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Travelling with medication

Plan ahead

When it comes to making holiday preparations, making sure you are okay to travel with your medication needs to be somewhere near the top of your list. If you are prescribed medicine for a condition you have, talk to your doctor or practice nurse about your travel plans. Do this at least a month or so before your departure date and they may be able to help you if you need to make any special arrangements.

Check the rules and regulations:

  • Check the types of medicine they allow into the country you are visiting
  • Check the maximum quantity you are permitted to take with you
  • Certain prescription drugs in the UK could be controlled elsewhere
  • Contact the embassy of the country you are visiting and check

Can you carry medication in your hand luggage?

Don't worry if you need to carry medication in your hand luggage. Flying with medication is okay if this is essential medication and this includes inhalers and dietary foodstuffs. Airport, port or customs officials may open containers to screen the liquids at a security point. This is just protocol and ensures the safety of yourself and other travellers.

Make sure that with your medical bag, or bag for your medicine, in your hand luggage you have brought any necessary supporting documentation for the prescription. This could be a letter from your local GP or a copy of your prescription letter. This same applies if you are going to carry tablets in your hand luggage.

There are instances where medicine, needed on the plane, is exempt from the maximum 100ml liquid restriction but this would require a letter from your medical practitioner and make sure you seek prior approval with the airport and airline before flying with medication.

If you need to you are also able to carry certain essential medical equipment in your hand luggage.

Travel insurance with pre-existing medical conditions

If you have a pre-existing medical condition, it must be declared when booking travel insurance. Please check out this travel insurance page for customers with pre-existing medical conditions for further details.

A few tips and reminders if you're travelling with medication:

  • Be sure to take the correct amount of medication needed for your trip
  • Bear in mind suitcases could be delayed or lost in transit so split medications between bags (including hand luggage) where possible
  • Try and keep the medicine and equipment in original packaging with clear labels
  • If you need to keep medication at a specific temperature consider using a thermos flask, or cool pack
  • Remember a letter from your GP for prescription medicines if this is an essential requirement
  • If you are taking medication abroad check restrictions for taking medicine out of the UK
  • Check the restrictions of the country you're travelling to
  • Check the type or amount of medication you can travel with.

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