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Gatwick Departures

Jetting off on holiday soon? Hurrah! Good times are ahead and you've come to the right place to check on the Gatwick departures.

Have a look at the list below for live status updates of all Gatwick departure flights today or use the filters to change the date and search by airline. Thanks to our live updates you'll always know exactly what's going on with your flight from Gatwick.

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Thu 2 May 2024
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Gatwick Departures FAQs

Which flights from Gatwick have been cancelled today?

No flights from Gatwick cancelled today - that's what we all hope to see, but flight cancellations are an unfortunate part of travel, even from the bigger commercial airports such as Gatwick so it's always a good idea to keep an eye on your flight details ahead of time. There are flight information boards dotted around the airport and you can often find them in lounges, connected airport hotels and car parks so you can check which flights from Gatwick have been cancelled

On the go? Still relaxing in your hotel bed close to the airport? Don't worry, you can always check the status of all flights at Gatwick, including cancellations, with our handy flight tracker at the top of the page.

What flights left Gatwick today?

With so many flights flying out of Gatwick North and South terminals each day, around 300 - 450 depending on season, it can be tricky to find a particular one. Use our Gatwick live departures table to see what flights left Gatwick today, you can also filter your results by time, terminal, airline, and destination to help you find what you are looking for.

What flights are leaving Gatwick tomorrow?

Take a look at Gatwick departures for tomorrow by using our handy Gatwick live departures table, you can easily select the date you are looking for and see the full list of flights leaving from Gatwick, then narrow it down by time, terminal, airline and destination.

How many terminals does Gatwick have?

Gatwick airport has 2 terminals, the North Terminal, which opened in 1988 and handles flights for 12 airlines and the South Terminal, which was the only terminal when the new Gatwick Airport was opened in 1958. The South Terminal is home to over 40 airlines.

Are Gatwick departures north or south?

Gatwick Departures operate from both the North and South Terminals, however the majority of airlines fly from the South Terminal.

How do I know what gate my flight is at?

Gate information will be available at the airport on the flight information screens once the flight is ready and has been allocated a specific gate. You'll find these screens throughout the airport, including near restaurants, in the lounges and even in the reception areas of most hotels and car parks close to Gatwick Airport.

How early do I need to be at Gatwick airport?

Whatever time of day your flight from Gatwick departs, it is recommended you arrive at the airport at least two hours prior to your departure time. This is to allow time to check-in and pass through security which can sometimes be a lengthy process depending on the popularity of flights departing at that time of day. Even if you are flying out at a bleary-eyed hour in the morning, it is still recommended you allow this length of time to be safe.

Online check-in - Many airlines allow you to check-in online from 30 days up to 48 hours before your departure time. You will need to visit your airline website and log in with your booking details to confirm.

What is the baggage allowance?

There are strict regulations about the size of hand luggage permitted and the items you can take through security at Gatwick. Take a look at these airport restrictions here. If you need some packing tips we've got you covered, make the most of your space and make sure you don't leave anything behind!

For details about the hold baggage allowance, you will need to check with your airline about your booking. If you have a booking confirmation, this should contain the luggage allowance applicable to your reservation as well as contact details on how to change this if needed.

How long does it take to get through passport control at Gatwick?

On a busy day during peak times it can take over an hour to get through passport control, during quieter times it can take between 5 to 20 minutes. We strongly recommend getting yourself a fast track pass which will allow you to use a priority lane at Gatwick passport control, getting you through much quicker. This pass is particularly helpful for those travelling with the elderly, children or those who may have trouble standing in line for long periods.

What is the quietest time to fly from Gatwick?

From midday to early afternoon on a weekday is generally the quietest time to fly from Gatwick, particularly mid-week as a lot of people will fly out on Monday for a week-long holiday or Friday for a weekend trip. You may also find that Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning can be quieter as a lot of people will already be on holiday at this point. Very early in the morning or very late at night can also be calmer times at Gatwick, if you're looking to fly during these periods it might be worth considering an airport hotel to make the commute a little less painful.

We'd recommend avoiding early and mid-morning flights so you miss the get-up and go crowds, and early to mid-evening so you don't get caught up in the after work flyers. 7:00AM - 10:00AM and 4:00 PM - 7:00PM are considered rush hour periods so are best side-stepped if possible. On average Friday is the busiest flight day of the week with Tuesday being the quietest.

What to do in Gatwick Airport for 6 hours?

Airports are not normally famous for their entertainment or comfort, so it's fair to say most people don't want to be in them longer than necessary, but what to do if you are in Gatwick Airport for 6 hours? Here are some suggestions of ways to pass the time in this busy airport.

  • Shop... There are plenty of shops in the terminal where you can pick up some last minute necessities, or just treat yourself, it is holiday time after all. You can find a list of the shops by terminal on our Gatwick Airport shopping page.
  • Eat... Feeling peckish? Both terminals at Gatwick Airport have a range of options from dine-in experiences to a quick bite. You can see the full list here.
  • Lounge... The ultimate place to unwind and relax while you wait for your flight from Gatwick. Spend some time in a comfortable Gatwick Lounge where you can relax for up to 3 hours with free drinks and snacks.
  • Nap... Find yourself a comfy bench (there are some without armrests which work very well) and grab a few winks. Just remember to set an alarm so you don't miss your flight!
  • Surf... The web. The airport does have free WiFi which should be good enough for you to keep an eye on your socials, drop a couple of selfies and maybe even catch an episode or two of your favourite show while you wait.

Are there long queues at Gatwick airport?

Gatwick, the second largest London airport, is pretty busy. To reduce the chance of queues affecting your plans it's recommended that you arrive at least two hours before your flight to give yourself plenty of time to check-in and pass through security.

How can I book airport parking and hotels?

One of the easiest ways to improve your time at the airport is to get a good night's sleep before you fly, and with long commutes involved it's often best to book into an airport hotel. These hotels are close to your airport and are well-practised in making getting to your flight on time as simple as possible, often offering grab and go breakfasts in the early hours and simple transfers to get you to the terminal.

Combine the overnight stay with airport parking and you've got a recipe for success! Use our simple online booking system and we can get your stay, parking and any other extras you're looking for booked in a few short clicks. For even more convenience download our app and book everything on the go!

All information correct at time of writing. For the latest information please check with your airline.

Top Tips for flying from Gatwick Airport

Use online check-in: You can save a lot of time at Gatwick if your airline allows early online check-in, which most of them do now. By checking-in early you'll breeze through the airport and be ready for your departure with minimum fuss.

Drop your bags early: Where possible drop your bags off nice and early, this way you won't need to lug your baggage around the airport while you're waiting for your flight.

Book your parking in advance: Are you driving to Gatwick? If so we'd strongly recommend booking your Gatwick parking in advance as this can save you money versus paying the gate prices on the day.

Gatwick Airport Lounge: With all this time-saving you might find yourself in the airport with nothing to do while you wait to board, grabbing yourself access to a Gatwick lounge where you can unwind in comfort with free WiFi, drinks and food.

Grab a transfer: Once you've touched down at your destination make sure getting to your hotel is a breeze with one of our Airport transfers, with plenty of options from shared coaches to save money of private cars for the VIP experience.

Getting to Gatwick Airport

By Train: Getting to Gatwick Airport by train is a simple task with direct connections to over 120 train stations. The train station for Gatwick Airport is located at the South Terminal.

By Car: Gatwick is just south of London and is linked directly to the A23 Brighton Road and Junction 9 of the M23. The M25 is just a 10-minute drive away.

By Taxi: Don't want to drive to Gatwick? You could always look at booking a Gatwick Airport Taxi and let someone else do the driving for you.

By Bus: Gatwick Airport is connected to a host of bus and coach routes to help you get to the airport.

By Cycling: Gatwick Airport actually has a cycle route passing through it so if you've just got hand luggage and you're not that far away maybe a quick cycle to Gatwick is the answer?

Drop off: The Drop-off parking area at Gatwick costs £6 for 10 minutes of parking and then £1 per minute after that up to a maximum of £25. The longest you can stay in the Drop-off area is 30 minutes. If you need longer we'd recommned looking at the Short Stay car park as it is close to the terminal.

Popular Airlines at Gatwick
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Aer Lingus
British Airways
North & South
North & South
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