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Can your child travel alone in a taxi?

Taxis can be a useful mode of transport, whether it's to get us home after a long day of work, or to get from point A to B in an unfamiliar city. While taxis can be great for adults, what if it's necessary for your child to use a taxi alone? What are the rules and regulations regarding a child travelling alone in a taxi?

children travelling alone in a taxi

At what age can a child travel alone in a taxi?

Though there is no specific age limit for a child to ride alone in a taxi, there are some limitations you need to be aware of. For example, it is illegal, for a child under 135cm or 12 years old to travel without the appropriate booster or car seat. This means they can't travel in the front seat of a taxi, without these extra measures. For this reason it's advised for the child to sit in the the back, but this is not strictly enforced.

If you call ahead, the taxi company may be able to provide a booster seat, but it's always best to ensure your child has their own in case one isn't available.

Advice for parents sending their child alone in a taxi

If you do need to send your child to a destination alone in a taxi, then it's worth bearing in mind the following tips:

  • Only use reputable taxi companies
  • Provide the necessary booster seats if required
  • Provide your child with any snacks and water they might need

It's also important to note that while it's the responsibility of the driver to safely convey your child to their destination, it's not their job to parent and discipline. If you know you're child is likely to act up during the journey, it may be best not to let them travel alone in a taxi.

Should I book children's travel insurance?

Perhaps your child is travelling alone as part of a trip to visit family abroad. In this case, it may be worth considering taking out a children's travel insurance policy which offers cover for things like baggage, cancellations and medical emergencies.

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