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Your checklist for travelling with your baby

Having a baby is a momentous occasion. It changes your life: the way you live, sleep, eat, work; it even affects how you travel. Extra precautions should be taken when you have a baby. Knowing how to stay organised and safe is important so that you and your baby can remain relaxed and calm during your trip.

How do you travel with a newborn on a plane?

Newborns can fly as early as 2 days after their birth on some airlines. Most, however, will require babies to be at least 2 weeks old. If they are younger, you might also need a letter from your GP stating that it's safe for your baby to fly. If your baby was born through a C-Section, however, you will need to wait at least 6 weeks after birth before you can fly.

You will also need to obtain a passport for your baby, as infants are no longer allowed to travel without one. This costs £49 and takes approximately 3 weeks to obtain, or 1 week with the fast-track service. Also make sure you have the right children's travel insurance policy.

When it comes to flying, you need to remember that, though many airlines allow children to fly without a seat, there is often a surcharge. This is often under £20, or 10-12% of your seat cost as well as the price for the extra luggage you will need for your baby.

What can you bring when flying with a baby?

You can bring almost everything you need when flying with your baby. From a pushchair to a to-go bag. Just remember that most baby lotions or nappy cream will need to be under the 100ml limit. The only exceptions to this 100ml limit are:

  • Baby food
  • Baby milk

Frozen breast milk is not allowed, and in many cases, you will need to have your baby with you to be allowed through with these items. Always notify the airport before you travel, to make the process easier.

Holiday packing list for travelling with a baby

On top of what your baby needs on a daily basis, you will also want to bring:

  • A bag with baby essentials
  • Suncream, hats, and thin long-sleeved clothes
  • A pushchair or stroller
  • A baby carrier you can strap to yourself

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