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The Moroccan city of Marrakesh is an exotic, colourful, cultural hotspot, and one which everyone should consider visiting. Below are the key aspects to keep in mind.

Top 5 Things to see and do in Marrakesh

1. Visit Jemaa El-Fna

This honoured square plays host to a grand array of daily displays and shows competing for your attention, from astrology to snake charming.

2. Relax at a bathhouse

Traditional bathhouses are everywhere in Marrakesh and are perfect for a gentle massage or mud mask and some much-needed self-care.

3. Marvel at Bahia Palace

Bahia Palace is made up of colourful courtyards and exquisitely decorated staterooms which show off the extravagance and luxury of the best Moroccan architecture.

4. Wander Around the Jardin Majorelle

The Jardin Majorelle is the perfect city oasis for those who need a break from the hustle and bustle. With over 300 different types of plants and surprising embellishments at every turn, it is easy to see why this garden was 40 years in the making!

5. Marrakesh Museum

Marrakesh museum is unusual for its insight into jewellery and ceramics, although there are still contemporary paintings and other collections for the art-inclined.

Is Marrakesh safe for tourists?

Most visitors to Marrakesh find Morocco to be a safe country, however, it's always wise to take precautions. When travelling, you should ensure that you stay in busy places as this will reduce the risk of running into trouble. You should take out travel insurance regardless of your plans in case of emergencies or necessary medical attention.

Can you drink alcohol in Marrakesh?

The legal drinking age is 18. After this, you are allowed to drink alcohol in restaurants and bars. However, during the month of Ramadan many places will not serve alcohol, although it is not prohibited for visitors.

What is the weather like in Marrakesh?

The weather is hot and dry all year round with little difference in temperature during the day, and highs reaching 40 Celsius. However, temperatures do cool drastically at night, with lows reaching 6 Celsius.

What is the best time to visit Marrakesh?

The best time to visit Marrakesh is either side of the summer months, such as April to May or September to November as the temperature will be much lower than in the height of summer yet still maintaining highs of 25 Celsius.

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