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Policy Wording

As award-winning travel insurance providers 12 years in a row, we pride ourselves on being able to supply you with flexible, reliable and cheap travel insurance all which contain varying levels of cover that will suit your holiday plans — whatever they are.

Since 1st April 2019, we're now proud partners with our underwriters at Travel Insurance Facilities (TIF) and our brilliant, in-house insurance experts here have launched our brand-new travel insurance policies, which now have four levels of cover: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. We have included the policy booklets containing all of those important details you will want to know about your insurance premium.

For policies purchased on, or after, 1st July 2020

Standard cover

Click the links below to download the policy booklet which provide you with full details of the cover provided under your policy and all necessary terms and conditions:

Cruise cover

Our cruise policies are ever so slightly different to the standard policies. If you have selected a cruise policy then click on the links below to download your policy booklet for more information on Cruise cover:

UK cover

If you've made the sensible decision to safeguard your holiday in the UK with a solid travel insurance policy, it's always best to have the fine-print of your policy available and to hand. Let's not ruin your trip to the Isle of Skye or St. Ives by not double-checking the fine print. Take a look below to download a copy of your policy booklet detailing the terms and conditions of your UK policy:

Policy Levels

For policies purchased before 17th March 2020

The following Policy Wording documents are applicable for customers who purchased travel insurance before 17th March 2020.

Standard cover

Cruise cover

UK cover

Travel Disruption Add-On

To understand the full conditions of your Travel Disruption Cover, what you are covered for and any exclusions that may apply, please familiarise yourself with the policy wording of this add-on.

For any other questions please check out our FAQs.

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