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A quintessential dish of Japan that absolutely everyone must try is ramen. This broth-based soup is incredibly tasty and has a variety of different toppings to suit everyone tastes and needs. You will be able to seek ramen in most places across Japan.

What is ramen?

You might be most familiar with ramen from the Styrofoam cups you can get at the local shop, but it is actually of Japanese origin and far more luxurious. It is a dish made with thin wheat-based noodles and is served in a flavourful broth. Ramen is topped with a mixture of vegetables and meats, but the specifics vary. You can have Shio ramen, Shoyu ramen, or miso ramen, and then a variety of toppings.

  • Shio: salt based broth
  • Shoyu: soy sauce broth
  • Miso: fermented soybean broth

There are also a variety of types of noodles to choose from. From wheat-based to rice-based, to egg-based, there is a flavour and texture out there for everyone to enjoy.

Top 5 ramen restaurants in Tokyo

When it comes to ramen in Tokyo, you are absolutely spoiled for choice. From cheap eats to luxury dining, there is something for everyone.

  • Nakiryu, a Michelin-star ramen restaurant
  • Haru, featuring a special thick broth
  • Toripaitan Kageyama, for a chicken broth variation
  • Ushio, a great mix of modern and traditional
  • Ramen Gonokami Seisakujo, an innovative ramen restaurant

You will find many great tasting ramen locations throughout the city. Just remember when you go to secure pocket Wi-Fi so you can see the reviews before you go. This pocket Wi-Fi, along with other precautions like Japan travel insurance, can give you the confidence to be more adventurous with your ramen tasting and help you navigate the streets.

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