finding you not only the best parking at Stansted but also the cheapest. When you book in advance with us you can save you up to a whopping 75% off.

Book your airport parking at Stansted with confidence thanks to Flextras. Our products are always flexible, easy to amend and there are no charges if you need to cancel.

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Take a look at our top 5 car parks at Stansted airport and the savings available exclusively to our members!

STN Car Parks Pre-booked price Members-only price*
(10% discount)
Your saving
Long Stay £51.99 £46.79 £5.20
Mid Stay £59.99 £53.99 £6.00
Meet and Greet £71.00 £65.70 £7.30
Short Stay Blue £74.99 £69.29 £7.70
Short Stay Green £79.99 £73.79 £8.20

Browse our Stansted Airport Parking Deals

Check out our table below to see our fantastic range of Stansted Airport car parks. Compare car parks to find the perfect parking solution for your trip, then book it using our simple online tool and keep your holiday hassle-free.

Car ParkPrice p/dPrice p/w
Long Stay SaverMapPhotosVideoReviews£6.88*£55.07*
Jet ParksMapPhotosVideoReviews£7.57*£60.55*
Mid StayMapPhotosVideoReviews£9.03*£72.24*
Meet and GreetMapPhotosVideoReviews£9.66*£77.27*
Short Stay Economy - Blue ZoneMapPhotosVideoReviews£11.69*£93.49*
Short Stay Green Multi StoreyMapPhotosReviews£12.22*£97.74*
Short StayMapPhotosVideoReviews

*The price per week is the total cost of this car parking for 8 days. The price per day refers to the same product and period, divided by 8.

Stansted Long Stay Parking

What is the cheapest parking at Stansted?

We've partnered with Official Long Stay parking at Stansted to bring you best deals on parking that's close to Stansted Airport. Book now and take advantage of prices from only £9.56 per day. Take a look at our Stansted Long Stay page for more info and to see what a great service Long Stay provides.

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Take a look at the cheapest Stansted parking below to see which is the best value for your trip. Our Stansted parking is available from as little as £6.25 per day.

Parking at Stansted Airport
STN Car Parks Price Per Day* Weekly Price
STN Long Stay Parking £6.25 £49.99
STN Mid Stay Parking £7.50 £59.99
STN Short Stay Parking £8.12 £64.99
STN Short Stay Economy Car Park £8.12 £64.99
STN Official Meet & Greet £8.63 £69.00

*These values are correct at the time of writing and provided as a guide only. Prices fluctuate regularly according to availability and other market factors.

Stansted airport parking prices vary depending on the type of car park booked, stay duration and time of year. For great value parking, try JetParks at £69.99 for an 8 day stay in August (peak season). Alternatively, Mid Stay parking is £76.99 for the same period. During off-peak season those prices can fall to just £49.99 and £59.99 respectively.

Top Choice for London Stansted Parking

We at Holiday Extras are excited to offer our customers the best Stansted Airport car parking, with savings of up to 75% off on-the-day prices, starting from as little as £5.75 a day.

Have a look at the table below for our best prices on parking at Stansted Airport. Enjoy peace of mind with Holiday Extras.

Exclusive deal: Only Holiday Extras offer you London Stansted parking Long Stay pricing for Short Stays between 1 and 5 days. Great savings for a short break!

Our quick recommendations...

One thing that makes our Stansted Airport parking so popular is that we have so many trusted, official options to choose from. With high-quality security features in these official car parks, including CCTV, regular staff patrols and more, you can be confident that your car is in safe hands. Choosing the right official Stansted Airport car park for your booking comes down to your top priorities:

  • Keep hold of your keys: Save time on a busy flight day by parking just a 4 minute shuttle bus from the terminal, without having to hand over your keys at the Short Stay car park.
  • Most convenient official parking: Prefer a quick stroll over to departures over the hassle of finding a parking space? Meet and Greet parking will be just the ticket. After you've pulled up in the Red Short Stay car park's Meet and Greet zone, your driver will handle finding a space in their secured car park while you're already on your way to check-in.
  • Most affordable official car park: If you're looking for the cheapest official parking option at Stansted, the Long Stay car park is the one for you. Your 15 minute transfer over to check-in is included in your booking and you can keep hold of your keys.

Official Stansted Airport Parking
Long Stay Car Park

Book your Long Stay parking now by entering your dates at the top of the page to make a search ↑.

EXCLUSIVE Stansted Parking Short Stay or Mid Stay from only £64.99.

Stansted Short Stay and Mid Stay are both exclusive to Holiday Extras and the airport itself. You won't be able to book these car parks anywhere else.

How to book:

Enter your dates at the top of this page, click 'Search' and we'll present you with all the parking packages available. If the Short and Mid Stay car parks are available simply click 'Book Now' to continue.

Electric car charging

Drive an electric car?

There are two electric charging points available at the Stansted Radisson Blu Hotel. Check out our Airport Electric Car Charging page for lots more info.

Stansted Parking Reviews

Our Stansted airport parking is rated 88% by 40630 guests

We love hearing from our customers about their experience parking at Stansted airport. For a quick snapshot, take a look at some of our most recent reviews and ratings below, or browse our full archive by visiting our dedicated Stansted airport parking reviews page.

Stansted Airport Parking - FAQs

What is the cheapest parking at Stansted?

The cheapest car parking at Stansted at the moment is at either the Long Stay or Mid Stay car parks depending on the availability for the dates you neeed to park. You can park from £5.33* per day when booked in advance and the convenience and security offered by parking with these official airport car parks makes them an easy choice. Both are Park and Rides with transfers which take just a few minutes, though Mid Stay is a little quicker.

Car Park Daily Price*
Mid Stay £5.33
Long Stay £5.99
Meet and Greet £5.99
Short Stay £6.53

How much does it cost to park at Stansted Airport for a week?

Stansted parking prices will vary depending on the type of package, duration and the time of year. When you pre-book with Holiday Extras it can cost as little as £43.99 to park your car at Stansted for 8 days.

Can I arrive early for airport parking at Stansted?

You can arrive up to 6 hours early (and leave up to 6 hours later) at Stansted car parks without incurring a charge.

Where should I park at Stansted Airport?

If you're dropping off / picking up passengers, Stansted airport recommends using:

  • Express Set Down car park (Drop Off) - Prices starting from £7 for up to 15 minutes
  • Short Stay car parks (Orange Zone) - Prices start from £10 for up to 30 minutes
  • Mid Stay car park - FREE parking for 60 minutes.

For longer stays, the following Stansted car parks are great options:

  • Long Stay - Prices from £49.99 p/w
  • Mid Stay - Prices from £59.99 p/w
  • Short Stay - Prices from £64.99 p/w

What is the best parking at Stansted?

To help you find the best airport parking at Stansted for your travel needs, take a look at our Quick Recommendations. Find out the best option if you're looking for the cheapest parking at Stansted airport, the closest car park to the terminal and the most convenient.

You can also check out our top 3 highest customer-rated Stansted parking below.

Best Airport Parking at Stansted
STN Car Park Customer Rating Price per week*
Stansted Mid Stay 9/10 (Reviews) £82.99
Stansted Long Stay 8.8/10 (Reviews) £77.99
Stansted Short Stay Green - Multi Storey 8.6/10 (Reviews) £87.99

Can I just turn up and park at Stansted?

You can turn up and park at the following Stansted car parks:

  • Short Stay car park (Orange and Blue zones)
  • Mid Stay car park

The other car parks at Stansted: Long Stay, JetParks and Meet and Greet are pre-book only.

We highly recommend booking in advance as you can enjoy up to 75% off AND you'll be securing your space.

Where can I drop off at Stansted without paying?

Free Drop Off Parking:

  • Free parking for 60 minutes in the Stansted Mid Stay
  • If you're planning on staying for longer than the allocated free period, book in advance for the best Stansted parking prices.
  • Please note: There's a £30 charge for re-entering within 1 hour of first entering the car park.

For lots of handy info, including more free parking options, be sure to check out our dedicated Free Parking near Stansted Airport page.

Where Can I Park at Stansted Airport?

At Stansted, you have a huge variety of parking options to choose from. We offer official airport parking, which means the car parks are owned and run by the airport themselves. We also offer Jetparks, who are independent airport car parking provider - and one of our favourites too!

Is Disabled Parking Free at Stansted?

Disabled parking is not free at Stansted Airport. Blue Badge parking is charged at the standard rate. Disabled parking is available at the following car parks: Short Stay (Orange and Green Zones), Long Stay, Mid Stay and Express Set Down.

How much does it cost to drop someone off at Stansted Airport?

You can drop off passengers outside the terminal (Express Set Down car park) for up to 15 minutes for £7.00. Cheaper alternatives include the Short Stay and Mid Stay car parks.

Can you Pick Up at Stansted Airport?

There are 2 car parks at Stansted that are suitable for picking up passengers: the Short Stay car park (Orange and Green zones) where prices start from £5.50 for 30 minutes. But you don't have to pay to pick up at Stansted - head to the Mid Stay car park which offers FREE parking for up to 1 hour.

Where is the Free Set Down at Stansted?

You can find the free drop-off and pick up point located in the very convenient mid-stay car park at Stansted Airport, with an hour's free parking included. If you want to find out what else is on offer at this car park, head on over to our main Stansted Airport Mid Stay page.

How Much is Parking in Stansted Airport?

Dropping off or picking up at Stansted Airport? It may work out cheaper to book a full day's parking with us if you plan to stay longer than an hour, so make sure you run a search with your pick up or drop off date in the engine at the top of the page, so you can compare and save. For more information, head to our dedicated drop off and pick up pages.

What are the Stansted Airport Parking Charges?

Want to know how much parking at the Short Stay, Long Stay or Express Set Down car park at Stansted Airport might be? Have a look at the table below for a full list of turn-up prices.

Car Park Duration Price*
Express Set Down (drop off only) Up to 15 minutes £7.00
Additional £1 per minute
Short Stay Car Park Up to 30 minutes
Up to 1 hour
Up to 2 hours
Up to 4 hours
Up to 24 hours
Mid Stay Car Park Up to 1 hour
Up to 2 hours
Daily Rate (24 hours)

How long is Long Stay parking at Stansted?

You can park at Stansted Long Stay car park for as long as you need, however the minimum stay length is 6 days.

How long is Mid Stay parking at Stansted?

The minimum stay for the Mid Stay car park at Stansted is 3 days. It's a popular choice with customers taking 5-7 day trips.

How long is Short Stay parking at Stansted?

You can park at the Short Stay car park at Stansted for as long as you need - there is no minimum stay length. Most travellers book Short Stay parking for 3-5 day trips. We always recommend pre-booking to guarantee a space. If you're going away for longer, it works out significantly cheaper to park at the Mid Stay or Long Stay car parks.

Which Short Stay car park is best at Stansted?

Stansted Blue Zone offers secured and fuss-free parking, with a slightly longer walk of 10-12 minutes to the terminal, making this a great choice for young travellers or those with light luggage.

Stansted Green Zone parking is located just a short 5-8 minute walk to check-in, making this an ultra convenient and popular choice with travellers. The car park is well lit, making this an especially great option if you're travelling late at night or in the early hours.

Stansted Short Stay Premium Orange Zone has one of the shortest walks to the terminal, making this a fantastic option for families with little ones and those with lots of heavy luggage.

Stansted Short Stay Red Zone is the best choice if you're looking for the closest parking to check-in. It's a very short 1-4 minute walk away, so is perfect if you're travelling with the whole family or are in a rush.

How do I get Cheap Stansted Parking?

Book as soon as you have your flight times confirmed.The earlier you book, the better the availability and so the cheaper the price. If you are prepared to sign up to marketing emails, this can also open up a few London Stansted parking discounts. These savings often have a long expiry date and are relatively frequent.

Do I Need to Book Parking at Stansted?

In short - yes. We always recommend booking your parking at Stansted in advance. Firstly, there is no guarantee there will be a space available on the day. Furthermore, paying on the day can quickly add up the longer you park, and you will end up paying much more than you would if you booked in advance.

How do I pay for parking at Stansted Airport?

If you turn up and park at Stansted Airport you can make your payment at any of the automatic ticket machines in and around the terminal buildings or pay at the barrier on your departure with a credit/debit card. If you book in advance with Holiday Extras you can pay using our simple and secure online system or chat to one of our friendly advisors over the phone.

How early should I get to Stansted airport?

To allow plenty of time to check-in and pass security, Stansted airport recommends arriving at least 2 hours before your flight departure time.

*All prices are correct at time of writing and subject to change.

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Top Tip: If you're thinking about taking the kids away during the school holidays, but don't know where to start, head over to our UK school holidays page, where you can find dates and information.

Compare Stansted Airport Parking

Holiday Extras offers several cheap Stansted airport parking packages, including great-value Stansted airport Valet parking. The Stansted on-airport car parking (parking within the airport grounds) is the only Stansted car parking to have been approved by Essex Police. And apart from the airport itself, we're the only company which sells them. All of the car parking at Stansted we sell has been awarded the Park Mark, a national security award accredited by the Association of Chief Police Officers.

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Top Tip: Plan your route and see where our car parks are located in relation to the airport with our Stansted airport parking map and directions. Check out the facilities at Stansted airport so you can think about how to spend your time when waiting for your flight.

Your Stansted Parking Choices

  • Want to keep your Stansted airport parking cheap? Book with Jetparks, an on-airport car park just 15 minutes from the terminal. Prices start from £9.00 per day.
  • Want to be close to the terminal? Stansted Mid Stay is the closest long term car park to the terminal, which is just a five-minute transfer away. Prices start from £10.57 per day.
  • Want the ultimate in convenience? With Stansted Official Meet and Greet Parking, your car will be collected from the terminal when you leave, parked for you in a secured on-airport car park, and brought to the short stay car park right next to the terminal when you return from holiday. Prices start from £12.15 per day.
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Top Tip: The gate price at Stansted airport is very expensive, sometimes as much as £21.50 - £57 per day (depending on what car park). Never just turn up - always book if you want to save money. The earlier you book the cheaper it is and look out for our special low-cost packages - they can't be amended, cancelled or refunded, but because of this they work out cheaper than our flexible products. Don't forget, we also offer our Cancel Free policy where you can cancel for FREE up to the day before travel.*

*Unless your booking is one of our non-cancellable, non-amendable and non-refundable packages.

Choose your Stansted Airport Car Parking Package

Stansted on-airport parking
Booking your Stansted airport parking at the Long Stay or Mid Stay means fully secured parking within the airport grounds. Stansted Airport Mid Stay is the closest to the terminal. With both the Stansted mid and long stay car parks, transfers are included in the price and run 24 hours a day. Both car parks are manned 24 hours a day and are protected by CCTV, a fence, an entry barrier and lighting at night.

Stansted Meet and Greet parking
Drive straight to the terminal with a Stansted Meet and Greet parking service. You don't even need transfers when you book Stansted Official Meet and Greet Parking. Meet the driver at the terminal and they will park your car in a secured on-airport car park while you are away. When you return, you can collect your car from the Short Stay car park. It will be protected by CCTV, a security barrier, lighting at night and 24-hour security patrols.

Airport Park and Ride Icon

Top Tip: For more answers to your questions and information that is related to Stansted airport, please see our Stansted airport parking FAQs. To see all our information pages together, take a look at our Stansted parking sitemap. This page lists the car parks pages, customer reviews, map and directions pages in one place.

Upgrades to your Stansted Car Parking

There are several different Stansted airport parking upgrades that we can offer you; the best upgrade we can offer has to be the option of combining your parking with a hotel stay...

Start your
holiday early

Stansted airport hotel stay plus 1 week parking from just £75.

A Stansted airport hotels with parking can transform your pre-holiday experience from a traffic-logged, stress-inducing time trial to a wonderfully relaxing, smooth ride into the beginning of your vacation.

You'll save significant money when you book your airport parking and hotel together, compared to buying both separately and it's often not much extra to opt for a combined package vs parking on its own.

If you have booked one of our Stansted airport park and ride services, but fancy that little bit extra, then why not upgrade to one of our Meet and Greet parking options that we have available. We currently offer one such service which means you can drive directly to the terminal, meet with the chauffeur driver who will take your car to the nearby secured car park while you check in. Then, when you return, your car will be brought back to the terminal ready for you to collect and drive home.

Stansted Airport Lounges

Stansted airport lounges offer another brilliant option which you can tag onto your booking once you've chosen your parking service. A lounge offers you a very welcome retreat where you can enjoy complimentary drinks and magazines or relax in front of the TV while you wait to board your flight.

We have collected all our customer reviews of Stansted airport parking so you can have a browse through them and feel confident about the service you are booking. We quality check all the car parking services to make sure we're happy selling them to you, but you needn't just take our assurances; have a read what everybody else thought.

Fly from airport
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Airport Transfers

When your airport parking at Stansted is all booked up and sorted, it's time to get your other travel essentials ticked off your to-do list. Did you know that as well as top-notch deals on everything you might need at our UK based airports, we also offer your transport to and from your destination airport? We compare top-rated providers to bring you great prices on airport transfers to 4000 destinations globally, so we can get you where you need to go with the minimum of fuss, no matter where you are heading. We also have a big choice of vehicles, including cheap shuttles and convenient taxis. For large groups, we have low cost private minibuses, so no matter how you like to travel and how many people you're holidaying with - we'll have the perfect option for you.

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