Luxury Cruise Liners

Cruise ships can be some of the most lavish ways to spend a holiday, with luxury facilities and expensive suites ready for a special treat or a perfect honeymoon.

What is the world's most luxurious cruise ship?

Oasis of the Seas, made by Royal Caribbean, was the most expensive cruise ship ever made, costing $1.4 billion to build. The ship is 18 decks tall and is 362 metres in length, making it also one of the largest cruise ships ever made. Not only this, but the ship is also luxurious due to its vast selection of refined and thrilling activities that are incomparable with those on other ships.

The Oasis of the Seas has its own park, with over 12,000 trees on it, and an Aquatheatre with spectacular aquatic shows. There is also a 600-metre running track along with amazing versions of the usual cruise ship amenities such as a surf simulator and spa.

What is the most expensive cruise ship in the world?

Currently, the title of most expensive cruise ship is the Symphony of the Seas, made by Royal Caribbean and costing approximately $1.5bn to build. The largest suite on the ship is spread across two floors and is over 1,300 feet, making it perfect for families of up to 8 people. In this room, there is a slide to get between floors, an air hockey table, a ping pong table and a whirlpool hot tub on the balcony of the room. If that wasn't enough, the suite is also home to a personal cinema and a butler. This experience costs a whopping £50,000.

Even if you decide to travel on one of these luxury cruise liners, you should ensure that you take out cruise travel insurance to cover you in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

If you have £50,000 to spare, this might be the perfect holiday for those that want to simply sit back and relax with a ship full of amenities at your fingertips, and even in your room itself.

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