Top 5 cheapest holiday destinations

If you're a student looking to go on an affordable holiday abroad, there are plenty of countries that don't come with the price tag of a luxury getaway or an all-out inclusive:


Cuba makes for a very affordable holiday destination that has a lot to offer. Live music and dancing in the street are all features of this vibrant country. There are some amazing white sandy beaches which can stretch up to 22km! The crystal blue water and amazing palm trees will leave you speechless. If you want some tips on how to mix with the locals, then check out some guides on where to stay and where to party.


The largest country in Central America, Nicaragua certainly makes for another cheap holiday destination. It has everything from sandy beaches, crashing waves, beautifully preserved towns and 19 volcanoes. It has 550 miles of coastline that face the Caribbean to the east and the surf waves of the Pacific on the other side – and all at a less-than-luxury price.


Thailand's colourful influences, an abundance of fragrant curries and iconic statues all come with a relatively small price-tag. Whether you like to kick it on the beach or go mountain trekking, be sure to make sure you're covered, particularly if you're a student traveller, with student travel insurance.


Istanbul is a must-see for historical greatness, but also for its incredible seafood. Turkey also has an abundance of glistening beaches along the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, where a traditional gimlet sailboat cruise will provide you with some much-needed escapism. If you're planning on trying to cut your budget, don't rule out the possibility of hotels, as these come with impressively friendly prices too.

Prague, Czech Republic

Not only are the beers enticingly affordable, but the architecture of Prague is something to behold. The Old Town Square is not only a 10th-century wonder, but it also has the art-city feel by being full of musicians, performers and merchants. It's also not a trip to Prague unless you see the Astronomical Clock strike on the hour.

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