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Broken bones travel insurance

At Holiday Extras, we want to ensure you enjoy every part of your holiday. So if you are plastered up in a cast and sling, we can help by providing affordable travel insurance policies.

Will my broken bone affect my travel insurance policy?

Not necessarily, it is important to ensure that all broken bone injuries that have occurred in the last 2 years are declared in order to successfully submit a claim should you need to.

If you have a head or spinal injury, or waiting to receive treatment, then you will require additional medical cover. Customise your travel insurance policy to suit your condition by visiting our pre-existing condition page.

We should also mention that we will not be able to process any claims you submit if you are travelling against the advice of your doctor.

Feel free to call our friendly UK-based insurance team if you are unsure about your condition.

How to book your travel insurance online

To book online, or simply just to get a quote with your specific travel plans in mind, simply click below and bear in mind the following bits of information:

  • Location: Where abouts are you going?
  • Dates: When will you be going, and how long for?
  • Money: The total cost of your holiday (including travel)
  • Health: Any pre-existing medical conditions?

Can you fly with a broken leg?

With or without a broken leg, flying isn't part of the natural skill set of a human being. Joking aside, if you have a broken limb and are contemplating taking a flight, there are a few factors that will determine whether you can actually safely and comfortably make the journey:

  • Many airlines will refuse passengers with broken limbs if the cast has been fitted within the last 24-48 hours. This is because of the increased risk of DVT, as blood flow is restricted to the tissue surrounding the break and the part of the limb beyond the injury.
  • If you need to fly straight away, then you will need to get your cast split along its length to prevent any potential swelling from restricted circulation to the limb during the flight. Bear in mind that if you decide to have your cast split, then you will need to arrange to have it resealed at the hospital as soon as you arrive at the destination. If you are making a journey to another country rather than returning home, it will likely cost you to have the cast resealed. You may need a letter from your medical team confirming the date of your injury along with when the cast was fitted.
  • If you want to travel with a broken leg, some airlines may require that you book up to three seats, in order to have the leg stretched out to its full length. When choosing seats with extra leg room, remember not to choose any seats in the emergency exit rows, as these are reserved only for able-bodied passengers. If the break happens very close to the date of your flight, then be prepared to have to book a different flight, as you may not be able to secure more than one seat together.

Why choose Holiday Extras?

  • - Voted best insurance provider 15 years running.
  • - Policies with no excess available.
  • - UK based contact centre and 24/7 helpline.
  • - Over 40 years experience selling Travel Insurance.

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