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Travelling with an Allergy

Suffering with an allergy can cause apprehension, especially when booking your holiday. But taking out travel insurance, should an allergic reaction occur when you're away, can alleviate pre-holiday stress, as well as give you peace of mind when you're away.

How do I declare my existing allergy?

Should you wish to declare your allergy, simply fill in the insurance quote form above - you will automatically be transferred to our screening process. Following the completion of your screening a medical insurance policy may be provided.

Is an allergy a pre-existing medical condition?

It can be a little confusing to know which allergies are worth declaring as pre-existing medical conditions on a travel insurance policy, as allergies can vary in their severity. Something as simple as nut allergy can vary greatly in degrees of seriousness, some people experiencing only minor discomfort, while others suffering life-threatening symptoms.

As a general rule of thumb you should declare an allergy on your travel insurance if you have received a diagnosis, a prescription, a change in treatment or your condition has not remained stable in the period leading up to your policy start date.

What if I choose not to declare my allergy?

You must declare all medical conditions, allergies included. Should you choose not to, you will be liable for any medical costs issued throughout your holiday.

Similarly, if you require treatment for an undeclared condition and you haven't informed us, your policy will be rendered invalid and you won't be able to submit a claim.

Looking for information regarding a different condition?

With regard to any other medical conditions, be sure to have a read up on our pre-existing conditions travel insurance.

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