When thinking about going on a cruise, what month you choose to travel in can greatly affect your experience and the activities that you choose to do. With the right knowledge, you'll be able to plan accordingly for your needs, getting both the cheapest deals and the best weather conditions. A cruise can be the perfect holiday when you've chosen the best month.

Before going on a cruise, it's often worth taking out a reliable cruise travel insurance to protect you in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

Best time of year for a Mediterranean cruise

The summer months are the peak season of Mediterranean cruises, with hot and sunny weather enabling tourists to enjoy the on-shore locations and enjoy the beaches and port cities that you arrive at. The best times to visit the Mediterranean are in the spring and autumn, where it is still warm and dry but there are fewer tourists crowding the cruise ships and the ports.

What are the cheapest months for cruise travel?

The cheapest months for cruise travel are those between major holidays such as Christmas and those after the summer holidays in September and October. Caribbean cruises are also cheaper in late summer and autumn, but this is typically due to the hurricane season, so you may face adverse weather conditions whilst you're travelling.

The best time to travel would typically be in late autumn or spring, as it is still warm and dry in this season, without the effects of hurricanes or major weather events.

When is the off-season?

The off-season occurs during the winter months and either side of the summer holidays. Within these months, you can get the best deals and enjoy the benefits of less crowded cruise liners and locations.

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