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What food makes you think of Japan more than sushi? This nationwide favourite is to die for and is offered readily throughout the country no matter where you go. You will also find many different variations to the dish that you might not be familiar with back home.

So long as you take a few precautions and are adventurous with your taste buds, you can enjoy sushi as you've never experienced before:

What is sushi?

Sushi is a traditional Japanese dish that is conventionally a mix of seafood and vegetables wrapped up in sushi rice and rolled into Nori. In the UK sushi, more generally refers to all types of raw fish dishes, but there are clear distinctions once you travel to Japan:

  • Sushi: Predominately sushi rolls
  • Sashimi: Slices of raw fish without rice
  • Makizushi: Sushi rolls with cooked fillings
  • Onigiri: A rice ball with a filling inside
  • Nigiri: A slice of sashimi on top of a small roll of rice

Top 5 places for sushi in Tokyo

When travelling to Tokyo, you will be spoilt for choice. Sushi will surround you, so it's up to you to seek out the places worthy of your time and money. Typically, you can sit at a conveyor belt and take your sushi from there, whereas more traditional places will sit you on the floor and offer you bento box-like sushi meal.

Some of the best sushi places to visit in Tokyo:

  • Sushi Dai, for fresh fish and very affordable
  • Sugita, home to Takaaki Sugita, a renowned sushi chef
  • Sushisho Masa, for a great dining experience
  • Sushi no Midori, for great sushi in generous quantities at great prices
  • Taku has two Michelin stars

That being said, if you find a little sushi restaurant that is rated well by the locals and looks perfect for you, try it out.

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