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Yellow fever vaccination for travel

Yellow fever is a disease that is transmitted most commonly through mosquitoes. It can cause fever, jaundice, and affect the liver and kidneys. Though mild symptoms can cause flu-like symptoms, more serious cases can result in cardiovascular complications as well as liver failure, kidney failure, and even haemorrhaging.

As it is an incredibly serious virus you will want to be covered both by vaccination and by comprehensive travel insurance if you are travelling to an area that is afflicted with this disease, .

What countries require a yellow fever vaccine?

Due to the seriousness of yellow fever, you cannot travel to certain locations without a yellow fever vaccination certificate. The most at-risk countries where you can contract yellow fever are:

  • Guyana
  • Suriname
  • Trinidad and Tobago
  • Somalia

It is most prevalent in tropical and subtropical areas like Africa or South America because yellow fever is spread through mosquitoes.

How far in advance of travel do you need the yellow fever vaccine?

The yellow fever vaccine lasts for approximately 10 years, but you need to acquire this vaccine at least 10 days before you travel. As many countries will require you to have a certificate of this vaccination, you will need to get it done before your flight, or else risk being turned away at the border.

What are the side effects of yellow fever vaccine?

Side effects include:

  • Headaches
  • Muscle pain or soreness (from the injection site)
  • Fever

How much does it cost to get a yellow fever vaccine?

As yellow fever isn't common in the UK, the vaccine will have to be acquired privately. It usually costs between £60-£80 and is done in one dose. Booster shots are only given when necessary after 10 years.

If you need any further advice please visit the NHS website.

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