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Travelling with a Child Who Has Chickenpox

You're travelling through a tropical paradise with your family, and you realise your child has developed chickenpox. What do you do? There are countless questions that will be circling in your head, and this is something that may occur even before the departure of your scheduled family holiday. Chickenpox is a contagious disease that will cause the child discomfort due to the inflamed and red blisters that form all over their body. Here is what you need to do if you are travelling with a child who experiences these symptoms.

Can you still travel if your child has chickenpox?

Chickenpox is infectious. If another adult or child has not yet come into contact with the disease, it's likely it will spread. It's advisable that if your child is currently experiencing chickenpox, you postpone your travels until they are back to their regular health.

Can my child travel on a plane with chickenpox?

It's important to check the policy of the airline that you're flying with, as some can refuse passengers that suffer from a contagious disease. Chickenpox can stop you from flying, at the very least until the red blisters have scabbed.

Is it safe for a child to travel with chickenpox?

This particular disease brings with it more than just inflamed red spots. It also causes the child to suffer from fever, nausea and headaches, among other symptoms. It's always safer to wait at home until the signs and symptoms have disappeared.

The best advice for travelling with a child who has chickenpox

If you're currently abroad with your child and they have developed chickenpox along the way then you should:

  • Visit a local medical centre
  • Extend your holiday
  • Book extra accommodation
  • Leave time for rest and healing

Once your child is healthy once again, you can start getting ready to go home.

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