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Travel Insurance Netherlands

From the vivaciously coloured tulip fields and idyllic canal side mansions of the Flevoland province, to the bustle and youthful vibe of Amsterdam, there's something for every kind of traveller to the Netherlands. Here's how you can insure your holiday and keep your peace of mind with top level travel insurance cover.

Here's what you can expect from Holiday Extras travel insurance policies:

What about pre-existing medical conditions?

At Holiday Extras we believe that everyone should be able to enjoy their holiday safe in the knowledge that they are covered against any hiccups along the way. We will consider every medical condition and proudly offer cover for the majority of conditions. We deliver comprehensive cover for medical conditions — simply complete the quick online screening process to cater to your medical travel insurance quote.

Lisse Tulips

Places to visit in the Netherlands

Wadden sea - An interlocking system of intertidal sands and mud flats, the Wadden sea is a UNESCO World Heritage site and home to a diversity of wildlife including harbour seals, grey seals and the harbour porpoise. The perfect destination for avid wildlife photographers and nature lovers.

The Hague - often overshadowed by the cities capital, the Hague is an equally stunning city, boasting the Dutch parliament, exquisite Gothic architecture and some of the best museums in the country.

Giethoorn - a picture of idyllic Dutch country life Giethoorn is a village of thatched roof farmhouses and quaint water ways. The area is perfect for exploring by bicycle and is worthy of inclusion on any cycle tour through the country.

What to eat

Bitterballen - A classic nibble in dutch pubs, Bitterballen is basically a dish of deep fried crispy beef ragu meatballs served with dipping mustard. Perfect to pair with those 8% belgian beers!

Kibbeling - battered and deep fried morsels of cod served with a herby mayonnaise sauce and lemon dressing. You can find these savoury treats in food stalls all over the Netherlands

Croquettes from a vending machine - yes you read that right - all over the Netherlands you can buy a burger or a croquette from hole-in-the-wall cafes in the street. Just pop some coins into the machine and you've got yourself a piping hot snack. Now that's what we call fast food...

Indonesian Rijstaffel - harking back to the Dutch colonial era, all over Amsterdam you can see the strong influence of Indonesian cuisine. For the true Dutch-Indonesian experience, order a rijsttafel (or "rice table") which is a delicious medley of Spice Island dishes.

Tompouce - A rectangular cream-filled pastry, topped with a layer of pink icing, Tompouce was named after a famous 18th century dwarf actor.

Getting around

Trains - trains in the Netherlands are highly reliable and connect almost every town and city in the country. and ticket prices remain stable. If you're looking to soak in the picturesque landscape, then the local NS trains are your best bet, being the slowest and stopping at almost every stop. If you are in a hurry, then the high-speed is a great option, operating between Rotterdam, Amsterdam and other major cities on the continent.

Trams - within the cities, trams are the main form of transport, with 16 lines in Amsterdam that cover the length and breadth of the city. On a note of safety, you should know that the tram tracks are almost at the same level as the street, making it all too easy to wander out in front of a passing tram at the wrong moment. Beware!

Bicycles - With over 12,000 miles of bicycle paths in the Netherlands and a largely flat landscape, cycling is an extremely practical means of transport. Bicycle rentals are very common in the larger city centres, and most train stations have a system for renting bikes. there are more bikes in Amsterdam than there are people

Costs and paying for things

Being part of the European union, the Netherlands also uses the euro. Cost of living in the Netherlands is not excessively expensive, however it's generally more expensive in Amsterdam, the country's capital.

Basic Dutch phrases and greetings

Dutch is a notoriously tricky language, even for English speakers, but don't let this make you shy away from learning a few phrases. A simple 'good morning' or 'thank you' can get you a long way. Here are some basic greetings and phrases you can learn and try out during your trip...

  • Hello - Hallo (hah-low)
  • Good morning - Goede-morgen (khoo-der-mor-khern)
  • Please - Alsjeblieft (Als-yer-bleeft)
  • Thanks - Dankjewel (Dank yuh vel)
  • Excuse me - Neem me niet kwalijk (Naym mer neet kvoa-lerk)
  • My name is - Mijn naam is (Mayn naam is)
  • Do you speak English? - Praat ij engels? (praat - yai - enguls)
  • Goodbye - Tot ziens

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