For the younger generation who are looking to travel on their own or with friends, before or after university, there are many alluring travel destinations to choose from. Long gone are the days of just a smattering of European club 18-30 destinations. There are so many options, it can all seem overwhelming; with Europe, Canada, Asia and Australia being firm favourites, and offering their own pros and cons.

Which cities have the best nightlife?

Germany is famous for its devotion to techno music, and you'll find plenty of fluorescent-filled cities such as Berlin with the infamous Berghain. However, Hamburg also has plenty to offer including HALO Club for deep house lovers, Bahnhof Pauli, an underground train station club, and Fundbureau, which resides in an old cellar under a railway bridge.

Dublin, Ireland is not only your go-to for a fresh pint of smooth Irish porter, but there's also great craic to be found in its vibrant nightlife. If you can't choose between beer and clubbing, then Amsterdam has both in abundance. De School is for those who can't get enough of putting their hands in the air, while their endless array of Trappist beers will keep beer devotees charmed.

For those looking further afield, Gothenburg in Sweden, San Francisco and New York are all known to have great nightlife. Protecting your belongings with student travel insurance is advisable when you're spending your evenings out of the hotel room and in the city.

What are the cheapest holiday destinations?

If you're looking to keep the cost down, both south and east Asia are great options. Just watch out for expensive business districts such as Hong Kong, although they're well worth visiting for a fancy day-trip. Countries such as Japan can be slightly pricier but are certainly worth a visit, if possible. In Europe, people who like to party can enjoy a cheap weekend in countries such as Majorca, Prague and Warsaw.

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