Under 18's Travel Money Card

Getting access to your money when travelling can be tricky and you'll find that it can come with unwelcome, additional charges. Foreign cash machines will usually request a fee and although initially, it may not seem like a large amount, when you tally up all of your transactions you could lose a lot of money without realising it. If you're a parent of a child under the age of 18 that is travelling, this process becomes even more tricky. It's not recommended to carry large amounts of cash and credit/debit cards aren't an option. This is where travel money cards can be a really good fit.

How does a travel money card work?

A money card works similar to a debit card, without the same bank rules and regulations. They are amazingly simple to use, all you have to do is to make sure you remember to load it up with funds before your trip. Some providers will allow you to do this instantly via a website or App. Travel money cards are great for under 18's and can be used all over the world for things like:

  • Paying for goods online
  • Taking out foreign cash
  • Making purchases in shops or restaurants

Travel money for under 18s

Travel money card providers such as Fairfx will allow your child to make purchases anywhere around the globe that accepts Mastercard. A little closer to home, the Fairfx card can be used in the UK without charge, so it can be a great introduction to money management. It’s also important to prepare for any incidents abroad, including illness or lost luggage, which, unfortunately, is still an issue across airports all over the world. If your child is travelling alone, taking out comprehensive children’s travel insurance will certainly help to reduce stress levels and put your mind at ease.

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