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Car Hire Excess and Travel Insurance

The thought of being hit with a hefty car hire charge whilst on holiday is not a comforting thought. At Holiday Extras we provide insurance to protect you against any large excess charges. By choosing one of our travel insurance policies you can then select car hire excess as an add-on, so you're covered if you encounter an unexpected bill from your car hire arrangement. So relax, enjoy your time cruising down the winding roads of the French Riviera and don't worry about any large pay-outs: we've got this.

Our travel insurance with car hire excess covers you for rental vehicle key, drop off charges and the costs of vehicle misfuelling. This car hire excess policy also includes comprehensive protection for rental vehicle lock out and loss of use of insured vehicle. With these extra benefits included it's far better to spend a small amount of your pre-holiday budget on protection rather than risk a chunk of your holiday spending money later.

Important - Car Hire excess cover is only available as an add-on when you book travel insurance with Holiday Extras and cannot be purchased as a stand alone product.

Don't breakdown over the thought of car hire excess!

All rental agreements come with an excess, including those you take out on holiday abroad. On a standard policy the point of car hire excess is perhaps to ensure drivers don't make a claim for every dent or scratch, which reduces the number of claims and can keep the insurers costs down. In some cases — particularly with car hire companies abroad — the car hire excess can be extremely high.

In simple terms travel insurance with car hire excess cover allows you to claim back some or all over the excess of the claim you make, though be advised to check the policy wording to see the exact cover amounts available. Some car rental companies abroad may offer their own excess waiver or collision damage waiver insurance, though this can be very costly. Remember that not having holiday insurance with car hire excess cover at all can prove even more expensive in the event of a claim.

You can book your travel insurance with car hire excess today by calling our UK-based call centre and speaking directly to a member of our insurance team on 0800 093 1900.

Car hire excess insurance summary of cover*

Below is the cover available on the excess amount shown in your rental agreement, which will be refunded if the insured vehicle is accidentally damaged, involved in an accident or stolen, during the rental period.

Limit (up to)
Excess / Deposit reimbursement
£7,500 (£10,000 within the policy year)
Misfuelling cover
£500 (£1000 within the policy year)
Rental car key cover
- Lost, stolen or damaged keys
- Lock out

£500 (£2,000 within the policy year)

*This is a summary of the main cover limits. It is advised to read the rest of the policy for the full terms and conditions

Travel insurance with car hire excess cover

What added comprehensive protection is also included?

Rental vehicle key cover

Rental vehicle key cover is included covering up to £500 for each claim incident (up to £2000 in total in any one policy year) to replace the keys to the insured vehicle if these are lost, stolen or damaged during the rental period. This also includes, where necessary, the costs to replace locks or for a locksmith to break into the insured vehicle.

Rental vehicle lock out

You will be paid up to £60 in total for the cost of a locksmith to open the insured vehicle without causing any damage, if you are left locked out of the insured vehicle during your rental period.

Rental vehicle misfuelling

If you take out this travel insurance with car hire excess policy, rental vehicle misfuelling cover is included as standard. Holiday Extras will pay up to £500 for each claim incident (up to £2000 in total for any one policy year) for the costs to clean out the engine and fuel system, if you put the wrong type of fuel into the insured vehicle. This will also include, where necessary, the costs to tow the insured vehicle to the local garage for the repairs to be carried out.

Loss of use of insured vehicle

Also included with this car hire excess cover is up to £25 per day (up to £300 in total), that you are unable to use the insured vehicle during the rental period because of illness or injury.

This will only apply if:

  • There is no other authorised driver able to drive the insured vehicle
  • You get written confirmation from a doctor that you have to be confined to bed for medical reasons and the dates you are unable to drive the vehicle

Car jacking

In the unfortunate event that this takes place within your car hire excess cover there is protection and we will pay you or your personal representative up to £1,000 in total, if you are physically assaulted by a third party during your rental period following:

  • the theft or attempted theft of the insured vehicle

Please note: Our travel insurance with car hire excess policy does not act as a replacement for your hire car insurance. It is an addition to your regular insurance policy that you will buy alongside your rental agreement — it may even be included in the rental price so it is worth shopping around!

It is also important to ensure that the policy with your car rental company does not already include car hire excess insurance. Unfortunately, some companies aren't always clear about what is covered under their insurance and it can be very expensive, so it pays to be wise about the small print!

Travel insurance with car hire excess cover

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