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Japan is an all-encompassing country, with traditional architecture and food intermingled with electronic districts and a love of anime. A hot destination for cherry blossoms and delicious sushi, Japan is a must-visit destination for most travellers.

Top 5 things to see and do in Japan

Japan can be difficult to navigate. While locals are friendly and will always try to help, there is a language barrier which travellers may find difficult. Before setting out on your adventure, you will want to purchase:

  • A Japan Rail Pass
  • Check if your Japan travel insurance covers natural disasters
  • Pocket Wi-Fi (you cannot get a SIM card unless you are a resident)

Furthermore, stay updated with the latest news regarding Japan.


Tokyo can offer you everything and more. Visit its shrines, its world-class art museums and explore the weird and wonderful streets of Harajuku.


Kyoto is the historical capital of Japan and as such has many stunning temples and shrines. From the historical Gion district (where you could spot a Geisha) to the infamous Fushimi Inari Shrine, you won't ever want to leave.


The perfect day trip to enjoy a tranquil experience and pet some tame deer, Nara is a train journey from Osaka and makes a great day out.

Mount Fuji & Hakone

What's a trip to Japan without seeing Mount Fuji? Climb the volcanic peak or any of the surrounding hills for a great experience amongst nature. When you are done, enjoy the surrounding Hakone region and its infamous lake.


Visit the reconstructed Osaka castle, and enjoy a day at the park.

Remember, its always better to visit a few places more thoroughly than to try and rush through everything available. It will improve your trip and give you a reason to return!

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