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Is your child travelling alone?

Your child may need to travel alone for a variety of reasons. There could be an emergency, or your child may need to head home without a parent present. If your child has to travel alone, this may cause additional stress.

When can a child travel alone on a plane?

A child can travel alone on a plane between 12 - 15 years of age. All airlines have different age requirements, so do check yours before you book to ensure that your child can travel unaccompanied. Children under the age of 12 will always need to be accompanied by an adult who is 16 years of age or older. Always check the rules and regulations of the airline you are flying with for any changes before your child flies. Rules can change between booking and boarding, so you need to be aware before you send your child off on an unaccompanied flight.

Good news! Now at Holiday Extras, we are able to offer children-only policies through our Single Trip policies. However, we must stress that under an Annual Multi-Trip policies, anyone under 18 must travel with an adult.

children flying alone

We now sell children's travel insurance policies online, rather than just over the phone.

Top tips for children flying solo

Holiday Extras

If your child is about to fly alone, here are some useful tips:

  • Put all of their important documents in one secure location
  • Provide the money to buy food and drinks at the airport
  • Ensure they have all emergency contact numbers
  • Provide them with a checklist they can go through to ensure they have everything
  • Stay in contact with them before and after they fly

It is also best to know your child and to adapt to their needs. Provide them with everything that they need to make their trip more comfortable, so that they can get through the airport stress-free.

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