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Travel Insurance for UK holidays

Our UK-specific policies start from just *

For most travellers, booking travel insurance isn't always a top priority, and this is appears to be even less so if your holiday is within in the United Kingdom! However, it is important that you still find a good travel insurance policy before you go, as it means you can travel with peace of mind knowing you have a policy behind you that includes cover for: personal possessions and cancellation cover.

Why choose Holiday Extras for UK travel insurance?

Booking insurance for your UK travel is quick and easy with Holiday Extras. Our UK-specific policy is designed to suit how you like to travel, giving you that comforting feel of security. To book your UK Travel Insurance policy, make sure that you enter your holiday destination in the booking engine.

  • Baggage cover - £500
  • Cancellation cover - £1,000
  • Personal money - £300
  • Lost passport - £250
  • Standard excess charge - £150

For more information please consult our policy booklet.

Why book travel insurance for the UK?

You may well be wondering whether it's actually worth taking out travel insurance for a domestic trip within the UK. After all, one of your biggest concerns (emergency medical assistance) is already covered under the NHS.

However, let's not forget all the other eventualities that a reliable travel insurance policy can protect you against. What if you've booked a flight to Edinburgh or Glasgow and find that your luggage goes missing? What if one of the kids gets sick and you have to change your flight times?

Having a policy that includes cancellation cover is an incredibly attractive perk and one that can protect your purse strings should you be unable to go on your holiday or trip due to circumstances beyond your control. For more information on the specifics of our UK cancellation cover, please consult our policy booklet

While it does no good to focus on possible negative outcomes, it's always better to be prepared should, anything like this happen.

A reliable travel insurance policy valid for domestic travel will ensure you don't have to personally foot the bill. Many domestic travellers have benefitted from such aspects of their travel insurance policy as lost luggage and missed flight insurance.

It is worth noting that our UK travel insurance policies do not require medical screening, which will speed up the process for you, giving you a quick and easy quote!

How do I book this?

Our booking process is nice and straightforward, whether you complete the process online or via our call centre. To book a UK travel insurance policy with us online, simply go up to the top of our page and manually type, 'United Kingdom', to benefit from a policy that provides you with up to £1,000 worth of cancellation cover and up to £500 worth of baggage cover.

If you'd prefer speaking with someone then simply call our free helpline to speak to a friendly member of our Kent-based contact centre to make a booking, or for any extra help.

Annual UK travel insurance

While there's no harm in taking out a single trip travel insurance policy for a holiday within the UK, but for more frequent travellers, we also offer annual travel insurance.

This way, you only need to think about purchasing travel insurance once, and thereafter, can take as many trips as you want throughout the year (both inside and outside the UK). Taking out an annual multi-trip policy can thus save you a lot of time and money in the long run, as you won't need to go searching for a travel insurance policy each time you go on a trip somewhere.

Our annual policy provides exactly the same amount of cover as our single trip policy, so you can travel as many times as you like and be fully covered every time. Just be sure to keep within the day limits for each level: 22 consecutive days for Bronze, 31 consecutive days for Silver and Gold, and 45 consecutive days for Platinum.

Do I need a passport for UK domestic flights?

The question of whether you'll need to take your passport on a domestic flight as a UK citizen will largely depend on which airline you choose to fly with.

Generally speaking, most airlines offering domestic flights will accept forms of recognised photo identification such as your drivers' license or official ID card. Some airlines may insist that you carry a valid passport with you on a domestic flight, whilst others may only do so I you are travelling with check-in luggage. In some instances, seniors may even be able to use their bus pass as a suitable form of identification! However we would always advise you to check with your chosen airline in advance before deciding on what you should take as a form of photo identification.

Things to see in the UK

  • Tour London. From the London Eye to cruises down the River Thames, our insurance means that you can delve into one of the world's mega cities without any worry.
  • Travel to Loch Ness in the Highlands of Scotland, and try to catch a glimpse of the legendary Loch Ness monster.
  • Discover the Emerald Isle. Explore the natural beauty of Northern Ireland, from historic monuments like Carrickfergus Castle, to the lively pubs of Belfast
  • Visit Stonehenge, a prehistoric site steeped in history.
  • Watch the football. Arguably the birthplace of the beautiful game, the UK offers some of the most exciting football matches around, in world-class stadiums.

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