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Travelling abroad as a Diabetic

Will flying affect my diabetes?

You might be concerned, wondering how type 1 diabetes can affect your flying but if you prepare in advance there will be no need to worry - diabetes will not keep you grounded. Flight delays and the changes to your normal routine (like sitting whilst waiting for a plane) can have an affect on your blood sugar so ensure you test regularly and remember to keep snacks handy.

How much medication for diabetes will I need to pack?

The NHS advise that when you are travelling abroad with diabetes you pack 3 times as much insulin, test strips, lancets, needles and glucose tablets as you would expect to need just to ensure your safety for your time away (you never know if your flight could be delayed and taking extra is always a good precaution).

If you would like advice about taking medication abroad in general, including the types of medicine and equipment that can be carried in your hand luggage, then have a read of our travelling with medication page to find out more.

Handy holiday tips travelling with diabetes:

  • Take snacks with you
  • Pack 3 times as much medicine and equipment as you would normally need
  • Take a cool bag to stop your insulin getting too hot
  • Remember a letter from your GP
  • Be prepared to test more whilst you're away - hot and cold weather can affect your blood glucose levels
  • Speak to your GP about the right dosage for your trip

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