If your holiday is catered around the idea of partying and getting as much clubbing experience under your belt as possible, then you'll want to pick a city that stays up until the night is over. There are plenty of cities which know how to party around the world, but choosing one might come down to your budget and importantly, your friends' budgets too.

What is the biggest party city in the world?

What counts as the 'biggest party city' depends on your perspective: biggest geographically? Biggest appetite for mixers? Biggest club atmosphere? With all of these considered, Vegas tends to take the trophy.

Las Vegas is a party city that feels more like a party island due to its isolation in the Nevada desert. Be careful not to blow all of your drinks money on gambling though, as Vegas has a lot of casinos to offer. It's also wise to keep your luggage protected with student travel insurance if you're travelling with your friends. In the meantime, checking yourself into a party hotel will start the holiday off with a bang. Just remember though, the legal drinking age for the US is over 21!

Top 5 party destinations

Europe is undeniably the closest location, with most cities being only a few hours away. However, the sights and sounds of an exotic part of the world that you've never been to before can be enchanting and make your party holiday one to really remember. Here's a mixture of both European and global party hot-spots to consider:

Barcelona, Spain:

This city loves music in general, but keep your eyes peeled for festivals from June onwards

Basel, Switzerland:

Great for clubbers who love Deep House


The clubbing Mecca – club music devotees look no further

Bangkok, Thailand:

Go here for rooftop bars and beach parties

Miami, US:

If it's swish beachside atmosphere you're after, this is an excellent place to go clubbing

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