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Travelling with Dietary Requirements

You shouldn't let your dietary requirements limit whether or not you should go on a cruise. Most cruise lines provide services for those with special diets and can cater accordingly for your requirements either beforehand or on the day.

Food to take on a cruise

You're allowed to bring pre-packaged items on cruises, but due to the strict laws around contamination and customs, you're not allowed to bring fruit and vegetables or home-cooked food on board. These packages should not be opened and should not be perishable.

What not to eat on a cruise

If you're keen to avoid illness, you should avoid communal condiments or foods that could be contaminated easily at food buffets, especially if you have dietary requirements. For instance, if you see people using the same tongs for meat as they have for vegetables or if food is placed back in the wrong vat, this is usually a red flag.

Another great way to monitor your health while away is to avoid eating items that have been left out for a prolonged period of time i.e. meats on a buffet, as these could easily cause food poisoning. Take a cautious approach to eggs and fish which can potentially make you ill if they aren't replenished regularly.

Before going, check that your dietary requirements are catered for if you need special meals prepared. With so many people to cater for, it is advisable that you tell the chefs and check this when you arrive to ensure that you get the right meals.

It's always worth doing a bit of research and making sure you have taken out appropriate cruise travel insurance, especially when travelling with dietary requirements as this will protect you in the event of any unforeseen medical emergencies.

Best cruise lines for food allergies

Some cruise operators allow you to email a dietary requirements form to their team before you travel. You can expect a meeting to discuss your concerns and you can even pre-book food the night before to ensure that your needs are met.

Celebrity Cruises also allow you to alert them of dietary requirements 40 days before you travel and you'll be able to talk to the manager on entering the buffet hall to discuss your individual needs.

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