Travel Insurance for Golf

If you're planning a spot of golf on your holiday then there's no need to worry; like many sporting activities at Holiday Extras, golf is covered as standard under your policy*. This way, you're automatically covered in the event of any medical mishaps or accidents while playing. Did someone say, "four"?

Whether you're going away for a single trip or you're a seasonal traveller with an annual travel policy, you will be entitled to full cover for hired equipment as well as your own clubs on our Gold and Platinum policies only.

What am I covered for?

Any keen golfer knows the cost of a good set of clubs. Should any of your equipment become lost, damaged or stolen, our Gold and Platinum cover protects your golfing equipment, whether it's rented or your personal set, our travel insurance policy will make sure your favourite putter is fully protected!

We will pay up to £1,000 in total for sports equipment, however the most we will pay for any single item, pair or set is £500. With our Gold policy there is just a £50 excess charge for lost or stolen golf clubs and, even better news, our Platinum policy comes without any excess fee. Happy days!

Do you need golf insurance?

Being a relatively low risk sport, it is not a legal requirement to take out insurance when playing golf. That being said, it's a wise move to make sure you have adequate travel insurance that covers for golf if you plan to take part in the sport on holiday. Suppose for instance that you accidentally damage someone's property while playing? Or your golfing equipment is lost or stolen? In these instances, a travel insurance policy with reliable golf cover could come in very handy and save you much money and stress.

Does travel insurance cover golf clubs?

As any avid golfer will know, a decent set of clubs can cost anywhere between £200 to £400 with the more expensive professional clubs costing as much as £1000. With this in mind, it's a wise move to make sure your golfing equipment is adequately insured on your travel insurance policy.

Thankfully with Holiday Extras golf travel insurance, your sporting equipment is insured against loss and theft, up to the amount of £1000. This means that any gloves, bags, clubs and club heads are all covered. You are also covered up to £100 should you need to hire any golfing equipment.

How do I add golf cover to my holiday insurance policy?

There's absolutely no need! You're automatically covered for the medical side of things regardless of your cover level and the loss or theft of your equipment is included if you choose Gold or Platinum cover.

Looking for a different type of sports cover?

We have a range of additional covers to apply to your policy like the winter sports cover - perfect for a holiday spent hitting the slopes including ski equipment hire and avalanche cover. For more information about our additional sports cover then be sure to visit our sports cover page.

*Please note that this does not include cover for golf as a competitive sport.

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