Book Cruise Travel Insurance for pre-existing medical conditions

At Holiday Extras, we want to make sure your travel insurance policy fits your needs before your cruise leaves the port. If you're suffering with a medical condition, then finding a reasonably priced travel insurance policy for your cruise excursions isn't always easy. Whilst other insurance providers tend to hike up their premiums for cruise travellers with medical conditions, we like to do things a little differently. Instead, our medical insurance team tailor individual policies to suit your medical condition and how you like to travel.

To book your policy, fill in the quote form above. Once you complete a medical screening process declaring any pre-existing medical conditions you have, you'll receive a comprehensive quote.

What protection does the cruise insurance upgrade provide?

In addition to your medical cover, lost baggage and cancellation cover provided by your medical conditions travel insurance policy, cruise protection provides cover for the unique aspects of holiday, including:

  • Missed port departure
  • Cabin confinement - should an illness breakout onboard
  • Unused excursions - so you don't have to face an empty pocket
  • Cruise itinerary change

Travel Insurance and the FCDO

Our travel insurance coverage continues to be based on the latest FCDO advice, and is not impacted by the new traffic light system. Please always refer to the latest FCDO advice to ensure there are no advisories against travel which may affect your travel insurance policy.

Booking your cruise cover

You can book your cruise travel insurance with medical conditions policy online or by placing a call to our friendly team at the Kent-based call centre. It's free to call and our team will be happy to discuss our available cover levels and take you through the whole process with one simple payment.

Travel Insurance Reviews

If you buy a travel insurance policy with Holiday Extras, then you can be assured of comprehensive cover from an Award-Winning Provider. Check out what some of our cruise partners think of our service!

"Holiday Extras offer our guests cruise specific policies that give them peace of mind and confidence when booking their cruise"
Clive Jones | Senior Director | Guest Services | Prestige Cruise Holdings (Regent Seven Seas Cruises & Oceania Cruises)
"With Holiday Extra's dedicated Cruise insurance policy, our customers are able to be totally confident that they have high-quality insurance cover in place specifically designed for a cruise holiday at sea"
Jeremy Hatton | Head of Customer Services | Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines

Trustpilot Reviews

We have also been rated Excellent by Trustpilot. Please read a few of our travel insurance reviews below, to help you decide on the policy that's right for you!


What if I fall ill before my cruise holiday?

If you happen to fall ill prior to your cruise and therefore, unfit to travel, you might have to abandon your hopes of a cruise holiday and will need a policy offering cancellation cover. With some cruise lines, you could receive a refund from your cruise line if you notify them 75 days before you travel. Of course, an unexpected illness is almost impossible to predict! However, by obtaining a travel insurance policy with cancellation cover means your wallet won't take such a hit if you aren't able to go on your cruise due to illness.

What if I need medical treatment throughout my cruise trip?

Should you fall ill throughout your cruise and require emergency medical treatment beyond the cruise ships medical centre, you will be taken to the closest shore. If you do not have a suitable travel insurance policy then you could face some hefty charges depending on where the nearest port is, or if you require an air ambulance. For example, an air ambulance from the USA (east coast) back to the UK can cost in the region of £35k-£45k — something we can cover you for if it's deemed necessary. Protect your pocket by purchasing appropriate cover before you step aboard.

What if I choose not to declare all of my medical conditions?

If you choose not to declare some, or all, of your pre-existing conditions when booking your cruise travel insurance then you are invalidating your policy. If you require emergency medical treatment directly related to a pre-existing (diagnosed) condition that you withheld at the time of booking, your insurance will not cover your medical bills.

What if my health circumstances have changed since I bought my policy?

It is important that you notify Holiday Extras if anything happens between the date you bought the policy and the start of your trip that might mean that you have to claim on your policy. It's essential that you tell us, during this time, if you have visited a medical establishment because of any of the following:

  • a change in your health
  • a new diagnosis
  • a new course of treatment
  • a change in medication, or
  • a referral from a GP to a clinic, hospital or specialist for tests

Can I buy travel insurance for a cruise if I'm over 80 years old?

Yes, if you're a senior over 80 years of age and are looking for travel insurance with pre-existing medical conditions then we have no upper age limit on our single trip cruise policy with a maximum duration of 180 days per trip. If you purchase an Annual policy there is a maximum age limit of 85 years, provided each trip has a maximum duration of 31 days.

Can I claim if I suffer a fall on the cruise ship?

Yes, depending on the circumstances your cruise policy would cover any medical expenses incurred following a fall, up to the sum insured on the policy. Similarly, we would cover legal expenses should you take legal action against the cruise line where the cruise line could be held liable for the injury (up to the level insured on the policy).

How to avoid slips or trips on your cruise

Everyone knows a slip or a trip is the last thing you'd want to happen when you're enjoying a relaxing cruise. These can lead to falls which result is nasty injuries. These kinds of accidents are unfortunately very common on cruises because the ship's at the mercy of the sea and weather, with no real solid ground and even experienced seamen have been caught off guard!

There are several risk factors involved which commonly include the following:

  • The weather
  • Surfaces with water or spilled drinks
  • Inappropriate footwear, or casual footwear with smooth soles
  • Unfamiliar surroundings
  • Uneven floors

This being said cruising is extremely popular and cruise lines should have health and safety procedures in place onboard. These include lighting, flooring appropriate to the situation and necessary warning signs, handrails and ramps with grip-tape. Also, staff training and equipment maintenance is taken into account. If you are concerned about possible falls that may take place on your cruise you can always speak to your travel agent or get in touch with the cruise liner and let them know your concerns.

A few tips that you can follow to help you avoid the risk of slips and trips include the following:

  • Wear sensible footwear, preferably shoes with traction
  • Use handrails for balance in bathtubs and showers (where possible)
  • Use the handrail when climbing stairs
  • Look out for wet surfaces, especially around pools
  • Be cautious when walking around dining areas for spills and obstacles (for instance chairs that haven't been tucked in)

Accidents can happen but if you're mindful and take care when moving around the ship you could be prepared for any potential hazards and avoid unnecessary injury!

Further Information on Cruising

If you are preparing to step aboard and would like some tips and advice before you leave then check out a few of our helpful guides listed below, providing tips on everything from travelling with a dietary requirement, to recommendations of the best cruises for adults!

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