Manchester Airport Departures

The waiting is nearly over, it’s almost time for you to zip up your case and set off for Manchester airport...and you can't wait!!


But, as is always the case, you feel a little disorganised. There just aren't enough hours in the day are there? So you are left questioning...are you ready for your Manchester departure? Which terminal are you flying from? What time do you need to arrive? What is the weather going to be like? All these questions need answering before you can set off with peace of mind.

April 2021
April 2021
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58 flights departing Manchester Airport on 21/04/21.

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Flight Departure
IB7552 21/04/21 07:00
KL1070 21/04/21 07:15
IB7556 21/04/21 14:20
QR6254 21/04/21 07:00
AA6618 21/04/21 07:00
BA1385 21/04/21 07:00
BA1391 21/04/21 14:20
AA6488 21/04/21 14:20
QR6257 21/04/21 14:20
SI7028 21/04/21 17:00
TK1996 21/04/21 16:30
EK18 21/04/21 14:05
RJ3008 21/04/21 12:10
LM28 21/04/21 17:00
UL2353 21/04/21 13:15
G35281 21/04/21 11:10
VS6927 21/04/21 11:10
NZ4282 21/04/21 13:15
VS6720 21/04/21 11:10
LH943 21/04/21 11:10
QF8018 21/04/21 14:05
OS7366 21/04/21 11:10
UL3522 21/04/21 08:10
LM2149 21/04/21 20:00
LM2125 21/04/21 16:30
LM2195 21/04/21 20:00
LM2107 21/04/21 08:35
LM2159 21/04/21 08:35
GA9051 21/04/21 09:40
FR553 21/04/21 08:05
AM6502 21/04/21 11:10
KL1074 21/04/21 11:10
MU1702 21/04/21 11:10
CZ7473 21/04/21 11:10
MF9656 21/04/21 11:10
AF1669 21/04/21 11:10
DL8449 21/04/21 11:10
KE6396 21/04/21 11:10
TK1994 21/04/21 10:50
DL9505 21/04/21 11:10
HX1422 21/04/21 13:15
AZ3537 21/04/21 11:10
EY22 21/04/21 13:15
KQ1074 21/04/21 11:10
UL3526 21/04/21 21:40
CI9496 21/04/21 07:15
JU7641 21/04/21 07:15
G35692 21/04/21 07:15
CZ7670 21/04/21 07:15
AZ3750 21/04/21 07:15
DL9507 21/04/21 07:15
PS9483 21/04/21 07:15
MF9790 21/04/21 05:55
MH9875 21/04/21 07:00
VS6925 21/04/21 07:15
GA9475 21/04/21 11:10
BT6018 21/04/21 07:15
GA9761 21/04/21 07:15
Baggage Allowance

Fear not, your Manchester departure need not be chaotic and rushed, with you rummaging around your bag, pulling out torn airport car park directions and crumpled tickets. Our Manchester departures live timetable will help you find your live flight, thus uncovering a whole world of useful information.

With so many daily Manchester departures it is vital that you have your plans sorted before you set off. Simply enter your flight number, airline or destination and the dates you are travelling into the fields above and you find your exact flight.

Holiday Extras' helpful Manchester departures live information will enable you to dot your i’s and cross your t’s. It is packed full of information such as: which terminal your Manchester flight will depart from, what the weather is like at both Manchester and your chosen destination, your check in time, baggage details plus lot's more.

Manchester Departures - live

There could be many reasons why you need to check our live Manchester departures timetable. Maybe you have an upcoming flight that you want to check the status on, or you have to take a friend or family member to the airport and need to check which terminal it is they need. No matter the reason, our Manchester departures live and future flight finder will help you to find all the information you need, even if it is only to make sure the sun is still shining at your chosen destination.

Using the filter above you can easily find the flight you need from the thousands of daily Manchester departures, helping you to plan with ease, leaving you to have a hassle-free journey.

Manchester Departures - which terminal

Manchester Airport houses 60 airlines and between them they provide flights to over 200 destinations, as you can imagine this generates a lot of people thus causing a lot of traffic. It is therefore vital to be prepared for your Manchester Airport departure and knowing which terminal you are flying from is undoubtedly something that you should check, confirm and check again, just to be sure!

That’s where we come in, our Manchester Airport departures table will tell you the live status of your flight, the recommended time you should arrive at the airport and which terminal at Manchester Airport you need as well a lots more relevant information tailored to your flight.

With so many Manchester departures each and every day, we understand how vital it is to get your pre-holiday arrangements right, the last thing you want to do is turn up unsure of where you need to be. Knowing which terminal you are due to depart from at Manchester Airport can aid your plans significantly, even if your holiday is months away, knowing what terminal you need means you can book your Manchester airport parking in advance, saving you money and even find an overnight airport hotel should you need one.

Despite what the reason may be, finding out which terminal you need at Manchester Airport can help to eliminate any pre-holiday stress.

Terminal travel information:

There are 3 terminals at Manchester airport, aptly named Terminal 1, 2 and 3.

Terminals 1 and 2 are linked by the airports skylink and have very convenient travelators to aid passengers with the 10-15 minute walk. Terminal 3 is also linked to Terminal 1 and to the skylink by a covered walkway, so passengers are able to make their way between the terminals easily, this is especially useful if they arrive at the airport unsure of their Manchester departure and which terminal they need.

The skylink also links the three terminals to the railway station. Having the train station located so close to the airport opens up a whole network of public transport options, making the airport extremely accessible, 24 hours a day.

The transport links are varied and frequent, coaches, National Express buses, trains and taxis all operate and will drop you as close to the airport as possible, depending on which terminal your Manchester departure is operating from, some coaches even drop you right to the terminal door.

The National Express buses run an extensive range of reliable services, they operate to and from Manchester Airport and transport you all over the UK. There are 2 bus stops, one at Terminal 1 bus station and one at the Arrivals Hall for Terminal 2.

The train station is at the heart of Manchester Airport, it is connected to all three terminals via the skylink. The station provides a quick and efficient service to destinations across the UK.

Many things make up your Manchester departure - which terminal you are flying from and the services you require being the most important details that allow you to plan your holiday properly. Our live Manchester departures list tells you not only which terminal you need but also flight details that are specific to your flight, information about the airline, details about the aircraft you will be seated on and the weather at your destination.

Manchester airport departures - British airways

Terminal 3 was formerly known as the British Airways Terminal. Having major dominance and a multi million pound terminal designed - Manchester airport departures and British Airways went hand in hand. However, although British Airways still fly out of Manchester they have scaled down their departures from the airport.

If you have an upcoming Manchester airport departure, British Airways have an online check-in service or alternatively you can use the self-service kiosks at the airport. BA have always been keen to save their passengers as much time as they can, allowing more free time to enjoy the facilities at the airport.

Manchester departures - easyJet

Making its home at Terminal 1, easyJet contribute to a vast number of the 11 million passengers passing through the terminal at Manchester departures. easyJet provide passengers with short-haul flights to over 30 European destinations.

EasyJet departures from Manchester require online check-in. This is for passengers who are travelling with hold luggage only and also with bags that need to be checked in. Once you have checked in you have from 30 days to 2 hours before your flight to print your boarding card.

The easyJet bag drop is based in the main hall on level 5 in Terminal 1. You can drop your bag at any one of the desks from 2 hours before your flight.

Using our filters above you can select your easyJet flight from the live Manchester airport departures timetable by entering your destination, your flight number or selecting easyJet. This will provide you with lots of useful information, not only for your flight but also for your specific destination.

Manchester departures Jet2

British, low-cost airline Jet2, use Terminal 1 at Manchester Airport to fly to 43 destinations across Europe.

Jet2 pride themselves on offering super cheap flights whilst still understanding what passengers want. They offer great flight times; late morning and early afternoon times allows passengers to arrive at Manchester Airport for their departure feeling refreshed and not rushed.

If your Manchester departure with Jet2 is coming soon you will be pleased to know they offer a 22kg baggage allowance. The slightly increased allowance compared to other airlines means holidaymakers have that little extra bit of space to pack what they need or to bring home souvenirs from their holiday.

If you use our live Jet2 departures list, that's specific to departures from Manchester Airport you will be able to find a whole manner of information relevant to your flight and chosen destination.

Book Manchester Airport Parking and Hotels

Don't pay for your parking when you arrive at Manchester Airport - save up to 60% by booking your space in advance with Holiday Extras. We have a choice of off-airport park and ride services that could save you even more money or perhaps you'd prefer a Meet and Greet service to make it all that bit easier.

If your departure from Manchester Airport is at an hour that drags you out of bed at an unkind hour or leads you through peak-hour traffic, take a look at our amazing deals on Manchester Airport hotels. A room near the airport is often cheaper than people realise and can make a huge difference to the start or end of your holiday.

Drop off/pick up details

You are not permitted to park for more than a few minutes at the airport terminal drop off areas, so if you expect to be a little while, you should use the Short Stay car parks.

Terminal 1
On your approach to terminal 1 you will pass the Hilton hotel and then the Bewleys hotel on your left. Follow the ramp in the left lane to the departures level and you will see a sign for the drop off/pick up car park on your left.

Terminal 2
Follow signs for terminal 2, leading to a roundabout with the Radisson hotel on the other side. Take the 3rd exit up the ramp to the terminal and move into the right hand lane to arrive at the drop off area.

Terminal 3
From the M56, follow signs for Terminals 1 and 3. You will pass the Hilton hotel and then the Bewleys hotel on your your left. At the next roundabout, take the 1st exit and continue to a mini roundabout. Take the 3rd exit and continue to another mini roundabout. Take the 2nd exit to the terminal building where you will find the drop off area.

Short Stay Parking
If you need to hang about for more than a couple of minutes, you should park in the Short Stay car park outside your terminal. Prices for Manchester Airport Short Stay are as follows:*

  • Up to 30 mins: £2
  • Up to 1 hour: £4
  • Up to 2 hours: £6
  • Up to 4 hours: £12
  • Up to 16 hours: £24

*Prices shown were correct as of 14th July May, 2013.

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