Japan Car Hire Excess Cover

Making up almost 7000 islands, the pacific archipelago of Japan has a seemingly infinitesimal amount on offer for the intrepid traveller. It's no surprise that holidaymakers return year after year on an almost annual pilgrimage. With the major islands of Japan being connected by a vast network of bridges, taking to the road and hiring a car is one of the best ways to see the entire country; all at your own pace.

If you're looking to get behind the wheel and explore all Japan has to offer, it's important that you're protected. Although rare, accidents can happen, so at Holiday Extras, we want to make sure you're covered against potentially huge charges. That's where car hire excess insurance comes in.

Note: This policy is not a motor insurance policy, nor is it a primary damage policy covering the insured vehicle. Section 1 of this policy only covers the amount of the excess you are responsible for under the terms of your rental agreement and not the full value of the insured vehicle itself.

Often hidden within the small print of an insurance policy, car hire excess charges can easily be overlooked. In simple terms, a car hire excess is the compulsory amount you would be expected to pay towards damage to a rented vehicle, should any damage to the vehicle occur. Unfortunately, these charges vary from provider to provider, so you could be agreeing to a voluntary excess in the high hundreds for something as minor as a scratch to paintwork. For a comprehensive breakdown of Car Hire Excess Insurance, see here.

At Holiday Extras, we'll make sure your excess is covered so, in the unfortunate case of something happening while the rental vehicle is in your care, we'll make sure that all excess charges are reimbursed back to you. Holiday Extras also provides travel insurance for your entire trip, or car hire excess cover as an add-on to your comprehensive travel insurance cover, should you need it.

It is also worth noting that we accept all ages between 18-85 years old from the date the policy was issued. This is specifically for car hire excess only, and not our single trip travel insurance which has no upper age restrictions.

Car hire excess insurance summary of cover*

Limit (up to)
Excess / Deposit reimbursement
£7,500 (£10,000 within the policy year)
Misfuelling cover
£500 (£1000 within the policy year)
Rental car key cover
- Lost, stolen or damaged keys
- Lock out

£500 (£2,000 within the policy year)

*This is a summary of the main cover limits. It is advised to read the rest of the policy for the full terms and conditions

Tokyo Olympics 2020

2020 sees the summer games come to Tokyo. One of the most popular events globally, Japan will be come a hub of passionate sporting activity. Hiring a car is an excellent way to get around during this time, as with the massive increase of visitors to the country, public transport is likely to feel the strain of such an influx. By hiring a car, you'll completely eliminate the constraints of the public transport system, and will have the freedom to move from the sporting venues throughout Japan that host the event. Car Hire excess cover will keep your excess protected should anything happen to the vehicle while in your possession.

Daily car hire excess insurance

If you're only thinking of travelling to Japan once or twice in a single year,** then daily car hire excess insurance is the option for you. With daily car hire excess insurance, you'll only be paying for the days of your car hire cover period. This policy is valid for single trips that do not exceed 94 consecutive days.

Annual car hire excess insurance

Whether it's for business or pleasure, if you're someone who's a frequent annual visitor to Japan, then it's worth considering an annual insurance policy. Not only will you make savings on booking each cover individually, but you'll also save time and hassle of going through the same process over and over. One booking, and you're all set for the year! As long as each individual trip doesn't exceed 62 consecutive days, you'll make huge savings on your car hire excess insurance.

Making a claim

If you need to make a claim on your car hire insurance policy, the process is both simple and straightforward. Here's some important information on what you'll need to make a general claim:

  • Your original policy schedule, vehicle rental agreement and travel documents showing the dates and times of travel
  • Original bills or invoices you are asked to pay
  • Original receipts and accounts for any out-of-pocket expenses you have to pay
  • A copy of the driving license of the person driving the insured vehicle at the time of the accident.

Top Japan Travel Tips

If you're looking for some top things to do in Japan, look no further than our comprehensive Japan Travel Guide:

**The only countries excluded from our cover are Afghanistan, Belarus, Congo, Iran, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Liberia, North Korea, Burma, Sudan and Zimbabwe (as well as any destinations to which the government advises against travel).

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