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ZSL London Zoo Short Breaks

ZSL London Zoo Short Breaks

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ZSL London Zoo Short Breaks with Hotel

Experience a family break that's full of lions, tigers and bears ... oh my!

Prepare for your next family adventure with a fun-filled trip to ZSL London Zoo. Run by the Zoological Society of London (ZSL), London Zoo in Regent's Park houses an incredible collection of over 750 species of animals including lions, tigers, gorillas, penguins and more. Set across more than 35 acres of beautifully landscaped grounds, booking a short break to London Zoo, with a hotel stay nearby, is an ideal way of experiencing a truly wild family getaway in the UK's capital.

Experience activities that are fun for all ages including a visit to the Dark Owl Emporium to see the Zoo's majestical owls demonstrate their nocturnal abilities. Children and adults alike can also make treats for the Zoo's short-tailed bats at the Zoo's Bat Cave activity zone. Be prepared to meet rats, bats, spiders and owls in the Black Widow's Lair and browse the Victorian Grim Curiosity Shop to see some eerie and mysterious objects from ZSL's historical collections – there's even a surprise reptilian guest too!

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All London Zoo Breaks include:

  • Admission Ticket to London Zoo
  • An unforgettable overnight stay in your choice of 3*, 4* or 5* hotel
  • A delicious breakfast the following morning
  • Room amenities such as Wi-Fi, TV, toiletries and tea and coffee making facilities

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You're spoilt for choice with the accommodation we have on offer for your London Zoo short break. Choose between a variety of stylish and comfortable 3*, 4* and 5* hotels nearby, that are situated in the heart of London and just a lion's roar from the Zoo. Offering hotels that are located in central London, you can enjoy a relaxing night's stay and be within walking distance of many of London's iconic attractions - as well as an endless variety of restaurants, bars and cafés.

Situated as little as 1 mile away from the attraction, check out our hotels near London Zoo below:

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Top Areas To Explore at ZSL London Zoo

There are three one-way routes around London Zoo for you and your family to choose from, depending on how much time you're spending at the Zoo. If you're planning on a quick trip, then take the shortest BLUE Route around the Zoo. Discover amazing species including western lowland gorillas, tigers, white colobus monkeys, white-naped mangabeys, camels, various birds and red river hogs. The ORANGE Route starts at the end of the BLUE Route and allows you to explore more of the Zoo and discover lions, penguins, llamas, langur monkeys, flamingos, donkeys, goats, porcupines, coatis, mongoose, vultures, pelicans, and macaws.

If you're keen to discover as much of London Zoo as possible, then follow the PINK Route where you'll discover giraffes, zebras, African hunting dogs, warthogs, okapi, pygmy hippos, lemurs, otters, and meerkats (as well all the species along the other two routes). All three of these routes finish in the Zoo's central courtyard so you can take them in any order and as many times as you wish, as long as you remain in the Zoo!

Whilst you're there don't forget to check out...

  • Land of the Lions - The biggest and most breathtaking experience to feature at ZSL London Zoo, the Land of the Lions presents an incredible 'windowless view' into the big cats' enclosure. An exhilarating experience, enter the amphitheatre-style Lion's temple and peer into the enclosure to see the Big Cats just metres away and separated from you only by very fine wires.
  • Tiger Territory - Tiger Territory is home to critically endangered Sumatran tigers and immerses visitors in the tiger's rich habitat. You'll come face to face with the tigers through the floor to ceiling glass windows.
  • Gorilla Kingdom - Get up close to the Zoo's Western Lowland gorillas in a natural environment that mimics their African rainforest. Take a peek at the gorillas and see what they're up to before learning a bit more about them through interactive activities and exhibits.
  • Penguin Beach - Visit Penguin Beach and watch the birds waddle around their enclosure before diving into the clear water. Catch a glimpse of the penguins shooting through the water from the underwater viewing bubble and discover why this attraction is called 'Penguin Beach'!
  • Reptile House - See komodo dragons, tortoises and extremely venomous snakes. A visit to the Zoo's Reptile House is the ideal experience for any fans of the Harry Potter films because a scene from Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, involving Harry and a talking Burmese python, was filmed at the Reptile House.
  • Rainforest Life - This indoor exhibit introduces visitors to life living in a humid and sticky rainforest. Come face to face with a number of rainforest residents, including monkeys, sloth and armadillo. Once you step into the night-life area, the light will dim and you'll discover bats, rats and other nocturnal wonders.
  • Meet the Monkeys - Walk through this outdoor enclosure that opens up into the skies of London and watch out for squirrel monkeys scurrying between branches. The enclosure houses a breeding group of black-capped squirrel monkeys and is designed to recreate the Bolivian rainforests as closely as possible.
  • Children's Zoo - Smaller children will love the Children's Zoo – they can visit the Touch Zone and pat goats, sheep and chickens and enjoy the educational play areas.